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Community Projects

As a participant in Trans4mind Training, when your training on the Life Challenge Workshops has advanced sufficiently (in the view of your Trans4mind Coach) you are invited to initiate a Community Project in your local area. Doing a Community Project is an excellent way to put into practice all that you have learned from your Trans4mind Training Workshops. Your coach will assist you with your project by providing free assistance in doing the project, as well as paid One-to-One Coaching by Skype if you wish to resolve personal challenges that doing the Project brings to light.

Initiating a Community Project

When you have completed a substantial amount of Trans4mind Training online, including at least two full Modules of training, you can create your own Community Project where you live and your Trans4mind Coach will meet with you on Skype free of charge for half an hour once a month - for a maximum of four meetings - to help you plan and execute your project.

NOTE: To qualify for the assistance from the Coach on a Community Project, Trainees must have completed at least 8 One-to-One Confidential Coaching sessions on Skype. The Coach must also confirm that your progress on the Training is sufficiently advanced, so that it is the right time for you personally to put all that you have learned into practice.

Benefits of doing a Community Project

Participating in a Community Project has numerous benefits - here are the top 5:

Community Project Certificate

You are able to qualify for a Certificate once you have completed your Community Project.


Creating your Community Project

To participate in a local Community Project reflect on the many concerns that remain unaddressed in your locality and choose one that particularly connects with your heart. If you are having difficulty selecting your project your Trans4mind Coach will be happy to assist you as part of your coaching program.

Once you are clear as to your Community Project, please complete the online form below and submit it to Trans4mind Director of Training, Wallace Huey. If he agrees, your coach will consent to provide assistance in implementing the project as a public service with a half-an-hour consultation each month for up to a maximum of 4 months. Of course it is your responsibility to take up and successfully complete the project - it is the coach’s responsibility to assist you in doing this. The coach will not be doing any of the project work for you.

To help inspire you we invite you to view this video that was made entirely by a team of Trainees in Trans4mind Training (helped by Peter Shepherd) who were assisted by Wallace Huey, and took as their Community Project designing, organizing and delivering a Community Open Day in Ballyroan Community Centre where they lived. Enjoy!

Your Community Project can be originated and organized by yourself, or you may prefer to work with an existing Community Organization. Note:

  1. 'Community Organization' means any organization that is not for profit and which is working to meet needs in your local community.
  2. You must have the permission and promise of the enthusiastic co-operation and support of the contact person you will be working with in the Community Organization and the agreement of the Leader of the Community Organization.
  3. Your coach will email this person to confirm their enthusiastic involvement in, and support for, your Community Project and that they have the agreement of the Leader of the Community Organization for you to do this project.

Your next step: Contact Wallace Huey to explain the ideas you have for your Community Project.

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