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Leora Ward ~ Trans4mind Coach

Leora Ward realized early in her adult life that she had adopted people-pleasing habits which was reinforced through dynamics in her family and wider community. Since then, she has spent many years re-wiring her internal system and learning new patterns of supporting the people around her. Leora’s life started to change and become more joyful when she learned for herself that service is not about doing or accomplishing as much as we can. It’s about being, living our authentic selves, and trusting that is enough to make positive change in the outside world. It is about believing that we can make an impact and lead others through our modelling self-love.

Leora identifies as a woman that is connected to the divine feminine, using her inherent gifts to make a difference in the world. She has worked as part of the international humanitarian community for more than ten years and empowers women and girls in conflict-affected and displaced communities without a voice or resources. As part of that community, she believes her purpose is to infuse humanitarian work with personal healing opportunities for female service providers and activists. In order to do that, she brings yoga, coaching, and facilitation to women in social change organizations and social justice movements who want to work from both their head and their hearts so that they can maximize and sustain their impact.

The vision for her coaching practice evolved out of her personal experience working in the social justice, women's empowerment, and humanitarian fields. Reaching a point where she felt burnt out, Leora decided there had to be a better way to both help people in need and prioritize her own desires in a big way. Having taken her own journey with this, her passion in coaching is sharing herself and her skills to support women who are giving more to others than they are to themselves. She works with women who feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or off balance to resource and heal themselves in order to serve others from a place of strength and integrity. Her coaching is specifically targeted to those who consider themselves “helpers” and want be more effective in their work and life.

Experience and Qualifications:
Leora trained as a yoga instructor in 2012 in Washington, DC and became certified as a life coach through Leadership That Works in 2014. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation and leads coaching retreats and workshops for women in the social justice or service-related fields. In 2015, Leora started her business, Healing in Service, to support other women who struggle with self-love and balance, and want to find a gentler way to serve and contribute in their communities. Her approach emphasizes self-care – in recognition that we are better caretakers, activists, and change makers when we are good to our bodies and ourselves.

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