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Sarah Diamant ~ Trans4mind Coach

“Where are you from?” This is a question that Sarah is often asked. She realizes more and more, that her life is a journey of place, of ideas and of spirit.

Born in England, growing up in Kenya and in South Africa, and living for many years in the U.S., Sarah is a citizen of the world with a deep appreciation of the things that make people and cultures unique. At the same time, she has an innate understanding of the desires and dreams that we all share.

Sarah’s wanderings and her curiosity have also made her a seeker. Her studies – including advanced degrees in religion and in the humanities and certifications in management-related subjects – always bring her back to the joy she feels when connecting with people. To best support her clients, Sarah has specialized in life-coaching and in career counselling. Her life-coaching work takes her into the business world, into academia and into nonprofit organizations. Sarah is an Associated Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, and has close to 300 hours of life-coaching experience.

Sarah’s life purpose is to bring people into alignment with their creativity in all areas, and with their spirituality. As your Trans4mind coach, Sarah would be honored to support you on your life journey, as you discover and affirm your unique essence, and attain unshakeable inner peace and fulfilment.

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