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D2 ~ Does God Exist?
Does God exist?
Trans4mind Training offers a wide range of interactive video workshops, covering each of the major life challenges we encounter in our lives. 'Does God Exist?' is the second workshop in the Answering the Big Questions Module of 7 workshops.
This Module of Trans4mind Training is being prepared and is expected to be available in Spring 2018.
For some God is the Sun, or Mother Nature, or All That Is. For others God is universal consciousness or the quality of Love as a creative and binding force. For others God is Creator and all life on Earth is created by Him. For some, human beings are also spiritual entities who can survive the body's death, and for others Spirit is entirely in God's hands.

Atheists and humanists perceive the physical world to have a completely independent existence that naturally evolves, and in which there is no place for God and spirit. Consciousness may be highly developed and humane but not a supernatural phenomenon.

Some believe that our destiny is the will of God; others that our life is directed according to decisions and agreements in-between lives. And others believe destiny is purely a matter of self-determined choices in the present.

Perhaps all these people are right, on one level or another? There are many theologies, dogmas and philosophies... paganism, spiritualism, christianity, buddhism, zen, sufism... just to begin the list. Some demand personal subjective experience of God and spirituality before belief is possible, others demand scientific proof, whilst others will believe according to their faith. And others will not believe at all. One thing is for sure, belief in God and personal spirituality - or not - plays an important part in many peoples' lives, providing sense and reason, and a foundation for their values and worldview.

Trans4mind remains neutral in these arguments, but we trust the tools and coaching we recommend in this workshop will help you become aware of alternative points of view, and help you to synthesize your own unique perspective.


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