Trans4mind Training Workshop B9 ~ Be a Leader
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B9 ~ Be a Leader
Be a leader
Trans4mind Training offers a wide range of interactive video workshops, covering each of the major life challenges we encounter in our lives. 'Be a Leader' is the ninth workshop in the Being Successful Module of 11 workshops.
Are you an ambitious business executive or CEO? Are you planning a startup business? Or do you lead a team within an organization? Do you want to lead others to achieve a shared vision with skill and confidence? This workshop will give you a foundation in the kind of leadership that is more about listening than telling, more about serving than demanding and more about values than profit at any price. You can create extraordinary results by nurturing people to do their best work. The resources in this workshop will empower you to advance towards the top in your organization and lead your company to success.

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Video: Peter Shepherd describes Module B ~ Being Successful
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Healing Path
B2 ~ Be a person of integrity
Be a person of integrity
B3 ~ Reach your goals
Reach your goals
B4 ~ Express yourself creatively
Express yourself creatively
B5 ~ Find your life's purpose
Find your life's purpose
B6 ~ Present Yourself Successfully
Present Yourself Successfully
B7 ~ Be fulfilled at work
Be fulfilled at work
B8 ~ Work well in a team
Work well in a team
B9 ~ Become a leader
Become a leader
B10 ~ Master Money
Master Money
B11 ~ Empower other people
Empower other people
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Trans4mind Training offers a series of 46 online video workshops, organized in 5 modules: Healing Yourself, Being Successful, Enhancing Relationships, Answering the Big Questions and Inner Guidance Training....

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