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Introduction to Trans4mind Training

Learn all about our interactive video training workshops and coaching, which can help you overcome the challenges of living and acquire greater inner peace...

Life for most people has evolved to the point where we find ourselves stuck with few choices. Life is stressful because we find ourselves unsatisfied with the way we feel, doing things most of the time that we don't really want to do, and not achieving the things we actually want to achieve. Maybe not even knowing what we actually want to achieve.

As individuals we tend to get swallowed up. There has to be a better way!

The good news is finally we have the solution. It is possible to find out what your true purpose is in life, and to attain all the goals which support that purpose. It is possible to recognize what your mental and emotional blocks really are and to fix those problems for good. Unlimited possibilities then open up for you!

The skills you'll learn from the Trans4mind Training online interactive workshops, put into practice in your daily life, will soon provide a more objective understanding and control of your mind, emotions and core self - a greater degree of self-knowledge - and equally a new understanding and empathy with others.

Increased self-knowledge also inevitably leads to spiritual insight or ‘inner knowing.’ This, your own truth, has huge potential - it’s the best guide you can have going forward!

Wallace Huey and Peter Shepherd, co-founders of the personal development company Trans4mind, have been focused for the last few years on developing the curriculum of Trans4mind Personal Development Training - a series of online video workshops presenting a huge amount of personal development know-how, put together in a wonderful system. It really is the ultimate path for your personal growth and transformation and we are so happy that it’s now available to you.

Would you like to know the best path to take in any situation?
Would you like to feel calm, serene and capable in any situation?
Would you like to be the master of your life instead of its slave?
What is preventing you? Your Life Challenges!

So what are your life challenges? They are parts of your life where you experience stress and difficulty. For example: overcoming fear and anxiety, having a successful romantic relationship, or finding your life’s purpose. Trans4mind Training Workshops train you in addressing and mastering these life challenges.

What are the practical benefits you’ll receive by participating in Trans4mind Training Workshops?

Firstly you have the benefits of Healing Yourself...

Are you experiencing stress or confusion in your personal life? Maybe you haven’t forgiven someone, or you feel guilty over something you have done, or you get angry too easily, or you have had a major loss and find it hard to pass through your grief?

We all have issues like these in our lives. Participating in the Workshops will assist you to become clear as to your healing path and be free of unpleasant feelings such as lack of forgiveness, guilt, jealousy, anger, inferiority, anxiety, grief and unwanted habits... so that you always walk with a spring in your step and joy in your heart. Would you like to feel happy and free in yourself?

Secondly you have the benefits of Being Successful...

Do you want to make something of your life but feel powerless as to how to achieve success? Maybe you are having difficulty in reaching your goals, expressing yourself creatively, finding your life’s purpose, presenting yourself well, being fulfilled at work, working well in a team, being an effective leader, mastering money, or empowering other people you care for.

Participating in Trans4mind Training Workshops will enable you to feel powerful, dignified, abundant, purposeful, creative, fulfilled, confident and be well prepared to become a leader who is of service to your community. Would you like to feel powerful and successful?

Thirdly you have the benefits of a network of Loving Relationships...

Do you want to be surrounded by people who you care about and who care deeply about you? Maybe you need to develop better social skills, to know how to establish where your responsibilities begin and end, to express yourself well, to ask powerful questions and be a good listener. Perhaps being non-judgmental is a challenge for you, or you’d like to be able to resolve conflict and create intimacy.

Participating in Trans4mind Training empowers you to address all your communication issues and to surround yourself with relationships that bring joy and happiness. Would you like to feel content and inspired, surrounded by a network of caring and loving relationships?

Fourthly you have the benefits of getting clear on life’s Big Questions...

Would you like to have more understanding of the great issues of life? Have you ever felt perplexed with the big questions like... Does God exist? What is the purpose of life? How can I know my core values? What is love? How can I understand death? and How can we live consciously together on Earth? Would you like to have your own powerful insights into these big questions? Imagine the clarity and serenity this will bring.

Finally you have the benefits of connecting with Inner Guidance and discovering the power this gives you...

Would you like to nurture dreams in your life again? In this fifth series of workshops you will learn to create a way of being that nurtures dreams... dreams which inspire us to have a vision - our love and creativity expressed. A true vision automatically empowers, inspires and energizes us to make things happen in reality. Would you like your life to be truly inspired?

Imagine if you could be trained in all these life challenges, both online and in your local community. What would you become? Where could you go?! How much joy would you have?! It would be life transforming, that’s for sure. And that is the opportunity we are offering you...

Trans4mind Training is a highly effective series of Life Challenge Workshops that help you with every aspect of your life - supported by individual life coaching.

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
~ Lao Tse
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“I began the journey of Trans4mind Training highly skeptical that I could attain the inner peace that Wallace claimed his teachings could offer - wasn’t that for spiritual masters and yogis only? Yet I sit here now, feeling profoundly changed, my heart expanded, and realize I have finally glimpsed this inner peace that we all seek. Now I have experienced it, I just want to radiate joy and serenity and share it with all in my life.” ~ Suzanne
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