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Inner Guidance Training ~ Module of 10 Workshops
These workshops (featuring augmented and virtual reality) are expected to be ready in 2020
With the Inner Guidance Training workshops you will create the conditions for being receptive, so inner guidance flows effortlessly. You'll raise your awareness of inner guidance and be able to apply this skill in many circumstances.
Inner guidance happens when a person’s physical, emotional and mental selves unite with their spiritual Self. The person then expresses spiritual qualities in their everyday life, empowered to see and understand all the many different perspectives of any situation and act in the interests of all (including themselves). When that happens, and the person creates the conditions for being receptive, inner guidance flows effortlessly.
In these Workshops you will learn how to...


These are the workshops included in
the 'Inner Guidance' curriculum...
E1 ~ Being Guided from Within
Being Guided from Within
Allow inner guidance to flow effortlessly
E2 ~ Unfold a Dream
Unfold a Dream
Create an inner environment to nurture dreams
E3 ~ Be Inspired by a Vision
Be Inspired by a Vision
With inspiration you can make dreams come true
E4 ~ Follow your Conscience
Follow your Conscience
Is body, mind or higher consciousness speaking?
E5 ~ Communication from Spirit
Receive Communication from Spirit
The power of being open to spiritual help
E6 ~ Develop Creative Ideas
Develop Creative Ideas
How to provoke creative inspiration
E7 ~ Be Guided by Reason
Be Guided by Reason
See different perspectives and the value of each
E8 ~ Nurture Insights
Nurture Insights
Develop your own understanding and see clearly
E9 ~ Know Intuitively
Know Intuitively
How to know without having to think about it
E10 ~ Take the Loving Action
Take the Loving Action
Open your heart and love opens your mind

The Five Modules of Trans4mind Training

  1. Healing Yourself (9 workshops)
  2. Being Successful (11 workshops)
  3. Enhancing Relationships (9 workshops)
  4. Answering the Big Questions (7 workshops, due in 2019)
  5. Inner Guidance Training (10 workshops, due in 2020)
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