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How and Why the Training Works

By Peter Shepherd, founder of

“We need our past experience for the learning it offers; we don’t need it to cling on to regrets or blame - that changes nothing.
“We need our future to make plans; we don’t need it to worry about what might happen - that changes nothing.
“Like an artist creating a painting, we put our life together in the present moment.”
~ Peter Shepherd
There are two fundamental approaches that we adopt in life - we may be thinking about things or we may be taking action. We can do these in a masterful way, serene and calm; or we may find difficulties, get stressed and worry ourselves - in this case we have a life challenge. Effective personal development involves changing from living for tomorrow to living today. By learning to change our way of being, while facing challenges in life, we move from stress and worry to serenity and calmness.

To illustrate this, imagine a tennis match between two players: both of whom are well involved in the action and playing well. But then it reaches a crucial point; one of the players becomes nervous, worries about whether their serve will be good enough and as a result, becomes self-conscious and serves badly. The other player stays cool and involved in the game, and thrashes the weak serve with a pass down the line. One player then is even more tense and 'out of the flow' of the game; the other is excited but calm and really into their flow.

Playing the Game of Life
This tennis match is just like the game of life. We all need to make plans, learn from the past, think about things, and then take action, by getting involved in making the plans a reality. But when we have challenging situations, often we have difficulties... We may not have the required knowledge and skills. We also may have previous negative experiences that we fear may happen again, or we may have acquired self-defeating beliefs as a result of our past experiences and conditioning.

These factors may prevent full involvement in, and commitment to, the actions you need to take, and impede the good performance that you need in order to succeed. By learning and applying the skills, insights and understandings that Trans4mind Personal Development Training provides you are empowered to overcome these life challenges. Then although you are in the same situation, facing the same life challenge, you can now succeed!

Having greater Inner Peace
We have all we need within to stay calm and unstressed, to feel good about ourselves and perform to our full potential. What we need is a training program that identifies our greatest challenges and which then supports us in facing each challenge with skill and calmness. This is what personal development, and the resources offered at Trans4mind, are all about.

The following diagram illustrates the two aspects of mastering life challenges: our thoughts and our actions. The top half illustrates the negative ways we may approach thinking and doing. These are the negative states that separate mind and heart from working together and create inner conflict and stress. The bottom half illustrates the positive states that form as a result of the training that Trans4mind provides, resulting in mind and heart working together, and the resulting experience of greater inner peace while facing and addressing life challenges...

Mastering the Challenges of Life
(Left brain)
(Right brain)
Conflict (worrying)
(Negative ego)
Fears, regrets
Guilt, blame, judgment
Greed, envy
Distorted thinking
Conditioned beliefs
Negative interpretations
Conflict (stressed)
Intuition blocked
Poor performance
Negative emotions
In conflict states, mind and heart are disconnected, feelings repressed
Peace (serene)
(Positive ego)
Aware and mindful
Learn positively from past
Plan how to achieve vision
Objective and rational thinking
Self-directed and proactive
Peace (calm)
(Inner guidance)
Involved and living in the moment
No time "in the flow"
Clear intuition
Good performance
Positive emotions
In peaceful states, mind and heart have open communication

More about Life Transitions
A transition is where an aspect of your old life is ending and you need to move through and understand what you are experiencing, so you can successfully reinvent yourself as a newly empowered and even more capable human being.

Trans4mind Training consists of online, interactive video workshops and supportive coaching, which are designed to empower normally capable individuals, like yourself, to pass successfully through the transitions needed to have a significantly enhanced life, and to achieve your maximum potential.

There are several kinds of transition that you may be experiencing...

  • Chosen: The transition may be a positive, constructive new direction in your life, to fulfill a vision for the future that you have, like starting a business or writing a book.
  • On-hold: There may be a transition that you would like to make, like having a new relationship or expanded social life, but you resist because you feel unclear how to go about the change, or perhaps you feel you lack necessary skills, experience or courage to go ahead.
  • Imposed: The transition may be a major health challenge, like depression or living with heart disease, or a life change imposed on you, like losing a job.
  • Unwanted: You may be tempted by an easy solution to a problematic or unpleasant situation, such as getting a divorce or moving away, but that transition may not give the outcome you really want.

The experience of transition is typically accompanied by higher than normal levels of stress and challenge. Your buttons are pressed: aspects of your life in which you feel challenged, in which you perhaps lack the required life skills to succeed, or perhaps you had experiences in the past you don't want to repeat.

It's better to empower yourself so the transitions in your life are not on-hold, imposed or unwanted; instead let's make them positive, constructive and your choice.

Although in some cases it is possible to move through such transitions on your own, having the resource of well designed online video workshops - with the option of support from an expert life coach - makes a huge difference to how well and how easily you navigate the choppy waters of your own particular circumstances. In many cases it will turn what you might have experienced as a harrowing time in your life into a wonderful and exciting adventure.

Why this works
If your life is unchanging, you have probably adjusted to a situation where you can meet the challenges of life... you can get by. You're safe, sort of. But when you want to move outside these boundaries in order to make the most of your potential and to make your dreams come true, your life challenges then tend to meet you with a bump. Or this might happen if you are forced to step outside your ‘safe space’ through a change in circumstances. Then you need to take responsibility, to advance your personal development.

We all need to work on this, to master our life challenges, to be able to meet life with both a peaceful inner state and a real sense of power. And then our situation can be enjoyed instead of dreaded - transitions become a time of creative renewal instead of struggle. To obtain this freedom, Trans4mind Training and it's supportive coaching provide the tools and assistance you need.

The training and coaching is here to support you, to help you manage life transitions successfully, to reach your full potential in all ways, and thereby to make your heartfelt dreams come true.

“Trans4mind has provided me with the skill set to meet life’s challenges with positive confidence. On completing the course I reflected on the past year and realized that I am unrecognizable to the person who started the program.” ~ David
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