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Training Testimonials...

“I enjoyed doing the Trans4mind Training immensely. Through it I found the courage to walk away from a difficult relationship with someone who I now realize had entirely different values and integrity from my own. I changed my living situation to a much more favorable one which I thoroughly enjoy, by finding my niche in a job helping special needs kids in a school. The workshops also gave me the best tools to equip me to deal with the loss of my mum.
      “Participating in Trans4mind Training gave me the courage and tools I needed to guide me in all these areas. I now use these tools and practice mindfulness in my everyday life. Life is now a very beautiful and fun place to be and as a result of this mindset I keep meeting lovely, kind natured people. Trans4mind Training is a fabulous course with great life coaches and lovely people, which I would recommend to anyone.”
~ Carole
“This has been a most inspiring and uplifting module of workshops. There has been a great sense of fun and opening up to possibility.
      “Life is what we make it. We can limit ourselves or we can become expansive and we can have a sense that the sky is the limit. Tapping into the higher good is what enriches us and gives us that sense of inner peace. Yippee!”
~ Margaret
“I began the journey of Trans4mind Training highly skeptical that I could attain the inner peace that Wallace claimed his teachings could offer - wasn’t that for spiritual masters and yogis only? Yet I sit here now, feeling profoundly changed, my heart expanded and realize I have finally glimpsed this inner peace that we all seek. Now I have experienced it, I just want to radiate joy and serenity and share it with all in my life.” ~ Suzanne
“I wanted to thank you for your support and amazing inspiration that I got since I started the workshops with you!! When I was out walking I said to myself, ''Oh my God, I feel like I am really, really happy'' and I haven't felt like this for a long, long time.
      “Also I am experiencing the peace of mind that is beyond understanding. Your workshops and your coaching have had an incredible impact on me and I wanted to thank you for that!”
~ Michael
“I can’t recommend Trans4mind Training highly enough. The whole thing is so well structured and delivered with such passion and enthusiasm by Wallace Huey, its Director. He believes so much in the transformational value of each and every workshop and he puts his heart and soul into every aspect of it. Most touching of all is his great love for humanity and his vision for a new world where man can live in harmony with every living creature.” ~ Anthony
“Trans4mind has provided me with the skill set to meet life’s challenges with positive confidence. On completing the course I reflected on the past year and realized that I am unrecognizable to the person who started the program.” ~ David

Coaching Testimonials...

“I have overcome my sticking points, and learned to work with others to produce a result that would not normally have been possible. I'm being and doing more of who I really am and getting positive feedback in my life, job and activities.” ~ Tom
“I have learned that I am a person of great power in the world. What I believe is of great importance both for myself and for other people. Success is attainable for everybody - by following the recipe we learned. It is possible to be very helpful to people and work well in teams.” ~ Maura
“Wallace's coaching is absolutely wonderful. I didn't realize that I carried shyness from childhood. You have helped me see patterns in my life that were compelling me to do things. In a short time my life has been transformed - the change in me has been miraculous.” ~ Bridget
“I completed a series of coaching sessions with Wallace Huey, Director of Training at Trans4mind, some weeks ago. There is a unique structure to the plan which unfolds perfectly as the coaching develops. To my total surprise this was life changing and transformational.
      “To say I am grateful would be a complete understatement. As a result of my encounter with Wallace I have left all my insecurities in the past, my confidence is at an all time high, my integrity, especially for myself, is supreme and, best of all, I can say I have an greater inner peace which is getting stronger by the day.”
~ Anthony
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