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Transforming the Mind

By Peter Shepherd

self help book

"If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place." ~ Lao Tzu

The aim of writing 'Transforming the Mind' was to seek key principles that can be applied by individuals to improve their lives. The approach taken was:

I don't claim to be the originator of any of these key principles; nevertheless my attempt to find the truth commonly held by many different theorists has proven to be of value to many people.

I wrote this book many years ago for my own interest and satisfaction, with no intention to publish it. When publishing on the Internet became easily accessible in '97, I put it online: it was immediately popular and since then over a million copies have been downloaded.

Insights drawn from 'Transforming the Mind' inform the personal development courses that I make available on this site and that further develop many of the principles and exercises. The book serves to present their philosophical and psychological basis.

"Your book is the best book I have read in my life. The ultimate self help book. Hopefully many people will be changed by it. If everyone was rational to a great extent, then this world wouldn't have many problems that I can see." ~- Dustin Schroeder
"Without a doubt the universe is unfolding ... as it should. Whilst studying issues for an assignment on self-esteem and motivation I was led to your book Transforming the Mind. I have had the great fortune of working with and learning from the best speakers/authors in the world but until I came across your book none has had a more profound impact on my personal development and identity than your book. I have shared it with several people, and in discussions have found they have also been moved to work inwardly and truly apply "soul searching." Your book teaches step by step how to ask great questions of your self and of your mind and to expand one's thinking beyond ordinary realms of possibility and achieve results, both internally and externally. Thank you Peter." ~ R.B. (Australia)
"After reading your book 'Transforming The Mind,' I feel I've learnt a lot about my mannerisms, my behavior patterns... in general, about myself. I feel this is one book every person should read! It has helped me understand so much. Once again, thank you for this amazing book." ~ Sim
“I never found anywhere else such a complete, detailed and clear synthesis for transformational psychology as your book, Transforming the Mind. Both for theory and even for the practice. I was deluded by the ‘mystic’ approach to self-knowledge. Very often the sayings of the sages were misunderstood. You brought a light to a new scientific objective/subjective approach.” ~ Marco

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Awakening of the Human Being
Peter Shepherd is interviewed by Rose Henry, to discuss the concepts and principles introduced within Transforming the Mind.
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