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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trans4mind exactly?
How can we make the whole planet sing with abundance, joy and peace? Is it even possible to achieve this? At Trans4mind we believe it is possible and what's more, we offer the tools you need to participate in achieving this. Learn more: What is Trans4mind?

What do I get in each Workshop?
  1. Having purchased, you log in each week (or whenever it's convenient for you) and follow the link to your next workshop online at Trans4mind.com. The video workshop begins with a brief introduction to the subject of the life challenge by the presenter.
  2. A practical exercise is introduced; you will see how the life challenge has played a part in your life experience.
  3. This is followed by an in-depth questionnaire about your current approach to the challenge, with revealing questions that help to open up new ways of looking at the issues involved. The questionnaire is answered online and an assessment obtained, so you have a clear idea of where you stand with this challenge.
  4. The key aspects of the life challenge are then explained, so that you understand how to be more effective in overcoming this challenge in your life.
  5. You then note down your insights as well as questions which you would like to ask your assigned life coach for help with . You note this down on the workshop page online in your browser, and you can choose to save your text entries in a highly secure and private database - so it's reloaded if you login and return to the page but remains confidential to you.
  6. Then you write down a Concrete Step - how you have decided to implement your insights in the coming week. This is a crucial step in order to make the learning real.
  7. After each workshop you are invited to report to the Director of Training how you got on with implementing your concrete step that followed on from the workshop. He will reply personally, to encourage you - if you have already successfully implemented your Concrete Step then this is registered on the Personal Dashboard. Also, to help you get past any blocks you may be experiencing you may then choose to purchase support from one of our highly qualified and experienced Trans4mind Coaches.
  8. You can save your text entries to your Personal Journal, and write more over coming weeks about your insights from the workshop and further understanding you gain when implementing what you have learned in your daily life.
  9. When you are ready, you can move on to the next workshop in the module you have purchased.

When can I begin the Training?
You begin your training when you have registered. You will to be at least 18 years of age. You can choose a single first workshop to experience the service or purchase a whole module of workshops at a big discount. Simple as that - the workshops remain continually available on the Trans4mind site, so you can at any time do the ones you choose or revisit ones you've done in the past. You do the workshops at your own pace. You begin with a workshop or workshops within your preferred first Module - Healing Yourself, Being Successful or Enhancing Relationships - then when that's completed you can purchase your second, and so on through all three Modules (another 2 modules are in preparation).

What are these "Modules"?
The total of 46 life challenges that Trans4mind Training addresses have been divided into five modules. The full series of workshops in 5 modules are described here. Healing Yourself, Being Successful andEnhancing Relationships are available now and in preparation are Answering the Big Questions and Inner Guidance Training.

Do I need any special technological know-how?
Not anything special. This is an online program, so you'll want access to the Internet of course. The workshops are best done on a decent sized screen - using a computer, laptop or tablet - but it would be possible to view the workshop video presentation on a smartphone. Much easier to interact with a bigger screen though.

Do I need a fast Internet connection?
Because the workshops are presented as streaming video, you do need a broadband connection with 2Mb/sec or more. Also our one-to-one coaching services are available through Skype, and for that to work smoothly you'll need at least 2Mb/sec.

Is there any recommended reading to go with the Training?
The book we recommend to read alongside this training is Wallace Huey's "Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off" that you can read freely online once you have registered with Trans4mind Training. This book supports the training and helps you to learn from setbacks and move forward, increase creativity, understand relationships, heal emotional pain and find your life's purpose.

What is the 'Free Life Assessment'?
The Free Life Assessment contains a questionnaire for each module of training. The Results give you clear and instructive feedback on how close you are to greater inner peace for each of the life challenges, corresponding to the range of online interactive video workshops available in the modules of Trans4mind Training.

The advantage of doing the Free Life Assessment before you purchase is that it gives you a bird’s eye view of where you are most challenged. This will help you decide whether it’s best for you to start with a few chosen workshops or a whole module (collection of workshops available at a discount when purchased as a bundle). And also to choose which module of training to begin your training.

After each workshop you are invited to report to the Director of Training how you got on with implementing your concrete step that followed on from the workshop. He will reply personally, to encourage you - if you have already successfully implemented your Concrete Step then this is registered on the Personal Dashboard. Also, to help you get past any blocks you may be experiencing you may then purchase support from one of our highly qualified and experienced Trans4mind Coaches - either up to 5 emails within a month or a single one hour Skype session. Both of these options cost $120, and you may follow up with additional email or Skype coaching according to your needs.

What do the workshops cost?
The cost depends on what you need, as determined by the Free Life Assessment. In any given module, one or several workshops cost $24 per workshop; if bought as a complete module the workshops cost $12 each.

GuaranteeIs there a money-back guarantee?
For workshops, yes. We are happy when our customers are happy, so if you decide that this training is not for you during the 30 days after purchase, simply let us know using the support form below and we'll give you a full refund.

How is the program organized?
In previous years at Trans4mind we coached hundreds of people and a detailed picture emerged of the challenges that individuals encountered in their lives. What revealed itself was like a bird’s eye view of the human condition. On this basis we synthesized a model which became a structured approach to addressing 46 key life challenges, organized in 5 modules of workshops…

Healing Yourself, Being Successful, Enhancing Relationships, Answering the Big Questions and Inner Guidance Training.

This training program was then tested in real world workshops for two years in Dublin and the results were really wonderful! So we then turned these workshops into an online training program, which we are now making available to you on this Trans4mind website.

