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Transforming the Mind

By Peter Shepherd

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bulletgreen.gifAn evolutionary jump
bulletgreen.gifWhat is Transformational Psychology?
bulletgreen.gifHow does Transformational Psychology work?
bulletgreen.gifRecovering the Higher Self
bulletgreen.gifWhat is required of you?


bulletgreen.gifThe evolution of man
bulletgreen.gifTranspersonal Psychology
bulletgreen.gifThe child personality
bulletgreen.gifParent - Adult - Child
bulletgreen.gifMan the machine?
bulletgreen.gifConsensus trance
bulletgreen.gifDefense mechanisms
bulletgreen.gifFear - attachment to time
bulletgreen.gifStress - the cost of fear
bulletgreen.gifRational thinking
bulletgreen.gifCombating distortions
bulletgreen.gif15 types of distorted thinking Explorations
bulletgreen.gifRational Emotive Therapy
bulletgreen.gifSelf-esteem versus Self-acceptance
bulletgreen.gifTowards, against and away
bulletgreen.gifThe Semantic Mind
bulletgreen.gifReferences & Links


bulletgreen.gifCommunication in Therapy
bulletgreen.gifDischarging Traumatic Incidents
bulletgreen.gifModes of Representation
bulletgreen.gifState-dependent Memory
bulletgreen.gifRecovering Memories Explorations
bulletgreen.gifRecall Something Explorations
bulletgreen.gifLife-Chart Explorations
bulletgreen.gifZen Memory Exercise Explorations
bulletgreen.gifHabits to Observe Explorations
bulletgreen.gifSexual Man
bulletgreen.gifTo Be Free of Negative Memories Explorations
bulletgreen.gifSensate Focusing Explorations
bulletgreen.gifProcedure for Releasing Explorations
bulletgreen.gifToxic Parents Explorations
bulletgreen.gifReframing Explorations
bulletgreen.gifIt's Their Responsibility Explorations
bulletgreen.gifToxic Relationships Explorations
bulletgreen.gifThe Dilemma


bulletgreen.gifThe Brain
bulletgreen.gifTelic and Paratelic States
bulletgreen.gifThe use of Biofeedback in Therapy
bulletgreen.gifUse of the Biofeedback Monitor
bulletgreen.gifIncremental Changing of Habit Patterns
bulletgreen.gifTwo Ways of Knowing
bulletgreen.gifSymbol space
bulletgreen.gifReality Testing
bulletgreen.gifReversal Theory
bulletgreen.gifCOEX Systems
bulletgreen.gifBody-Mind Defenses
bulletgreen.gifThe Structure of Problems
bulletgreen.gifAchieving Goals Explorations
bulletgreen.gifWords and Meanings
bulletgreen.gifSemantic Development
bulletgreen.gifThe Higher Mind
bulletgreen.gifThe Three Worlds
bulletgreen.gifThe Semantic Differential Explorations
bulletgreen.gifAwareness Exercises Explorations
bulletgreen.gifCreative Communication Explorations
bulletgreen.gifFurther References & Links


bulletgreen.gifThe Unified Field
bulletgreen.gifTelic Stress
bulletgreen.gifTelic Dominance
bulletgreen.gifForms and colors
bulletgreen.gifThe COEX
bulletgreen.gifDisturbances and Trauma
bulletgreen.gifThe Stable Person
bulletgreen.gifFuture Testing Explorations


bulletgreen.gifHigh Arousal
bulletgreen.gifThe Gamut of Emotions
bulletgreen.gifPrimary Beliefs
bulletgreen.gifThe Pride System
bulletgreen.gifThe Holistic Program
bulletgreen.gifDynamic Consciousness
bulletgreen.gifWhat the Thinker thinks, the Prover will prove Explorations


bulletgreen.gifThe Genetic Self
bulletgreen.gifThe Father
bulletgreen.gifPersonal Identity
bulletgreen.gifTypes of Culture
bulletgreen.gifThe Archetypal Enemy
bulletgreen.gifTowards the Real Self
bulletgreen.gifTowards the Higher Self
bulletgreen.gifFurther References & Links


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"If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place."
~ Lao Tzu

The aim of writing 'Transforming the Mind' was to seek key principles that can be applied by individuals to improve their lives. The approach taken was:

I don't claim to be the originator of any of these key principles; nevertheless my attempt to find the truth commonly held by many different theorists has proven to be of value to many people.

