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New Age

We are on the crest of great times, perhaps the greatest period in our history is nearly upon us. Enough people to make a difference are recognizing the need to move from a very material, survival-oriented struggle through life to a new and expanded consciousness, so the world will appear as different as night from day. We each can play our part in this; it is humanity's hope for the future.

You could describe the process as moving from darkness to light - a new awareness, a New Age. The training we offer at Trans4mind is unique is it's alignment with this movement, this great transition for humanity...

“We are made by love, we are made of love, and we are made for love.”
~ Khurshed Batliwala

Transitions give rise to life challenges

Trans4mind Training is about transforming your life... awakening the self within who ‘just knows’… who responds to all with empathy and compassion… who experiences greater inner peace… and who is motivated primarily by unbounded thinking and loving service. Making the human heart visible.

Of course, we will learn from the many and varied challenges we face along the way, as we make this transition ourselves and help to create the change we wish to see in the world. Challenges such as finding our healing path, learning to forgiveness, overcoming guilt, coping with loss, fear and anxiety alongside finding our life purpose, having integrity, helping others, asking the right questions, listening well and being non-judgmental.

The art of living is to face up to each transition, acquire the necessary insights and skills, and move through the transition with ease. This is where personal development training comes in...

Trans4mind Training's online video workshops and supportive coaching will assist you to overcome your life challenges, move through each transition that you face with ease, and come to a place of greater inner peace and fulfillment. Living the life you were born for, expressing your unique personality and spirit.

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“Participating in Trans4mind Training gave me the courage and tools I needed to guide me in all these areas. I now use these tools and practice mindfulness in my everyday life. Life is now a very beautiful and fun place to be and as a result of this mindset I keep meeting lovely, kind natured people. Trans4mind Training is a fabulous course with great life coaches and lovely people, which I would recommend to anyone.” ~ Carole

How to get started...

We are confident we have the resources to support your path of personal growth. To check this out for yourself, click below to Register for Trans4mind Training and do our Free Life Assessment. This is an online questionnaire that will show you where the greatest challenges are in your life - plus it will create your own unique plan to help overcome them.

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