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D4 ~ Know One's Core Values
Know one's core values
Trans4mind Training offers a wide range of interactive video workshops, covering each of the major life challenges we encounter in our lives. 'Know One's Core Values' is the fourth workshop in the Answering the Big Questions Module of 7 workshops.
This Module of Trans4mind Training is being prepared and is expected to be available in Spring 2018.
Have you ever thought about what you value in life? The qualities and behaviors that are important to you, that you score highly. No doubt it is important to you that you do what you say and that you are honest, and have authentic values that you live by. As you develop also in terms of spiritual awareness, or mindful consciousness, you will also want to be true to your core, essentially loving, spiritual self and its inner guidance. Have you thought about those spiritual qualities that are important to you? Do you feel some values are self-evident, a kind of universal truth? Have you adopted values acquired as a result of your religious education, through the influence of inspiring writers, artists and teachers, or by your upbringing?

Your core values provide self-directed guidance and meaning to your life. As human beings we are subject to the inbuilt animal instincts of human beings, largely survival oriented and motivated by fear. As a spiritual consciousness, on the other hand, our inner nature does not share the same survival concerns and is motivated more by love. Therefore your core values are not static. They evolve as you evolve, and you can follow the example of people and teachings aligned with higher consciousness, in order to learn higher values that you aspire to live by. The tools and coaching we recommend in this workshop will empower you to decide on those higher values that you feel are most important ... and then, having consciously chosen them, to be a person of profound integrity by living up to, and being an example of, the core values you espouse.


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