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Become a Professional Associate

What would your practice be like if you could help your clients in a profound way to maximize their potential?

We have a service that will certainly help you progress toward that aim.

If you are a personal development professional (such as counsellor, psychotherapist, life coach, psychologist, or any professional assisting with personal empowerment), you can become a Professional Associate helping your clients to massively enhance their life, to make the world a better place - to make a difference you can be proud of!

Start Your Trans4mind Personal Development Training

We ask you to do a minimum of 3 workshops successfully, so you can experience the value of Trans4mind Training for yourself and can recommend it to your clients with complete confidence. As a personal development professional, when you have started your training, done your first online video workshops and learned for yourself the amazing benefits that are available, then you can become a Professional Associate and introduce your own clients to Trans4mind Training.

There will be an initial personal training fee of $300 to help you maximize your use of the Trans4mind services and system, followed by a monthly ongoing fee of $40 for being a Professional Associate. To cover these fees, you will of course be able to earn much more from your professional clients as they get involved in the training and need much more of your services. Your professional service will also have an added value from your clients' perspective as it includes the personal development training dimension, giving you a competitive advantage.

Gaining More Consultation Sessions

When your clients begin their own training through your own Professional Associate page, and they move on to implement a positive Concrete Step at the end of each workshop, very often they need professional help to succeed with their implementation. But as they are your client, they are not offered support coaching by a Trans4mind Coach - it will be YOU supporting their training and providing addition personal one-to-one consultations.

You'll find that by being introduced to the many life challenges that the workshops address, your clients will become aware of many ways your personal support can help them to fulfill their potential. As you support their training, helping them to implement the Concrete Step they arrive at in each workshop, the training is designed to bring forward additional personal development needs and so, as a consequence, many more consultation opportunities are likely to arise.

Please email Wallace Huey (Director of Training) if you would like to discuss becoming a Professional Associate before you move ahead and check out the training for yourself.

~ Step 1 ~
Find out for yourself the benefits of Trans4mind Training

Please click on the button below to Register and personally experience the benefits of Trans4mind Training. To become a Professional Associate, you will need to have successfully completed at least 3 of our 29 workshops ...

PLUS - Learn About Trans4mind Resources

Trans4mind has 6,000 pages of high quality resources and because what we offer is so vast, most people have no idea just how good it is. So the first thing we do, after you apply to be a Professional Associate, is train you in the use of these resources, so you can use them to support your clients in their personal development.

We also teach you how to use our tools for self-directed education, so that you can discover how to teach yourself pretty much anything you need to know about personal development, so you can transfer this skill to you clients.

Then we demonstrate to you how our service is structured and how your clients can use this structure to make new discoveries and find what they need to learn.

You may say, "Sure but can't I find out all of this for myself?" Truth is, that rarely happens. It really makes a huge difference for one of our team who helped build this website to take you through everything. Then you will...

Then you will be able to transfer these skills to your client.

It doesn't take long and the cost is included in your training. Then you will be able to transfer these skills to your clients to the advancement of their education.

In effect, by linking your website to Trans4mind and training your clients in its use, you are giving access to a university of personal development to yourself and your clients.

Therefore, before you become a Professional Associate, you will have registered and personally started the Training and found out how effective it is; also it would be good to start to become familiar with the Trans4mind website resources. We invite you to understand our exciting global vision - a vision you will be helping to come about - see... Get to Know Us.

~ Step 2 ~
Apply to Become a Professional Associate

When the time is right please return to this page and click on the button below...

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Wallace Huey.

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