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Rachel Dungan ~ Trans4mind Coach

Growing up on a farm in Ireland, I had endless opportunity to experience first-hand the interconnectivity of life, the miracle of nature, the cycle of birth, growth, harvest and death. A child with abundant curiosity, I loved asking questions, spotting patterns and wondering how things were connected. What could become possible if we approached challenges through a different lens? What made some animals thrive, while others languished and died? How does this relate to the thriving of people? As Louis Pasteur said ““The art of science is not the knowing of the answers but rather it is the asking of the questions”.

Rachel Dungan became a pharmacist in 1995. While practising, she became curious about how best to add to her expertise as a medicines expert to assist clients to make the health changes they wanted to make to improve their health and their lives. She wanted to help patients assert themselves at the centre of their own care and to make truly informed choices. This quest brought her to become a professional ICF coach in 2011. She is now known as the ‘The Pharmacist Coach’ in Ireland.

Rachel is uniquely positioned to partner with clients with medical conditions to explore the connections between life challenges, tap into their unique life purpose and listen to their body’s wisdom. She also supports them in finding their voice, making proactive choices, building effective relationships and re-focusing on the journey from recovery to holistic wellness. She is constantly in awe of what becomes possible for clients when they partner with a coach and create the space to tap into their own inner wisdom, gain insights and to flourish despite (and in some cases as a result of) facing their challenges.

Rachel loves to work with clients whose bodies have given them an invitation to care for themselves - in the form of a health challenge / scare / event /near miss. This could include people coming to terms with a new diagnosis, people learning to live with a chronic disease and their families and care-givers.

Her ideal clients also include healthcare professionals including pharmacists, doctors, nurses and family care-givers, who spend so much of their lives giving to others that they have neglected caring for their own needs. Rachel’s passion lies in facilitating self-care for carers - both family care-givers and health-care professionals. This includes creating space for themselves to reflect, to identify their needs, to heal, to grow, to nourish, to transform, to be vulnerable and cared for, to give, to receive and to flourish.

Rachel has 20 years experience as a pharmacist and 5 years experience and over 1200 hours as a professional coach. She is passionate about continuing personal and professional development. Her coaching related qualifications include:

  • Personal and Business Coaching Diploma (1 year, ICF Accredited)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (ANLP)
  • Advanced Health and Wellness Coaching Diploma (1 year, ICF Accredited)
  • Voice Dialogue Facilitator (1 year)
  • Professional Medical Coach (on-going, ICF Accredited)
  • Nutrition and Dietary Coach (1 year)
  • Accredited Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme Leader (Stanford University)

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