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Enhancing Relationships
Module of 9 Workshops
Having genuine friends, people who are fun to be around and who are there for us when problems arise, adds variety, humor, companionship and fun to life. Friendship is about mutual growth and support.
However, all too often friends, family members and colleagues have different values, morals and beliefs. Some may be more or less successful, whilst others have emotional and psychological differences... yet all of this tends to be covered up for the sake of "getting along."
Not being authentic limits the relationship to a very shallow level. Even if some of your relationships are unharmonious at the moment you can take the initiative and turn these into meaningful relationships by introducing compassion, tolerance and acceptance.
With the tools and coaching we recommend in these Workshops you will learn how to....


These are the workshops included in
the 'Enhancing Relationships' curriculum...
C1 ~ Have Meaningful Relationships
Healing Path
C2 ~ Develop social skills
Develop social skills
C3 ~ Establish healthy boundaries
Establish healthy boundaries
C4 ~ Express Myself
Express Myself
C5 ~ Ask powerful questions
Learn to listen
C6 ~ Learn to listen
Be non-judgmental
C7 ~ Be non-judgmental
Resolve conflict
C8 ~ Resolve conflict
Communicate from the heart
C9 ~ Create intimacy
Create intimacy

The Five Modules of Trans4mind Training

  1. Healing Yourself (9 workshops)
  2. Being Successful (11 workshops)
  3. Enhancing Relationships (9 workshops)
  4. Answering the Big Questions (7 workshops, due in 2019)
  5. Inner Guidance Training (10 workshops, due in 2020)
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