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The Curriculum of Life Challenge Workshops

The Curriculum
Trans4mind Training is the result of years of development by a dedicated team, containing the very best and effective methods of holistic personal development. It's an audio-visual, interactive online experience that's interesting and fun to participate in. The workshops empower you to create action steps that deliver powerful real-world results across all of your life challenges.
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The curriculum of 29 life challenge workshops is divided into 3 Modules (two further Modules will be released in 2017). The first three Modules are available now (with two more to follow).
The price is $24 per workshop, with a big discount to $12 per workshop if you buy the whole module.
The motivation to heal and help yourself is the starting point in personal development - and also the foundation upon which you can best serve others. In Healing Yourself you learn how to address life challenges successfully and experience more love and joy in your life.
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Workshop A1 ~ Find Your Healing Path
Workshop A2 ~ Learn to Forgive
Workshop A3 ~ Get Over Guilt
Workshop A4 ~ Let Go of Jealousy and Envy
Workshop A5 ~ Let Go of Anger and Frustration
Workshop A6 ~ Improve Your Self-Esteem
Workshop A7 ~ Overcome Fear and Anxiety
Workshop A8 ~ Overcome Bad Habits
Workshop A9 ~ Cope with a Major Loss
The tools and coaching presented in these workshops will support you in achieving genuine success. Being true to yourself and clear about what you value in life is prerequisite for genuine achievement, expressing yourself creatively and both finding and fulfilling your life's purpose.
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Workshop B1 ~ Achieve Success
Workshop B2 ~ Be a Person of Integrity
Workshop B3 ~ Reach Your Goals
Workshop B4 ~ Express Yourself Creatively
Workshop B5 ~ Find Your Life's Purpose
Workshop B6 ~ Present Yourself Successfully
Workshop B7 ~ Find Fulfillment at Work
Workshop B8 ~ Work Successfully in Teams
Workshop B9 ~ Become a Leader
Workshop B10 ~ Master Money
Workshop B11 ~ Empower Other People
Learn how to have enriching relations with everyone you meet... Develop understanding and empathy; transform differences into an exciting way forward; express your feelings in a responsible and effective way; and benefit from happy, harmonious relationships.
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Workshop C1 - Have Meaningful Relationships
Workshop C2 - Develop Social Skills
Workshop C3 - Establish Boundaries
Workshop C4 - Express Myself
Workshop C5 - Ask Powerful Questions
Workshop C6 - Learn to Listen
Workshop C7 - Be Non-Judgmental
Workshop C8 - Resolve Conflict
Workshop C9 - Create Intimacy

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