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We assist you to master the challenges of living, learn valuable inner guidance skills and acquire greater inner peace through 46 video training workshops and supportive coaching.
Each interactive workshop is always available for you online and includes an exercise, questionnaire, four video presentations and an action step, and participation requires typically about 75 minutes in total.
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The workshops are organized into separate modules. You select the workshops you want to do, or you may choose to do a complete module at discount price, and you can do the workshops in the order you prefer, whenever you want. These are the 5 modules...
The motivation to heal and help yourself is the starting point in personal development - and also the foundation upon which you can best serve others. In healing yourself you learn how to address life challenges successfully and experience more love and joy in your life.
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The tools and coaching presented in these workshops will support you in achieving genuine success. Being true to yourself and clear about what you value in life is prerequisite for genuine achievement, expressing yourself creatively and both finding and fulfilling your life's purpose.
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Module C. Enhancing Relationships
Learn how to have enriching relations with everyone you meet... Develop understanding and empathy; transform differences into an exciting way forward; express your feelings in a responsible and effective way; and benefit from heartfelt, respectful, loving relationships.
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Module D. Answering the Big Questions (available Spring 2018)
In these Workshops you will uncover your own inner truth and learn how to... discover what you really stand for; to understand love in all its many aspects; to live fearlessly and wisely; plus to share your gifts and care for the human family.
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Inner Guidance
Module E. Inner Guidance Training (available late 2018)
These workshops contain beautiful meditative experiences that will create the conditions for being receptive, so your connection with creative and inspirational resources flows effortlessly. You'll raise your awareness of inner guidance and be able to apply this skill in many circumstances.
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The Curriculum
Trans4mind Training offers a series of 46 online video workshops, organized in 5 modules: Healing Yourself, Being Successful, Enhancing Relationships, Answering the Big Questions and Inner Guidance Training....

The Trans4mind Training Curriculum

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