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Our motto: “Minds, like parachutes, function better when open.”


Wallace Huey - Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder of Trans4mind Ltd
Wallace entered the architecture profession in 1983, working in the profession until he turned 30 years of age. He then set up a small management training business in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he lived.

Success eluded him, because he experienced two mental breakdowns due to the resurfacing of an illness he first experienced at 23. There followed a decade of extreme mental torment from which he emerged a transformed human being (see his article How I Found Unshakeable Inner Peace. After working for a period for an international charity as a volunteer, he went back to the world of management, this time as a self-employed consultant. In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, he wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance. While writing the book he courted and married his soul mate Carolyn and moved to Dublin, where he now lives. In Dublin Wallace worked as a personal development trainer, but realized he had insufficient energy to carry on with his public speaking engagements, due to his mental condition. Feeling at a dead end, Wallace turned within for guidance and received powerful inspiration to work as a Heart to Heart coach on an Internet magazine, being immediately guided toward Peter Shepherd and the Trans4mind emagazine.

Wallace accepted Peter's offer to become the principle Life Coach at straight away and, after a number of months, Wallace and Peter began to develop the Heart to Heart coaching service and the Trans4mind website together. Today, after a number of life changing inner experiences, Wallace is CEO of Trans4mind Ltd, and partners with Peter on development work for the whole Trans4mind site and its future plans. After a marked improvement in Wallace's health, he has felt inspired to return to public speaking in his role as an inspirational speaker, introducing the public to a more tranquil way of life through his Trans4mind Personal Development Training workshops in Dublin and now online at Wallace is Director of Training at Trans4mind and he co-developed the Trans4mind Training curriculum with Peter Shepherd.

Wallace lives in Dublin, Ireland, with his wife Carolyn. He designed his garden and built it with the help of a local builder. He has many romantic evening meals in the gazebo at the bottom of the garden....

Wallace in the garden   The gazebo

“I believe the problems of the world can only be solved through the transformation of individual people. I also believe in the power of personal development to do this. Well done personal development assists individuals to be guided by inner wisdom, attain greater inner peace and have abundance and fulfilment. People transformed in this way are able to act locally where they live to have a positive influence on their society.
“I have dedicated my life to working with others at Trans4mind to create and market such life transforming personal development education and training services globally. I know this to be true - that our training, along with personal development delivered by other people and organisations, is the Only Revolution that will help transform the lives of millions of people and heal the Earth.”

In the following recording from local Irish radio, Wallace (accompanied by our business mentor Dayna Caceres) discusses how Trans4mind Training originated and was developed over the last few years...

What is the source of Wallace's inspiration?
Wallace is powerfully inspired to help others - a result of his compassion engendered by his own time of trial, the 10 years he spent experiencing mental anguish. His inspiration comes from within, delivered through inner guidance. If you would like to know more about Wallace's life experiences and learn what led to his passion for coaching, you can read his book Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off and read the articles he has written for Trans4mind here. We need to face up to the challenges of life but where can we turn for support? Fortunately there is a great resource available at all times - our inner guidance. Wallace's book provides many personal examples of how inner guidance has proven invaluable, and his training courses teach each of us how to recognize and use this essential gift.

Wallace has a five-fold mission:

  1. To provide the means for a vast untapped resource, the wisdom and compassion of life coaches, to be offered to people facing life challenges.
  2. To offer personal development services which have love as their only source of inspiration.
  3. To express this freely offered love and wisdom in the form of innovative self-empowerment services, which stand as a landmark for personal development on the Internet.
  4. By these three means, to bring the personal into personal development on the Internet.
  5. Not to rest until, along with Peter Shepherd, he has brought personal development based on love, in every area of human endeavour to every region of the world, thus assisting the Trans4mind vision - to make the human heart visible in community world-wide by harnessing the full potential of the Internet.

Learn more about Wallace on our Get to Know Us page.

