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Trans4mind Associate: Wallace Huey

Wallace Huey

How I personally benefitted from Trans4mind Training...

“I have found setting up and running Trans4mind Training has really helped me to develop as a person. I now feel I have mastered all of the life challenges in our training and can move through any transition in my life with ease.”

Why I recommend the Trans4mind resources, workshops and coaching...

“I love the way I can be gifted income from Trans4mind's marketing budget, by simply sharing my enthusiasm for Trans4mind with my friends and helping them to register into Trans4mind Training. I know by doing this I am both helping them and making my contribution to healing the Earth.”

I highly recommend that you participate in Trans4mind Training and Coaching. To get started, click on the Register button below. Get signed up, then you can do the Free Life Assessment and also, if you wish, have a Free Intro Session with your choice of Trans4mind Coach.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

When you begin your training, I will receive a commission. I intend to donate my share to support development of the new Trans4mind Teens website and services, helping in a powerful way to make the world a better place.

When you have started your training and learned for yourself the amazing benefits that are available, you too can become a Trans4mind Associate and do your part to spread the word. When the time is right please return to this page and fill in the form below to apply to become an Associate.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Become a Trans4mind Associate

Would you like a page like this? You can be an Associate - after a small setup charge it’s a win-win all round… helping your friends to massively enhance their life, to make the world a better place - to make a difference you can be proud of!

First you'll need to personally start the Training and find out how effective it is; also become familiar with the Trans4mind website resources. We invite you to understand our exciting global vision - a vision you will be helping to come about - see... Get to Know Us.

Then fill in the form below, click to send it to Peter Shepherd, pay the setup fee of $20 and he’ll get you started as a Trans4mind Associate.

Application to be a Trans4mind Associate

Your name:
Your email address:
Your location:
Briefly describe your career and life experience:
How you personally benefitted from Trans4mind Training:
The resources I like best on the Trans4mind web site:
Why you recommend Trans4mind and the workshops/coaching:

You are required to check the following boxes:

  I agree to never harass or cajole someone to register for Trans4mind Training.

  I confirm I have...

Registered for Trans4mind Training,
Done the Free Life Assessment,
Had my free introductory coaching session on Skype
Completed at least 4 workshops of my choice,
Written down and carried out my concrete step for each workshop,
Received support for these by email from my chosen life coach.

  I am familiar with the Trans4mind website, able to guide newcomers to all that Trans4mind offers.

Please also check the following box - only if you wish - to donate your commissions to Trans4mind Teens, a non-profit making project that will have a profound impact on all of our futures as it develops:

  I wish to donate my commissions to the Trans4mind Teens project.

Please type the word here:

Please pay a $20 Setup Fee to cover the cost of setting up your Associate Page and account:

Peter Shepherd will consider your application and get back to you. Your setup fee will be refunded in the unlikely event that your application is not accepted. Peter will ask you to email him a portrait photograph of yourself and then he'll create your own unique Trans4mind Associate page.

Making Trans4mind work for you
Then using the link provided, you can tell people (including via social media) about your Associate Page... No need to coerce others to buy anything, you simply introduce the opportunity to friends, family, colleagues, employees, clients, etc. If they do go on to purchase workshops and do coaching, you will receive 12% of the income received by Trans4mind Ltd (which excludes income received directly by Trans4mind Coaches).

Plus, if a person you introduce to Trans4mind later becomes a Trans4mind Associate, you'll also receive a further 6% commission based on their earnings!

You could also go on to create a Trans4mind Association, an in-person meeting place for people you have introduced to Trans4mind and who have registered from your Associate Page - at group evenings explaining the benefits of Trans4mind, sharing wins, experiences and insights amongst each other. You could run online webinars too for your Association members.

In this way, being a Trans4mind Associate can turn into a significant income for you - and at the same time, you'll be making a great contribution to the world!

Ongoing support
At any time, Peter and Wallace will be be available to you over Skype (personally or at Association meetings) to answer questions about Trans4mind Training and the Trans4mind Resources.

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