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Rose Tobin ~ Trans4mind Coach

Rose is deeply committed to cultivating the potential we all have to move from self-doubt towards trusting ourselves and our inner knowing. In the words of a client: “Rose extends a gentle hand to assist in affirming the realization of one’s own power and connected oneness in all our experiences. Her innate belief facilitates the expansion of our hearts and helps us reactivate and deepen our sense of trust that all is well.”

Rose has been exploring personal and spiritual development since the mid-1970s, has been married for 30 years and has two adult children, one of whom is transgender, a deeply transformational experience for her family. People began to turn to Rose because of her innate wisdom born of her life experience, as well as her deep capacity to listen and be present with people. This naturally led to her training in counselling skills, followed by coaching.

Rose’s greatest fulfilment as a coach comes from witnessing clients grow in self-respect, integrity and grounded spirituality. Her clients say they feel “heard” at a soul level from where they can begin to make sense of their lives and find their own answers. Rose’s passion is for people to integrate that knowingness into practical expression in their lives which is why she so values the grounded approach of Trans4mind Training.

Rose is an ICF certified coach with over 400 client hours. She also loves working as a Radical Forgiveness Master Coach and Workshop Facilitator as well as assisting its founder Colin Tipping as a mentor coach. She is a mindfulness instructor and works both with sound healing and essential oils. Rose is a Trans4mind Presenter.

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