The Full Trans4mind Training Curriculum
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~ A Journey of Self-Discovery ~

The Full Trans4mind Training Curriculum

Trans4mind Training offers a series of 46 online video workshops, organized in the following 5 modules...
Understand how you can heal yourself
How to forgive those who have hurt you and come to greater acceptance and peace
How to leave behind self-criticism and self-blame
How to go beyond comparing yourself with others to become successful in your own eyes
How decisions you made in the past may create frustration today
How to have the power and confidence to create an amazing life
How to face challenging situations with peace and equanimity
How to let go of habitual behavior that does not serve you
How to learn and grow from the experience of loss
How to more easily get from where you are to where you want to be
Living your life as an expression of what you value and hold dear
How to plan and create your chosen life one step at a time
How to think and act in original ways that can transform your life
How to create the most fulfilling direction for your life
How to win heart and minds with a great public impression
How to enjoy the time you spend earning your living
How to harness the creative power of a team to rise to new heights
How to create extraordinary results by nurturing people to do their best work
How to earn and spend in ways that are true to your values and that meaning to your life
How to offer power and capability to the people in your life
Understand how you can enhance your relationships
How to have more enriching relations
How to know where your responsibilities start and end
How to express your opinions and assert your rights
How to ask questions that will help create a meaningful and uplifting conversation
How to develop understanding and empathy
How to accept others and have harmonious relationships
How to transform differences into an exciting way forward
How to develop a heartfelt, respectful, loving relationship
(Available Spring 2018)
Understand how you can answer the big questions of life
How to find your own answer to this big question
How to find meaning in your daily life
How to discover what you really stand for
How to understand love in all its many aspects
How to live fearlessly as if each day is your last!
How to share your gifts and care for the human family
Inner Guidance
(Available in 2020 to include groundbreaking AR/VR dimensions)
Allow inner guidance to flow effortlessly
Create an inner environment to nurture dreams
With inspiration you can make dreams come true
Is body, mind or higher consciousness speaking?
The power of being open to spiritual help
How to provoke creative inspiration
See different perspectives and the value of each
Develop your own understanding and see clearly
How to know without having to think about it
Open your heart and love opens your mind
Certificates can be earned by applying to the Director of Training to be assessed for completion of each workshop.

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