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What is Trans4mind?

By Wallace Huey & Peter Shepherd, Founders of T4M

Before we answer this question, let's dwell for a moment on this azure blue planet floating in space that we call home. And ask you a further question...

Does the world seem like a beautiful but crazy place?

It sure does to us. On the one hand we are given this paradise of a planet on which to live and on the other we can’t seem to be able to stop messing it up! All over the world we have abject poverty sitting side by side with extreme wealth, natural beauty next to environmental degradation, and spectacular wildlife not far from denuded forests.

What are we doing? In places we have been able to create a paradise on Earth. But all too often these places appear as islands in the midst of a crazy, messed-up world.

Trans4mind  Trans4mind

How can we make the whole planet sing with abundance, joy and peace? Is it even possible to achieve this? At Trans4mind we believe it is possible. We believe what’s needed is a new kind of person.

A new kind of person

To help us picture this person, let’s watch carefully as they go about their day. The first thing to notice is that although they may be engaged in remarkable work and have an abundance of friends and success, when we speak with them we discover that they are very ordinary. This new kind of person blends in everywhere they go.

This new kind of person is in tune with their heart and intuitive knowing. They are true to themselves and not ruled by their conditioning. This inner knowing comes from a place of deep and profound love that the person can draw on from both within and from the world around. These are the signals this new kind of person has learned to follow every day of their life. See - The Path of Love.


Yes it's true - this new kind of person knows what love really is and expresses this gift in all that they do and say. They are able to share this love and it is this which enables them to make such a massive difference. See - Can I Become Enlightened?

So why does Trans4mind exist? Trans4mind exists to assist people everywhere use this creative power of love to fulfill their potential, make a massive difference and in so doing help heal the Earth.

Wallace Huey & Peter Shepherd

The name Trans4mind comes from the title 'Transforming the Mind,' an online book by Peter Shepherd that formed the foundation of the website way back in 1997.

Joined by Wallace Huey in 2006, Trans4mind has gone on to develop many effective personal development resources that are both practical and that facilitate awakening the inner self - so that personal development is both down to earth and spiritual: for the whole person.

Our Vision
Today humanity has a communication tool unlike anything available in the our history - the Internet. Trans4mind is co-operating with others to harness the incredible power of this mighty platform to heal our world. Our Vision is to make the human heart visible in community world-wide by harnessing the full potential of the Internet. This vision is our north star assisting us remain focused and on target.

Our Mission
To assist us fulfill our vision we have a strong sense of purpose. This is expressed in our mission which is - To facilitate the person to move toward greater inner peace and fulfillment, by providing transformational personal development resources. We provide this service with love, worldwide over the Internet and in community. By focusing our efforts on practical tools and methods, our mission brings our vision down to earth.


Our Values
Our project will work best rooted in values that are enduring. Trans4mind has 7 values that guide how we implement our vision and mission. These are...

  1. To focus on each person’s individual needs (this is why we offer a one-to-one life coaching option as part of our training)
  2. To serve with integrity (to walk the talk)
  3. To offer high quality (what we would wish for ourselves and more)
  4. To be open minded (our motto is "Minds like parachutes function better when open")
  5. To market our training through love and service (this is why instead of selling to you we educate you in what we have to offer)
  6. To protect personal privacy as a fundamental human right (for this reason the site does not store cookies, provide tracking or intrusive advertising by third parties)
  7. To operate independently of any fixed philosophy or established religion (we are not a philosophy or religion - we are a personal development training - everyone can participate)
  8. To provide this service in perpetuity for the uplifting of humanity (we've been at this since 1997 and are not a come-and-go company - we have a secure and lasting foundation).

Whenever we need help in deciding if something we are about to do is right or wrong for us we refer to our values. More about our vision, mission and values here.


Our Principles
Then there is the day-to-day management of our company. This brings up many issues connected with ensuring success, keeping things simple and managing the stresses and stains that are an inevitable part of being in a team of powerful, self expressed people. To assist with this we have 6 principles that govern how we manage the company. These are...

  1. The principle of the integrity of the whole (this makes sure the vision of the company is protected)
  2. The principle of the minimum (believe me - focusing on the essentials helps keep things simple!)
  3. The principle of attention (so that everyone feels heard and respected)
  4. The principle of giving one’s word (all of us practicing doing what we say we will, certainly improves efficiency!)
  5. The principle of response-ability (so that problems are addressed)
  6. The principle of believing the best in everyone (to make sure everyone's personal development needs are catered for).

In the day to day management of our company we often call to mind and share one or more of these principles to help us relate effectively and to make the right decisions.


Our Education
Next our vision, mission, values and principles are all brought to bear in the creation of the services we offer people like yourself. The first and most popular service is our online education platform at This is easily accessible and free at the point of use. Within Trans4mind’s 6,000 freely available webpages you'll discover our Tools for Transformation... we offer Online Books - Article Library - Inspiring Quotes - Personal Development Videos - Meditations - Personality Questionnaire - the Trans4mind Podcast - free Self-Help Courses - and much, much more. These online services allow people to search, browse and self-direct their education in personal development.

The mind, body and spirit interact and in order to adopt a comprehensive and effective means of personal development we do well to adopt a truly holistic approach. This is why the Trans4mind Resources cover such a lot of bases. See - The Holistic Approach to Personal Wellbeing.

The Only Revolution
The world is in urgent need of advocates of The Only Revolution. This is an inside out Revolution that makes the human heart visible in communities where people live, work and play. To bring about this Revolution a new kind of person is needed...
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