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From small beginnings come great things...
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
~ Lao Tse

Are you feeling stressed, unfulfilled, or overwhelmed? If so you are probably facing a transition in your life, without much confidence about how to proceed...

So what is a transition? A transition is a significant change in your life. These may be forced upon you, like a medical emergency; chosen, like the birth of a child; or suppressed, like a longing to start your own business.

Reflect for a moment... Are you facing or suppressing a transition?

Read on to discover the different kinds of transitions, to avail of our FREE SERVICE to help you understand your current transition, and learn how to move forward with confidence.

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” ~ John Maxwell

Change: friend or foe?

Life is always changing, growing and evolving. This means everyone experiences transitions in their life. And in modern life, change and growth are happening more quickly, and are often forced upon us, so that each of us will face many transitions in the course of a lifetime.

Change is the fundamental nature of Life. If you don’t adapt to change, or if you don't instigate necessary or desired change, you may be left in a confused and unfulfilled state. Then there is a danger that you will become a person who is fearful, cynical and resigned to things as they are.

Is this something that you really want? If it this happened could you live with yourself? Permanently?

It's far better to take the initiative, to become master of the transitions in your life.

Impatient to get started?

“Personal development is a journey of self-discovery, transitioning from doubt to certainty, from stress to peace, and from scarcity to abundance.”
~ Wallace Huey
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My Biggest Transition Experience ~ by Wallace Huey, Director of Training
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What it feels like to experience a life transition
Here are some common transitions that you are likely to experience in your journey through life... Which ones apply to you today?
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Click on underlined transitions for a brief description, including typical life challenges that facing this transition tends to activate. Also a relevant quote for each.
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FREE SERVICE to Help You Understand Your Current Transition
“Participating in Trans4mind Training gave me the courage and tools I needed to guide me in all these areas. I now use these tools and practice mindfulness in my everyday life. Life is now a very beautiful and fun place to be and as a result of this mindset I keep meeting lovely, kind natured people. Trans4mind Training is a fabulous course with great life coaches and lovely people, which I would recommend to anyone.” ~ Carole
“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Transforming the mind

Usually, people position themselves into a situation where they do not need to face their life challenges. However, rather than stumbling along as normal, or living a life in which your potential is unrealized, it is possible to acquire the insights and skills to overcome the challenges involved in the life-transforming transitions that would fulfill your potential. This is the power and meaning of personal development. To transform your mind ... hence our website, Trans4mind.

You can see why effective personal development training and coaching is needed...

Personal development enables you to evolve as a human being and to grow - in body, mind and spirit. When you’re in transition, what do you need to do? Transform your mind!

“Trans4mind has provided me with the skill set to meet life’s challenges with positive confidence. On completing the course I reflected on the past year and realized that I am unrecognizable to the person who started the program.” ~ David

To summarize:

  1. Transition is moving from your current situation to the new situation
  2. Challenges (stress/difficulty) are experienced as you attempt the change
  3. Personal development insights and skills provide the solution you need.

Instead of a traumatic experience, the transition can become the vehicle for a positive and transformative experience, with the help of personal development training and coaching. Personal development empowers you to make successful transitions in your life.

We need to start by focusing on the specific life challenges that are preventing necessary or desired life transitions. For this reason, Trans4mind's comprehensive personal development training addresses each of the life challenges that you face. And you're not alone... if you wish, you can have personal support from an expert life coach!

Trans4mind Training's online video workshops and supportive coaching will assist you to overcome your life challenges, move through each transition that you face with ease, and come to a place of greater inner peace and fulfillment. Living the life you were born for, expressing your unique personality and spirit.

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The 3 Modules of Trans4mind Training & Prices
You can start our training for just $24, which
includes support from your preferred Life Coach

How to get started...

We are confident we have the resources to support your path of personal growth. To check this out for yourself, click below to Register for Trans4mind Training and do our Free Life Assessment. This is an online questionnaire that will show you where the greatest challenges are in your life - plus it will create your own unique plan to help overcome them.

Videos about Trans4mind Training

Introduction to Trans4mind Training (12 mins)
The Training in a Nutshell (3 mins)
The Free Life Assessment (4 mins)
How the Coaching Works (6 mins)
“I began the journey of Trans4mind Training highly skeptical that I could attain the inner peace that Wallace claimed his teachings could offer - wasn’t that for spiritual masters and yogis only? Yet I sit here now, feeling profoundly changed, my heart expanded and realize I have finally glimpsed this inner peace that we all seek. Now I have experienced it, I just want to radiate joy and serenity and share it with all in my life.” ~ Suzanne
Meet Your Trans4mind Life Coach
Coaching Team
Imagine the difference a Trans4mind Coach will make to overcoming your life challenges and making successful transitions in your life! Discover what it feels like to make your heartfelt dreams come true…
The Trans4mind Life Coaches
All our Coaches are highly trained, experienced and qualified - and well able to help you meet and master your life challenges.
“I wanted to thank you for your support and amazing inspiration that I got since I started the workshops with you!! When I was out walking I said to myself, 'Oh my God, I feel like I am really, really happy' and I haven't felt like this for a long, long time. Also I am experiencing the peace of mind that is beyond understanding. Your workshops and your coaching have had an incredible impact on me and I wanted to thank you for that!” ~ Michael
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