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Mary Porcino ~ Trans4mind Coach

I have had the privilege of providing hundreds of hours of coaching to people from all walks of life - from ages 9 to 89. I am continually moved by the life challenges each of us deals with and the courage it takes to face them. Our inherent desire to live our best lives and to express our unique gifts, motivates us to grow beyond these hurdles. The coaching relationship is a powerful tool to support, encourage and accompany my clients on their journey towards healing, confidence, fulfilment, peace and joy.

Though I have enjoyed many successes in my life - from professional accomplishments, to my long term marriage and my beloved family - I still yearned to find a way to offer the gifts I felt most passionate about. With the support of coaching I began to untangle my fears and take steps towards my vision. I gradually gained confidence, found my voice and began working on a bigger stage to facilitate empowerment through workshops, mediations, and coaching for organizations and individuals.

As a young teen and throughout my life I have been energized and engaged by personal growth work. As a child of the “60s, I have also lived my life believing in the possibility that people could come to understand each other across our diverse world. With these twin passions I started to build my tool kit - as a co-counsellor, a student of yoga, an activist in the Civil Rights, Women’s, LGBT and Antinuclear movements in the USA. I have been a student of Buddhist Dharma and a mindfulness meditator for many years. I have been deeply moved by the tools of Non-Violent Communication, active listening, mediation and coaching. Each of these areas of passion and learning have contributed to the person I am today and to my strong belief in the possibility that personal growth can and will contribute to the healing of our world.

I am a certified Life Coach, a certified Conflict Resolution Coach and a Collaborative Communication Trainer. I have provided coaching and mediation and also led classes and workshops. I have worked with groups and individuals - both in person and on Skype - from California to Australia. I also have two Masters degrees - one in Public Administration and one in Literacy Teaching. I am also a painter.

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