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The workshops are organized into separate modules. You select the workshops you want to do, or you may choose to do a complete module at discount price, and you can do the workshops in the order you prefer, whenever you want. There is a free Life Assessment to help you decide on your priorities.

The emphasis in these workshops is on practical application. By participating in each you attain mastery over your emotions, moods, mind, feelings, relationships, work, finances and world view.

You can choose to do selected workshops at $24 each - or a complete Module of workshops at 50% discount, just $12 each!

The motivation to heal and help yourself is the starting point in personal development - and also the foundation upon which you can best serve others. In healing yourself you learn how to address life challenges successfully and experience more love and joy in your life.
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A1. Find Your Healing Path - Understand how you can heal yourself
A2. Learn to Forgive - How to forgive those who have hurt you
A3. Get Over Guilt - How to leave behind self-criticism and self-blame
A4. Let Go of Jealousy & Envy - Go beyond comparing yourself with others
A5. Let Go of Anger & Frustration - Past events that create frustration today
A6. Improve Your Self-Esteem - How to restore your power and confidence
A7. Overcome Fear & Anxiety - Face challenging situations with equanimity
A8. Overcome Bad Habits - Let go of unwanted behaviors
A9. Cope with a Major Loss - Learn and grow from the experience of loss
The tools and coaching presented in these workshops will support you in achieving genuine success. Being true to yourself and clear about what you value in life is prerequisite for genuine achievement, expressing yourself creatively and both finding and fulfilling your life's purpose.
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B1. Achieve Success - Get to where you want to be in life
B2. Be a Person of Integrity - How to be true to yourself
B3. Reach Your Goals - How to plan and create your chosen life
B4. Express Yourself Creatively - Think and act in original ways
B5. Find Your Life's Purpose - Create the most fulfilling direction for your life
B6. Present Yourself Successfully - How to win heart and minds
B7. Find Fulfillment at Work - Enjoy the time you spend earning your living
B8. Work Successfully in Teams - Harness the creative power of teamwork
B9. Become a Leader - Nurture a group of people to do their best work
B10. Master Money - How to add real value to your life
B11. Empower Other People - Help and support the people in your life
Learn how to have enriching relations with everyone you meet... Develop understanding and empathy; transform differences into an exciting way forward; express your feelings in a responsible and effective way; and benefit from happy, harmonious relationships.
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C1. Have Meaningful Relationships - Take your relations to another level
C2. Develop Social Skills - How to get along with all
C3. Establish Boundaries - Know where your responsibilities start and end
C4. Express Myself - Offer your opinions and assert your rights
C5. Ask Powerful Questions - How to develop and uplift a conversation
C6. Learn to Listen - How to develop understanding and empathy
C7. Be Non-Judgmental - Have harmonious relationships
C8. Resolve Conflict - Transform differences and move forward
C9. Create Intimacy - Deepen your personal connections
Video: Full Introduction (12 mins)
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