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Supporting Your Spiritual Path

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Trans4mind Training is an experience in personal development that makes available a complete spiritual path, blending everyday material life with the divine.
Trans4mind Training empowers each person to master 46 life challenges. During the training participants take self chosen concrete steps to transform their life by deepening their understanding and stimulating their insight. Each participant is encouraged to depend increasingly on inner guidance.
Trans4mind Training is an effective personal empowerment tool that can be placed alongside a person's religion, to deepen their understanding of their own religious practice and placed alongside their life as a powerful support. It can also be a form of spiritual practice for a person in its own right, should they wish.
Trans4mind Training is a thoroughly modern form of personal development. It was conceived with the assistance of modern business techniques, like market research and customer testing, is supported by a commercial company, and delivered using modern technology. In its delivery it marries timeless spiritual wisdom with progressive ideas about human potential.
Trans4mind Training's purpose is to have the participant be guided by inner wisdom, come to a place of unshakable inner peace and to have abundance and fulfillment in their life.
The Only Revolution
The world is in urgent need of advocates of The Only Revolution. This is an inside out Revolution that makes the human heart visible in communities where people live, work and play. To bring about this Revolution a new kind of person is needed.

We assist people add to their I.Q. by developing their emotional (E.Q.) and spiritual (S.Q.) intelligence and in so doing awaken their inherent genius (G.Q.) ... read more here: IQ without EQ = Recipe for Problems

For an overview of our vision, read Peter Shepherd's article, The Path of Love.

Our training is founded on the integration of inner guidance with everyday life experience. You get to truly know yourself, to include and integrate your higher self, the loving source of inner truth. The training and supportive coaching will provide ongoing insight and reassurance, to become more secure in relationship with inner guidance. See the four-part series by Wallace Huey on Inner Guidance.
If you would like to explore taking the first step in the path we offer for profound personal and spiritual development, we invite you to Register for our training and do our Free Life Assessment.

For more information visit Learn More or sign up below to do your Free Life Assessment and see your path ahead much more clearly...


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