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Siobhan Boucher ~ Trans4mind Coach

I like to experience life through love, laughter and lots of coffee. Our journey through life can be totally different when we know a few simple truths. Knowing that you are not your thoughts but rather the witness that sees them has helped me experience my life with a peace I never thought possible. Learning to surrender has also opened me up to a whole world of possibilities. Life has a funny way of constantly presenting us with our own unique challenges which are fantastic opportunities for us for deepen our understanding of who we are.

My personal catalyst for change came through the life challenge of coping with a major loss. An ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage and unsuccessful IVF treatment left me with a sadness I had never experienced before. Acknowledging the depth of those feelings, realising how it had impacted all aspects of my life - my career, my relationships and myself - were key to accepting this was all part of my journey in life. This has helped me be fully present in my life and parent my daughter from a place of deep love.

My journey to coaching was timely. Redundancy was coming and I sensed it was a real opportunity for me to do something different after 14 years in the business world. As I got further into my coach training, something within me woke up to “ME”. I reconnected with the power we all have inside, one that can become obscured by life and our constant thinking. As this understanding deepened I began to really trust myself and embraced life’s challenges with a totally new perspective. The rest as they say is history. The most amazing thing about coaching and the personal development journey is getting an insight - seeing something that has always been there but has only now become visible to us. That’s the difference that makes the difference!

My training and development plan has moved away from an academic focus. My BA (Public Administration) still hangs on my parents wall and my training in recent years has followed a different path. I run an online and in person Fertility Support Circle supporting women and couples through their family journey, host a fertility slot on Natural Health and enjoy deepening my understanding what it means to be human and how it impacts our experience of life.

Some recent trainings include:
  • Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching
  • 3 Principles Facilitator
  • Fertile Body Practitioner
  • Advanced Training in Career Coaching
  • Certificate in Relationship Coaching
  • Certificate in Parenting Coaching
  • Train the Trainer FETAC Level 6
  • Facilitation Skills Training

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