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Emily Lane - Life Coach and Facilitator
Emily Lane
Emily is Trans4mind's Senior Presenter. She is a Professional Coach and Personal Development Facilitator, with a joint honours Degree in Psychology. A near-death experience in 2002 inspired a journey of transformation that lead to many adventures in spirituality, consciousness, wellbeing and personal development. She is particularly passionate about living from the heart, engaging with the spirit of life and bringing uplifting vitality to those around her. Emily's deepest desire is to live freely and in so doing, to hopefully inspire others to do the same. And she loves to laugh... as often as possible 😄
Emily presents these Workshops... A4: Overcome Jealousy and Envy – A8: Overcome Bad Habits – B1: Achieve Success – B3: Reach your Goals – B5: Find your Life’s Purpose – B9: Be a Leader – C5: Ask Powerful Questions – C8: Resolve Conflict

Rose Tobin - Life Coach & Radical Living Coach
Rose Tobin
Rose is our Senior Trans4mind Coach. She trained as a coach with CoachU, one of the world's premier coaching schools, and is an accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation, as well as being a Radical Living Coach. While she had gained much from all she had explored, there was also a growing recognition that some of the greatest spirituality lies in living our daily lives in integrity and commitment. Her interest in meaning and purpose led to her exploring many avenues: encounter groups, psychology, meditation, counselling training, colour therapy, healing, reflexology, human potential and spirituality.
Rose presents these Workshops... A2: Learn to Forgive – A6: Boost your Self Esteem – A9: Coping with a Major Loss – B2: Be a Person of Integrity – B7: Find Fulfillment at Work – C3: Establish Healthy Boundaries – C6: Learn to Listen – C9: Create Intimacy

Eoin Ryan - Life & Business Goal Coaching, NLP Practitioner
Eoin Ryan
Eoin trained as a coach with the Irish Lifecoach Institute and is an advanced practitioner of NLP. Eoin is currently training in Hypnotherapy. His life experiences of having depression, being made redundant (more than once) and now owning a successful business have given him both joy and learnings. Eoin models himself as the 'Goal Coach' - "Focusing the Warrior inside you" - and has achieved many successes using his techniques including finishing the Marathon des Sables (the world's toughest race) and Ironman.
Eoin presents these Workshops... A7: Overcome Fear and Anxiety – B10: Master Money – C2: Develop Social Skills

Dave Rock - Performance coach
Dave Rock
"People often tell me I'm 'unbelievable and inspiring,' etc. But I'm also an ordinary person, even a silly plonker at times. Ask my friends and family! I've just consistently cultivated my inspired side and can access it when it matters most, and that has transformed my life. I can help you do that too. You can start living far more confidence, success and fulfillment. And still be a plonker sometimes, like me. You don't have to be perfect, just yourself. Which is why I know how much I can help you, and why I want to help you so much."
Dave presents these Workshops... A1: Find your Healing Path – B6: Present Yourself Successfully – B11: Empower Other People – C1: Have Meaningful Relationships – C4: Express Myself – C7: Be Non-Judgmental

Ebun Akpoveta - Author, Transformational Speaker
Ebun Akpoveta
Ebun addresses critical issues affecting an individual's social development and she advocates for equality. She recently authored the evocative novel 'Trapped: Prison Without Walls' and the inspiring book '>Becoming Unforgettable - Uncovering the Essence of the Woman.' Ebun is an IACP-accredited counsellor and she supports immigrants from over 72 different nationalities to attain their career goals. Ebun founded the Unforgettable Women's Network.
Ebun presents these Workshops... A3: Get Over Guilt – B4: Express Yourself Creatively – B8: Work Well in a Team

Dayna Caceres - Business Coach, Mentor and Facilitator
Dayna Caceres
Dayna is passionate about empowering people to succeed, by helping them find the resources within to achieve a state of whole happy self. Her signature strength is her Trainee-centered approach, working with the whole person in order to promote self-generative behaviours that enhance personal and professional effectiveness. Her ability to really listen, engage and be present with her Trainees creates the optimal thinking environment for discovery and reflection. Dayna qualified as an Executive Coach from University College Cork, is a Neuro Science Practitioner, Psychometric Assessor of Emotional Intelligence and Personality Profiling, and runs the Coaching and Consultancy firm, Distinctions.
Dayna presents this Workshop... A5: Let go of Anger and Frustration

Peter Shepherd - Author and Co-Founder of Trans4mind Ltd
Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd founded the website in 1997 and is Director of Internet Resources at Trans4mind Ltd. He is author of 'Daring to Be Yourself,' which explains how to remove the barriers to self-knowledge and reveal one's full potential. Peter has earnestly travelled the path of personal growth all his life. His goal in life has been to break free of the consensus trance, to find instead his own truth and to help others find their own truth also. His life purpose is: "To contribute and maintain the services needed to help human beings consciously evolve toward a more loving, peaceful and just world."
Peter presents these Answering the Big Questions and Inner Guidance Training workshops...
D2: Does God Exist? – D5: What is Love? – D6: Understand Death – E3: Be Inspired by a Vision – E7: Be Guided by Reason – E8: Nurture Insights – E9: Know Intuitively – E10: Take the Loving Action

Wallace Huey - Author and Co-Founder of Trans4mind Ltd
Wallace Huey
Wallace is Director of Training at Trans4mind Ltd and he co-developed the Trans4mind Training curriculum with Peter Shepherd. He is author of 'Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off,' a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance. Wallace is very much inspired to help others - a result of his own time of trial, from which he learned a great deal. Furthermore his training courses teach each of us how to recognize and use the essential gift of knowing our inner truth.
Wallace presents these Answering the Big Questions and Inner Guidance Training workshops....
D1: Understand Life Better – D3: What is the Purpose of Life – D4: Know One's Core Values – D7: Live Consciously Together on Earth – E1: Being Guided From Within – E2: Unfold a Dream – E4: Follow Your Conscience – E5: Receive Communication from Spirit – E6: Develop Creative Ideas

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