Where and how do I begin?
Go to the Introduction Videos page, watch the first video - The Training in Nutshell - and if you like, watch the further information videos beneath it. When you're ready, then Register by clicking on the Register button and then enter your name and email, and choose a password. Then you log in and do your Free Life Assessment, and go on to purchase the workshops and coaching you need.

Can I download Trans4mind Training materials to my own computer?
The workshops are inter-active and designed to be utilized online, with exercises, the questionnaire and text entries in the webpage alongside the streaming videos, so it wouldn't be advantageous to download the videos.

After I have done a workshop can I revisit it in the future?
You are given life-time access to each video workshop that you have paid for. This enables you to revisit every workshop you have purchased at no additional charge. This is particularly helpful when you find yourself challenged in the area of one of the workshops in the future. For example, if you suffer a bereavement you can revisit the workshop on 'Coping with Loss' and revisit the tools and methods available there, which you can then apply to assist you with your experience of loss.

Is Trans4mind Training a form of psychotherapy?
No, the training is not psychotherapy. This is a program that is intended for people who are well and emotionally stable, not in need of a therapist for psychological issues - it's not intended to be treatment for any physical or mental health condition. It will be part of your ongoing self-directed education. Trainees take responsibility for their own experience in the program.

If you are in psychotherapy while you are doing the Trans4mind Training, you are required to tell your therapist that you are doing the training.

What is Life Coaching?
Life coaching is different from psychotherapy, it is not about 'fixing' the Client, it's about helping the person realize their potential. It is more focused on the present and moving forward. The coach is there to listen, to guide and especially, to support the Client... to help them find their own answers from within, to have confidence in what they have learned and to understand how that applies to their everyday life. By encouraging the Client to put their new understanding into practice, the coach helps them to develop new positive habits that can dramatically improve their life. More about our Trans4mind Coaching here.

What's the difference between a Trainee and a Client?
Our customers participate in Trans4mind Training in two ways... When doing the series of video workshops they become Trainees; they may in addition wish to have support and coaching from a Trans4mind Coach, in this case they become a Client of their preferred coach.

Are there any risks in this program?
As Trainees develop their inner resources as a benefit from the training, they typically become more able to handle the challenges and other risks of life – and with less sense of upset or overwhelm.

Nonetheless, as with any educational process of personal growth, psychological material may get stirred up for you that is uncomfortable. Please engage the Trans4mind Training at a pace and a depth that feel comfortable to you. Draw upon the coping skills and other inner strengths you already have as well as the ones you are developing through this program. And if need be, please reach out to professional help from a suitable counselor or therapist if you find yourself very challenged. See the terms and conditions for our guidelines on handling risk.

Why are you offering Trans4mind Training?
At Trans4mind we have a mission: To facilitate the person to move toward greater inner peace and fulfillment, by providing a transformational personal development curriculum, supported by coaching. We provide this service with love, worldwide over the Internet and in community. For more information see The Roots of Trans4mind Training.

Who is this program for?
Trans4mind Training is for the general public: each and every individual who would like to understand better the challenges of life, and to replace stress and frustration with inner peace and fulfillment.

Is Trans4mind Training spiritual?
Trans4mind Training is an holistic experience in personal development therefore it includes the dimension of a person's spiritual awareness and capability, as made evident through practicing the resource of inner guidance. Learn more here... Trans4mind Training: Supporting Your Spiritual Path.

Is Trans4mind a cult?
Emphatically, no. Cults are a way of controlling members by adopting a fixed belief system. These who do not adhere to these beliefs are threatened with ex-communication, to join non-members in ignorance and losing the benefits of membership. Countries, religious sects, political parties and any kind of group can adopt a cult strategy to control their members. We intend to do quite the opposite, encouraging a questioning, open mind at every point, with no authoritative dogma being imposed. Always in the training and coaching we are facilitating the Trainee/Client to discover their own, inner truth - not based on imposed theories or instruction - and encourage them to act on that. We celebrate our shared intention to manifest the vision of Trans4mind, to make the human heart visible in community world-wide by harnessing the full potential of the Internet. But this vision is certainly not exclusive to the Trans4mind team and participants, it is shared by many other people and groups around the world, and we expect to collaborate with them at every opportunity.

Could Trans4mind Training be helpful for those doing psychotherapy, coaching, or mindfulness training?
Trans4mind Training would complement these specialized forms of training very well. In addition it would support human resources training, classes in stress management, indeed all forms of personal development, as well as spiritual growth practices such as meditation. Furthermore, Trans4mind offers special opportunities for people who have completed the training and achieved our "Agent of Change" completion certificate, to receive training as a life coach at one of our accredited schools, to then become Trans4mind Coaches and have an ideal source of Clients through the services we offer - learn more here. Trans4mind Training is about developing an open mind and includes no dogma, nor exclusivity of any sort.

How old do you need to be to take the Training?
You must be 18 or older to register.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the program?
People who register for the Trans4mind Training agree to these Terms and Conditions: Read the full Terms & Conditions of the Trans4mind Training website.

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When you do the Training, your participation is online in a highly secure, private and confidential setting. All personal information that you enter online (in the Free Life Assessment and in Workshops) is encrypted and accessible only to yourself - or, if you so wish, also to your chosen life coach. Your entered data is reloaded if you login and return to the page but remains confidential to you.
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