Email Wallace Huey here

Articles by Wallace Huey on the Inside-Out Blog

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Read about our Headquarters in Dublin

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“I can’t recommend Trans4mind Training highly enough. The whole thing is so well structured and delivered with such passion and enthusiasm by Wallace Huey, its Director. He believes so much in the transformational value of each and every workshop and he puts his heart and soul into every aspect of it. Most touching of all is his great love for humanity and his vision for a new world where man can live in harmony with every living creature.” ~ Anthony


Carolyn Huey - Director of Trans4mind Ltd
Carolyn has been a Trainee of personal development most of her adult life. Over the years she has participated in a number of high quality personal development trainings both as a Trainee and coach, such as completing life coach training with James Martin of Team Life Training.

Today Carolyn works as a school teacher and year head, with a lifetime's experience guiding children in their education and career choices.

She has recently started her own innovative fashion accessories business, Twirleys. This business draws on Carolyn's skills in personal development to organize her business such that it promotes women's self expression in the craft of designing and making each hat, and empowers both the wearer and the charity that the business supports.

As a result of a life spent relating to a wide variety of people in the world of education and her more recent foray into business, Carolyn is particularly interested in coaching people in issues concerned with relationships and success.

Carolyn and Wallace are soul mates and marriage partners. They take the love they have for each other and use it to contribute to the Trans4mind vision. As a result they often find themselves having lively conversations about Trans4mind in the evening in their gazebo at the bottom of their garden.

In her new enterprise, Carolyn Huey designs, makes and sells her stylish women's hats - that she calls Twirleys" - that are ideal for weddings and the races. Her hats are designed and handcrafted using natural fabrics - each one is a mini work of art. Learn more at

Visit the INSIDE-OUT Blog
Wallace Huey & Peter Shepherd
Imagine if - with the help of personal development - the values of the heart could be brought into our families, communities and businesses... What kind of a world would this create?
By Wallace Huey & Peter Shepherd, Trans4mind Founders

One Minute Wisdom from the Founders

QuotesWant to get the essence of Trans4mind in a few minutes? Peter and Wallace's selected quotes, commentary and pictures will enlighten and inspire. Copy and paste them into your emails to brighten a friend’s day.

Two profoundly helpful books by the founders of Trans4mind:

Unfold Your WingsUnfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, by Wallace Huey
This book offers you the opportunity to learn from setbacks and move forward, increase creativity, understand relationships, heal emotional pain and find your life's purpose.
Also the book is free to read online when you register for Trans4mind Training.
Daring to Be YourselfDaring to Be Yourself, by Peter Shepherd
Become more clear about your own identity, how your beliefs shape your life experience, what you want in life, and how to consciously transform your life for the better.


Peter Shepherd - Founder of
Co-Founder of Trans4mind Ltd
Peter Shepherd has earnestly travelled the path of personal growth all his life. As a child he studied Buddhism and found there a validation of each individual as a spark of the universal consciousness. There were meditative methods to help the person attain a higher level of that consciousness for themselves. However, he decided to both stay clear of organized religions and also to look for better ways of expanding consciousness that do not take lifetimes to achieve their goal.

He realized that inner gnosis - intuitive knowledge of spiritual truth - was the way to go, since fundamental truths are simple and graspable when we look inside to our intuitive understanding. What remained complex was the structure of mind, and the million and one ways that mind sneaks in to obscure or corrupt our natural insight.

Thus began a quest to understand the mind and the spirit and to find out how to master these things. He received training in rational-emotive psychotherapy but also studied the 'transpersonal' dimension of consciousness, that which is beyond the ego personality, as pioneered by Assagioli, Grof and others. He found these two divergent branches of psychology only really formed the full picture when combined as one. The everyday, rational and behavioral understandings of psychology were just as important as the more esoteric understandings to do with consciousness, and in fact each needed the other to provide a true and holistic picture of things.

He wrote the book Transforming the Mind which summarized his knowledge to date, and further developed the most effective methods he'd found to create a set of personal development resources, accessible and beneficial to all. Moving to France, he began running the web site full time, to reach all those people who are looking for the same things he had searched so long for - and to be of service in the most valuable way he knew how.

