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Meet Your Trans4mind Life Coach

This page is to help you get to know the Trans4mind Coaches. You can choose your preferred life coach to support your training after you have registered.

Introducing the Team of Trans4mind Life Coaches
“Every member of the Trans4mind Coaching Team has been handpicked after an exhaustive recruitment and selection process. Each is a qualified life coach, registered with the International Coach Federation. They have also been personally trained in Trans4mind’s ethos, values and principles and in Trans4mind’s system of online delivery. All of this means - no matter which coach you choose - you can be assured of an exemplary life coaching experience. I recommend our coaches to you and welcome your feedback on the quality of our service.” ~ Wallace Huey, Director of Training.

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Siobhan Boucher ~ Republic of Ireland
Siobhan Boucher
Through her coach training, Siobhan reconnected with the power we all have inside, one that can become obscured by life and our constant thinking. As this understanding deepened she began to really trust herself and embraced life’s challenges with a totally new perspective. The rest as they say is history. The most amazing thing about coaching and the personal development journey is getting an insight - seeing something that has always been there but has only now become visible to us. That’s the difference that makes the difference!

Sarah Diamant ~ USA
Sarah Diamant
Sarah’s wanderings and her curiosity have also made her a seeker. Her studies – including advanced degrees in religion and in the humanities and certifications in management-related subjects – always bring her back to the joy she feels when connecting with people. To best support her clients, Sarah has specialized in life-coaching and in career counselling. Her life-coaching work takes her into the business world, into academia and into nonprofit organizations. Sarah is an Associated Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, and has close to 300 hours of life-coaching experience.

Rachel Dungan ~ Republic of Ireland
Rachel Dungan
Rachel loves to work with clients whose bodies have given them an invitation to care for themselves - in the form of a health challenge / scare / event /near miss. This could include people coming to terms with a new diagnosis, people learning to live with a chronic disease and their families and care-givers. She supports them in finding their voice, making proactive choices, building effective relationships and re-focusing on the journey from recovery to holistic wellness.

Rose Tobin ~ Republic of Ireland
Rose Tobin
Rose’s greatest fulfilment as a coach comes from witnessing clients grow in self-respect, integrity and grounded spirituality. Her clients say they feel “heard” at a soul level from where they can begin to make sense of their lives and find their own answers. Rose’s passion is for people to integrate that knowingness into practical expression in their lives which is why she so values the grounded approach of Trans4mind Training.

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