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Certification Service

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Benefits of Certification

In today's increasingly competitive employment market, the wise career aspirant will always be looking for ways to demonstrate his skill level to an employer and the business owner his skill level to an investor. Employers and investors are becoming increasingly aware that technical or professional competency can only ever provide part of what is needed to make a skilled person. Skills of personal development are increasingly being recognized as essential for goal setting, communication and problem solving.

Because personal development greatly assists everyone to be more motivated, improve their communication skills and solve problems more easily, these certificates can be put with any professional or skills based certificate, to demonstrate your skills as an employee or business owner.

The benefits to Trainees and employees of being accredited for Trans4mind Personal Development Training...

The benefits to the self employed...

The benefits to retired people or people not working in a job...

Certificate Display Book

Trainees who have attained their first certificate will be posted a free Certificate Display Book (pictured below) along with an explanation for a prospective employer or investor of the relevance of Trans4mind Personal Development Training for the workplace. The assessment of the form is done by your coach and, if granted, your certificate will be posted out to you. In addition contact details of your coach are included so that an employer or investor can, if required and given your permission, contact them to get personal feedback on your training. Trainees can enjoy a real sense of achievement as they see their Display Book gradually fill with the different certificates present on this web page and feel a sense of pride in presenting this Display Book, alongside their professional or skills-based certificates, to a prospective employer or investor or in sharing it with friends and family.

Certificate Display Book

Certificate Grades

At the time of purchase, Trainees may choose the option to take up the certification service for the training, which makes them eligible to later become an Agent of Change. In this case, they are then recommended to do all the workshops in a given module. When the Trainee has completed the module, the Training Manager gives the Trainee an online exam, affirms that the Trainee has been diligent and successful in their training, and offers the Trainee certification for that module.

To qualify for a certificate you complete an online form. This assesses on a scale of merit, honors and distinction, the degree to which you are applying your training to your everyday life. Participating in the certification service lets you see how well you are using your training to transform your life, and then provides you with certificates to mark your achievements.

The cost of certification is $120 per certificate including the assessment - a display book (see below) is supplied with the first certificate.

Set out below is the system Trans4mind uses for assessing how well Trainees have embodied the skills of Trans4mind Training and applied them to their life. To obtain each certificate the Trainee needs to sit and pass a written assessment. These 30 minute assessments are practical in nature, designed to assess how well you are managing to apply the skills you are learning in your daily life.

All certificates are assessed out of a maximum score of 20 points as follows:

All Trainees are assessed for readiness for certification by the Training Manager. Upon approval, each certificate is then sent by Trans4mind by post to the address you supply us with.

Trans4mind Agent of Change Certificate

If you complete all the curriculum of Trans4mind Training and have been awarded all of the certificates, you are then awarded our certificate as a "Trans4mind Agent of Change." This is the foundation you need to begin the next stage of your journey with us: to qualify as a professional life coach.

The personal development skills that you have learned to apply successfully throughout your Trans4mind Training, prepare you for helping others attain similar abilities. You can benefit greatly by using your new skills in any team or leadership setting, plus in teaching and in your family!

Agent of Change Certificate

Module Completion Certificates

Purpose: To certify the level of accomplishment in embodying the skills and understandings Trainees achieve in the Trans4mind Training workshops.

There are 5 Certificates, one for each of the following modules of workshops:

  1. Healing Yourself
  2. Being Successful
  3. Enhancing Relationships
  4. Answering the Big Questions
  5. Inner Guidance Training
Healing Yourself Completion Certificate Being Successful Completion Certificate
Enhancing Relationships Completion Certificate Answering the Big Questions Completion Certificate
Inner Guidance Training Completion Certificate

Community Project Completion Certificate

Purpose: To assess the competency with which the Trainee has applied the training to his role within the Community Project.


Life Coaching

Purpose: To authenticate that the client has received 8 or more coaching sessions and successfully achieved their coaching objectives.

A coaching client may request certification at the completion of a package of coaching. This will require the client to undertake a certification assessment by the Coaching Manager.

Coaching Completion Certificate
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