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Trans4mind Associate: Wallace Huey

Wallace Huey

How I personally benefitted from Trans4mind Training...

“I have found setting up and running Trans4mind Training has really helped me to develop as a person. I now feel I have mastered all of the life challenges in our training and can move through any transition in my life with ease.”

Why I recommend the Trans4mind resources, workshops and coaching...

“I love the way I can share my enthusiasm for Trans4mind with my friends and assist them to register into Trans4mind Training. I know by doing this I am both profoundly helping them and making my contribution to healing the Earth.”
~ Step 1 ~
Be the change you wish to see in the world

I highly recommend that you participate in Trans4mind Training and Coaching. Please click on the appropriate button below and Register to get started ...

~ Step 2 ~
Become an Associate or Coach Associate

When you have started your training, done at least 4 workshops and learned for yourself the amazing benefits that are available, you too can go on to become an Associate like myself, and spread the word to family, friends and colleagues about Trans4mind Training and Coaching.

Or if you are a Life Coach, you can become a Coach Associate and introduce your coaching clients to Trans4mind Training.

When the time is right please return to this page and click on the appropriate button below...

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

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