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What's in a Workshop?

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Trans4mind Personal Development Training presents a series of interactive video Workshops that you can view and participate in using your web browser.

It’s important to understand that the flow of each workshop is the same no matter what part of the curriculum you are referring to. Even though the content is different, the structure is consistent.

This means that we can guarantee the Trans4mind standard of excellence in the development of all our training materials. It also means that it is easy for you to navigate the learning process. And it’s consciously designed this way so that you get to easily explore your own inner learning. At the deepest level, it’s actually your changing experience of yourself that is the centerpoint of your transformation. And facilitating this is what we do best.

What’s in a Workshop?

Let’s look more deeply at what’s included in a workshop. Each one features a suite of four videos combined with a series of exercises. They work together to help you to overcome a particular life challenge so that you move towards greater peace and fulfilment in your life. This is not just a theoretical exercise however! This is about real-world transformation, guided and directed by you.

You see, our training is based on the understanding the transformation is a journey of self-discovery and inner revelation. We believe that you are whole and complete as you are and that all the answers you need lie within you. All we’re doing is facilitating you in discovering them for yourself.

You will have the opportunity to do all the online workshops contained in the training, one module at a time. The modules you can choose from are Healing Yourself, Being Successful and Enhancing Relationships. A fourth Module Answering the Big Questions will be available mid-2018 and finally, the Inner Guidance Training (featuring augmented and virtual reality) is expected to be ready in 2020. Each module contains between 7 to 11 workshops.

Each online workshop includes 45 minutes watching the videos and about 30 minutes doing your Action Plan - plus afterwards, the time you spend implementing the Concrete Step you have chosen, in your daily life.

The Action Plan
Let’s look at what the Action Plan contains, since it is central to each training workshop. It consists of an Exercise, a Questionnaire, a Presentation Video presenting the Key Learning Points, and finally your self-chosen Concrete Step.

The beauty of these pre-recorded workshops is that you can tap into them at places and times that suit you, in the comfort of your own home or on the move. You can freely repeat a workshop anytime you like in the future. Trans4mind takes great care to bring you all these benefits in a secure and confidential environment.

Taken together, Trans4mind Personal Development Training offers an all-encompassing education in personal development that has the power to transform your life in one year! It is a wonderful way to achieve inner peace and fulfillment.

Begin your journey of transformation today...

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
~ Lao Tse

About Your Privacy

When you do the Training, your participation is online in a highly secure, private and confidential setting. All personal information that you enter online (in the Free Life Assessment and in Workshops) is encrypted and accessible only to yourself - or, if you so wish, also to your chosen life coach. Your entered data is reloaded if you login and return to the page but remains confidential to you.

The following video, based on a poem by Wallace, represents the foundation of our service. Watching it gives you access to the level of consciousness you will have attained once you have mastered all the 46 life challenges represented in the Trans4mind Personal Development Training...

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