Peter lives in a restored farmhouse at a beautiful rural location in Bourgogne, France, with his wife Nicole...

At Selins in the Bourgogne
At Selins in the Bourgogne

“I believe you can have a much better life if you are true to your core self, therefore guided by love and intuitive inner knowing. You can be an oasis in the lives of your family, friends and community, to uplift their lives with your presence, to help make the world a better place.
“That’s what is needed today: you being… YOU. With no fear in your life as you are overflowing with love. And further, you can learn to develop your creative potential and advance holistically: in body, mind and spirit. Trans4mind has the resources you need on your path of transformation.”

As individuals, our being has several components: consciousness; mental processes; emotions; and the physical. Each one depends on the others. Even the layers of our brain - the cortex, limbic system and primitive/reptilian - correspond to our head, heart and gut. Each can do nothing much on its own.

We function in the world according to our programming. This software is in our minds and the hardware is our brain and nervous system. We are largely unaware that we can actually change this programming, switch one program for another, or actually to rise above the level of mind and write new programs for ourselves as the meta-programmer. We can do this as individuals with the training provided at and we can do this as humanity; it is our God-like spiritual nature.

Peter's goal in life has been to break free of the consensus trance, to find instead his own truth and to help others find their own truth also. He declares his life purpose to be: "To contribute and maintain the services needed to help human beings consciously evolve toward a more loving, peaceful and just world."

This requires tools. Peter comments: "Because we are each such different individuals, with personal goals and at different stages on our various paths, I've found there is no singular tool for transformation, there are many, and I've tried to select the very best ones for the Trans4mind web site. I trust that you will benefit immensely."

These articles summarize his overall ethos and philosophy... The Path of Love - Love is the source of universal truth, therefore the perfect guide in our lives, and we each have an unlimited supply within us because it is who we are. We are made by Love, we are made of Love, and we are made for Love. And The Holistic Approach to Personal Wellbeing - The mind, body and spirit interact; it's important to understand how this works, in order to adopt a comprehensive and effective means of personal development.

A resource that Wallace Peter have put together is the Get to Know Us section: this features our most personal work amongst the resources here at Also through this page, you can let us know if you have your own personal development challenge that you'd like us to assist you with.

Peter is co-creator with Wallace Huey of the Trans4mind Training series of interactive video workshops. Before that, in the 1990s, he developed an advanced program of spiritual development called The Insight Project. This is the foundation of Trans4mind, it's theoretical base being described in his book Transforming the Mind, from which the site was named. Read more about the life and views of Peter Shepherd at his Bio page, read his Articles, watch his Videos, and listen to his Podcasts. Also find out about Peter's book Daring to Be Yourself and the free online Positive Approach Course. His paid courses include the New Life Course and the spiritual training course, The Insight Project. He has put together a phenomenal library of reading materials covering topics across the board: the World of Inspiration eLibrary. And here are Quotes by Peter.

The Raise Your Vibration resource is something Peter put together that is close to his heart. It's a free daily meditation program to help you make the state of unconditional love an integrated part of your life, which is key to lasting joy and fulfillment. Love is all you need!

Email Peter Shepherd

Peter also runs a sister site, Mind Development, that continues the work he did in the 1980s with Gregory Mitchell, training study and communication skills to increase effective intelligence.


Nicole Shepherd - Director of Trans4mind Ltd
Service provider
Nicole has been director of centers for leisure and vacation for the last 17 years and has recently started devoting her energies to teaching personal development directly to young people and to develop the site. As an educator she believes that children need to learn much more than they are currently taught in school: how to direct their own learning, how to understand and best use their emotions, and to be able to communicate with confidence and empathy.

In 1998 she met Peter Shepherd as a Trainee on his Insight Project course of spiritual development and soon discovered they share the same ideals and values. Indeed as soul mates they share an unconditional love that has enlightened both of their lives. Peter moved to France and they married in 2003.

