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Introduction to Trans4mind's
Non-Profit Services


As explained on the What is Trans4mind? page, our mission is To facilitate the person to move toward greater inner peace and fulfillment, by providing a transformational personal development curriculum, supported by coaching. We provide this service with love, worldwide over the Internet and in community. We focus our efforts on practical tools and methods, including the following non-profit services...

Tools for Transformation
We offer an online education in personal development - our Tools for Transformation - and this is free. Within Trans4mind’s 6,000 freely available webpages you'll discover our Newsletter - Online Books - Article lIbrary - Inspiring Quotes - Personal Development Videos - 'Raise Your Vibration' Meditations - Personality Questionnaire - and Trans4mind Podcast. is really popular and is visited by approximately 400,000 people per month, who view over 1 million pages...

You'll find good info on many, many topics using this Google search:

Trans4mind Teens
And then of course we recognize that young people are our future, their education and personal development is crucial to the wellbeing of the planet going forward. For this reason, we’re tremendously excited about Trans4mind Teens and everyone involved in Trans4mind is looking forward very much to introducing this completely free service for teenagers, which is under development.

Trans4mind Teens

Community Projects
To be the change we wish to see in the world, we need to spread our influence beyond work and family into our communities. With the Community Projects, we have a chance to make a difference locally, to spread the ethos of loving service and to inspire others. That’s how the Trans4mind vision will come alive.

Community Projects

Trans4mind Network
And then, of course the world is full of great people who don’t speak English and we care about them just as much, so we want Trans4mind to be truly international. Since we already have Trans4mind websites in 4 other languages along with English, and with two further websites being developed in Chinese and Russian, our goal is to provide a worldwide Trans4mind Network.

Trans4mind Network

Trans4mind, then, exists to assist people everywhere to use the power of love to fulfill their potential, to make a massive difference and in so doing help heal the Earth. You too can be part of this movement. We invite you to complete your name and email address and click the registration button below and join the growing number of people who are taking their life into their own hands...

Trans4mind Association

For people who think differently
T4M Association
We feel one of the biggest needs of people on their personal spiritual journey is to belong.
By becoming a member of a Trans4mind Association you are part of a university of personal development where you can, along with other open-hearted people…
As an Association member, you will be supported to find success and abundance through finding and expressing your life purpose - to truly make the difference you wish to see in the world.

Counselors, psychotherapists, life coaches and others…

Grow your professional practice through Trans4mind!
  • Introduce your clients to a comprehensive personal development education
  • Assist them to implement the self-chosen concrete steps following on from our workshops, that will transform their life
  • Greatly improve the value your practice offers clients
We are all working together to realize Trans4mind's vision:
To make the human heart visible in community world-wide by harnessing the full potential of the Internet.

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