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The How and Why of Trans4mind Coaching

Life Coaching

By Peter Shepherd, founder of

I'd like to go over what we're basically dealing with in personal development, and what the need is for the resources, training and coaching that Trans4mind offers…

Does this sound familiar?

"I'm tired, worried, lazy, feeling down, disinterested, lack confidence, put everything off till later, arrogant, hate others, detest intimacy, sure to fail, unforgiving, jealous, angry, have bad habits, upset, uncreative, have no purpose, unfulfilled, resentful, given up, not good enough, fed up, bored, uninspired, conformist, take everything for granted, reactive, regretful, envious, stuck, people-pleasing, manipulated, dominated, selfish, uncomprehending, unstable, irresponsible, closed-minded, cruel, weak, propitiative ...and the list goes on and on... But there's nothing I can do about it, that's how I am - take it or leave it!"

Many people in our society do not realize that they can change, that they can take their lives in hand and learn new life skills, to develop personally. The way we think determines what we do and what we end up getting in life. We can change our minds, we can learn. We can take responsibility. And it makes all the difference.

Most often, however, when we have an uncomfortable or stressful feeling about our life circumstances, we bury it beneath watching TV, having some food or a drink, gossiping with the neighbors, working out at the gym, whatever. We may not even acknowledge we have a problem, and even if we do, we hope it will go away rather than doing anything about it - after all, things are as they are, what can we do to change them?

The source lies within

There's little recognition that the real source of our problems and anxieties, or lack of purpose and fulfillment, and maybe lack of meaningful relationships in our lives - the real source lies within us. We have the power to take responsibility for what is within our control and to realize - rather than resist - what is not and let that go. By being more self-aware, by responding rather than reacting, we can feel more inner peace and at the same time have more integrity - start to really be ourselves rather than meeting others’ expectations.

So personal development is a process of finally uncovering our true self, in effect. Not of 'fixing' but empowering. Recognizing our potential, expressing our creativity... Emerging from the chrysalis of our past upbringing and conditioning. We may get a handle on one particular issue that we realize we need help with and read up on it, maybe look it up on Trans4mind, or visit a professional for assistance… maybe a life coach, why not! And that may indeed help for a while.

But the many other challenges we face in life tend to pull us back down - they most likely haven't been recognized or addressed, and as each connects with the other they have a powerful weight, and so most often we return to our habitual patterns of behavior. Life goes on much the same.

A better way forward

But now a better path forward is available: an holistic approach, and that makes all the difference! We can learn to master the combination of life challenges that are common to the human condition, like a jigsaw. The Trans4mind Training workshops are each based on one of these life challenges. In the Training we learn the basic principles of how life works. Principles we already know deep inside as they are universal truth, not theory or dogma.

We start to see an holistic picture emerge, a much deeper understanding. The jigsaw connects in front of our eyes. We don't just have a problem, we have a potential. The human heart becomes visible. Our life is transformed - especially if we are not just doing the training on our own. Then the support of a Trans4mind Life Coach comes into its own. Your coach will help you to make further connections and to put in practice what you learn, so you are not alone. And this is powerful…

Personal development and coaching

A person engaged in personal development is endeavoring to learn how they can live a happier and more fulfilling life, through exercising free choice, seeing objective truth, being in touch with their inner knowing and authentic values, and realizing the highest degree of purpose.

Learning to love oneself empowers the ability to love others. Similarly learning to lead oneself empowers the ability to lead others, and its the same with understanding, empathy, compassion, and many other life skills. But these connections are realized and practiced more readily when they have been coached.

Generally speaking, a coach assists another person to practice skills they have learned, and to enhance their understanding by asking appropriate questions that introduce new perspectives on the challenges they face. A life coach is therefore of great help to someone engaged in the path of personal development, helping them to implement new life skills they are learning and to help the person, their client, to understand better the issues involved.

Personal development plus life coaching is more than the sum of the parts!

The importance of application

It’s so easy to read an article, or buy a good book, and find things that you agree with and that are helpful. But will you implement these insights? Will you develop new behavior based on them? If not they are water under the bridge. Most of us need the help of a life coach to support us in developing new positive habits, in actually realizing our insights and new goals in the real world. Then things really do start to change.

Trans4mind Training (and the accompanying coaching) addresses the challenges of life, so that those challenges become no longer stressful; instead they become aspects of life that are positive opportunities for learning and expression. The result is a change of consciousness, an evolution of human nature. We will be coming from a place of pure intent – compassion and loving service – so the effect of our vision, the power of our manifestation (particularly combined with others with whom we are connected through intent), will be relatively huge compared to those who are motivated by fear and competition (that has no creative effect at all).

Be the change

Imagine an oasis of peace, fulfillment and unbounded thinking. Now imagine you are this oasis, spreading out and expanding until you fill your whole environment. You have become the center of your own revolution. a revolution in consciousness. It’s not only about doing the great things, it’s about doing even small things with great love. Then your influence shines like a beacon.

A few truly awakened people have a bigger effect on the mass consciousness than you might think. It’s about manifestation - manifestation works when it’s based on loving service. Creation is powered by love.

Many others are working in this direction too, and that’s great, but I believe that with Trans4mind Personal Development Training we have a special and important role to play. Now's the time to participate and transform your life!

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