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D7 ~ Live Consciously Together on Earth
Living consciously together on Earth
Trans4mind Training offers a wide range of interactive video workshops, covering each of the major life challenges we encounter in our lives. 'Live Consciously Together on Earth' is the seventh workshop in the Answering the Big Questions Module of 7 workshops.
This Module of Trans4mind Training is being prepared and is expected to be available in Spring 2018s.
Although human society appears under threat like never before, in reality we are approaching the dawn of a new era of abundant life and unbroken peace. This will come about through an evolution in human consciousness where, instead of following the dictates of cultural conditioning, with stereotyped male and female roles, more and more people will open their hearts and begin to see that real fulfillment in life comes from loving service. That means taking responsibility for what needs to be done, instead of blaming the failure of others.

With more open minds, each person will learn from their own experiences, communicate openly, understand more about their fellows, and therefore develop empathy and compassion. Human society will awaken en masse when each person accepts responsibility for the consequences of the life they lead and the decisions they are making, and guide their lives by higher values.

You are in the midst of this awakening and Trans4mind is playing its part by bringing new and empowering information and training into your home and office. The tools and coaching we recommend in this workshop will help you become aware of, and participate in, this awakening of Mankind into one human family in harmony with its environment.


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