Now that Nicole is free to work more on the Trans4mind site, expect to see the French version advance rapidly. In addition, Nicole will be contributing her experience and expertise in the fields of education, parenting and relationships in the form of articles and eBooks, both in English and French. You can find out more about Nicole on the French website, and on her Bio page.

Aidan Doyle
Aidan Doyle - Chief Technical Officer
Aidan creates and maintains the sophisticated and highly secure system that our online training and coaching services depend on. Recently invited to join the Postgraduate Programme in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise (Level 9) at the U.C.D. Innovation Academy, he graduated from Dublin Business School with a Higher Diploma in Computer Science (Web & Cloud Technologies). He revels in identifying and implementing common-sense, effective solutions for business success in a fast-moving technological age. Just the man for us!

Founding speech

In November 2015, Trans4mind held its founding party as a company. We were celebrating three things: the coming of age of our company, the entry of our initial group of life coaches into our service and the launch of Trans4mind Personal Development Training online.
So plenty of reason to celebrate! A highlight of the party was a speech made by Wallace Huey, our Director of Training, about the vision of Trans4mind. Wallace gives an overview of where Trans4mind came from, where it is at the moment of the founding party and where it is going beyond that as a company - a future that you are invited to be part of...
Trans4mind's New Headquarters
Our Headquarters is ideally suited to serving the company's international activities, which includes our expanding network of life coaches, our burgeoning client and student base, and our Trans4mind online platforms in 6 languages.

Read more about our Headquarters...

Trans4mind Company Tree

Company Tree

Also see: We Intend to Create a Billion Dollar Foundation... with No Employees!

The Trans4mind Principles

These 6 principles are used to manage Trans4mind:
  1. The Principle of the Integrity of the Whole
    The integrity of the whole outweighs the integrity of any part of the company. This principle protects the company at all times. One person's interests are not senior to the financial well being of the company and the vision and mission of Trans4mind.
  2. The Principle of the Minimum
    In all that we do - we do it with the minimum use of resources and complication. This principle ensures economy of effort and simplicity of approach, leading to the discovery of the most effective and user-friendly methods that everyone can understand.
  3. The Principle of Attention
    When listening we do so without judgment and opinion and in so doing enter fully and completely into the other person's world - not necessarily with agreement but with acceptance. This principle ensures we understand each person's point of view and allows us to grow through such interaction.
  4. The Principle of Giving One’s Word
    Each person is asked to reflect quietly before giving their word to any action or task. This is necessary because each person will be expected to keep their word once it has been given, either verbally or in writing. We are all invited to hold one another to account for delivering what we have promised. This principle creates order and efficiency in all we do.
  5. The Principle of Response-Ability
    That each person always focuses on our capacity to make things better, communicates directly when we perceive any situation that calls us to, and does not engage in fault finding or excuses in regard to ourselves or others. This principle ensures that each person takes personal responsibility for each situation they find themselves in and uses even challenging situations to advantage.
  6. The Principle of Believing in the Best in Everyone
    This includes ourselves, our colleagues, and our customers. While we always seek to appraise every situation clearly and honestly, we can also choose to focus on and nurture the best in everyone. This principle ensures that the positive is emphasized and everyone's personal development needs are met.

All that we do and all that we engage in at Trans4mind is benchmarked against these six principles and adjusted where necessary as a result.

The discipline required of the Directors to be an example of these principles and each member of staff in our company to practice these principles, cultivates inner guidance in the entire workforce, because this is the skill that gives rise to integrity, simplicity, attention and order.

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“Now the 21st Century has dawned, the greatest revolution will not be technological. It will be making the human heart visible in communities, families and businesses. This is the Only Revolution that will save the Earth and Trans4mind is a global leader.” ~ Wallace Huey and Peter Shepherd, Founders.



Articles, videos and audios by Trans4mind founders, Peter Shepherd & Wallace Huey.
Imagine if - with the help of personal development - the values of the heart could be brought into our families, communities and businesses... what kind of a world would this create?   Read more...
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