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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trans4mind exactly?
What do I get in each Workshop?
When can I begin each Module of the Training?
What are these "Modules"?
Do I need any special technological know-how?
Do I need a fast Internet connection?
Is there any recommended reading to go with the Training?
What is the 'Free Life Assessment'?
What do the workshops cost?
Is there a money-back guarantee?
How is the program organized?
Where and how do I begin?
Can I download Training materials to my own computer?
After I have done a workshop can I revisit it in the future?
Is Trans4mind Training a form of psychotherapy?
What is Life Coaching?
What's the difference between a Trainee and a Client?
Are there any risks in this program?
Why are you offering the Trans4mind Training?
Who is this program for?
Is Trans4mind Training spiritual?
Is Trans4mind a cult?
Could Trans4mind Training be helpful for psychotherapy, coaching, or mindfulness training?
How old do you need to be to take the Training?
What are the Terms and Conditions of the program?


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About Your Privacy

When you do the Training, your participation is online in a highly secure, private and confidential setting. All personal information that you enter online (in the Free Life Assessment and in Workshops) is securely stored and accessible only to yourself, to Trans4mind technical administration, and, if you so wish, also to your chosen life coach. Your entered data is reloaded if you login and return to the page but remains confidential to you. This information is retained securely and confidentially for your future access, but it may be easily deleted by the user if required.
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