I wrote this book many years ago for my own interest and satisfaction, with no intention to publish it. When publishing on the Internet became easily accessible in '97, I put it online: it was immediately popular and since then over a million copies have been downloaded.

Insights drawn from 'Transforming the Mind' inform the personal development courses that I run and in particular, the Trans4mind Training online interactive video workshops. Our courses and workshops further develop many of the principles and exercises. They present in-depth self-help procedures that make a real difference when applied toward your personal development and spiritual transformation. The book serves to present their philosophical and psychological basis.

"Your book is the best book I have read in my life. The ultimate self help book. Hopefully many people will be changed by it. If everyone was rational to a great extent, then this world wouldn't have many problems that I can see." ~- Dustin Schroeder
"Without a doubt the universe is unfolding ... as it should. Whilst studying issues for an assignment on self-esteem and motivation I was led to your book Transforming the Mind. I have had the great fortune of working with and learning from the best speakers/authors in the world but until I came across your book none has had a more profound impact on my personal development and identity than your book. I have shared it with several people, and in discussions have found they have also been moved to work inwardly and truly apply "soul searching." Your book teaches step by step how to ask great questions of your self and of your mind and to expand one's thinking beyond ordinary realms of possibility and achieve results, both internally and externally. Thank you Peter." ~ R.B. (Australia)
"After reading your book 'Transforming The Mind,' I feel I've learnt a lot about my mannerisms, my behavior patterns... in general, about myself. I feel this is one book every person should read! It has helped me understand so much. Once again, thank you for this amazing book." ~ Sim
“I never found anywhere else such a complete, detailed and clear synthesis for transformational psychology as your book, Transforming the Mind. Both for theory and even for the practice. I was deluded by the ‘mystic’ approach to self-knowledge. Very often the sayings of the sages were misunderstood. You brought a light to a new scientific objective/subjective approach.” ~ Marco
There's a lot of complementary information in further sections of the Trans4mind web site. Please take a look at the Emotional Intelligence site - I collected the best information available concerning emotions, to understand what they are and where they come from, their great value in energizing our dreams and connecting us with intuitive wisdom, and how to clear and release emotions that have outstayed their welcome. I believe it's a useful guide when seeking to help yourself and others, and in understanding this important subject in order to teach your children how to recognize and deal with their feelings.

You'll find all kinds of further information in our Resources section - something to suit everyone's personal growth needs.

Daring to be Yourself

Daring to be Yourself The aim of this book is to help you achieve a 'wide-awake' state of consciousness, with integrated use of left and right brain abilities, forming the bedrock for breakthroughs in personal consciousness and spiritual insight. The practice is based on the premise that we have learned disabilities that set boundaries to our action and knowing. But no one need accept that they must remain as they were shaped by their hereditary body-mind and by the conditioning of their childhood and culture.

This 264-page eBook is like a "best of" the Trans4mind site, all brought together for your convenience. But much more than that, it's also an incredibly powerful program for personal growth. Remove the barriers to self-knowledge and reveal your full potential with this step-by-step approach.

"I realize many people use praise in ways that sound frivolous... but I must tell you that your book has changed my life AND I mean that in all ways. I found the entire work wonderfully upbeat, readable and valuable! It really was quite a wakeup call. In the midst of my "trials and tribulations" I had failed to be "me." Anyway, this "talk with you" really did change my life. Thank you! I needed this kind of "kick in the pants." It worked. WOW! You made a huge difference in my world." – Becky, USA

Daring to Be Yourself is a free download when you purchase the New Life Course, which expands on the personal growth principles described in Transforming the Mind.

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