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B6 ~ Present Yourself Successfully
Present Yourself Successfully
Trans4mind Training offers a wide range of interactive video workshops, covering each of the major life challenges we encounter in our lives. 'Present Yourself Successfully' is the sith workshop in the Being Successful Module of 11 workshops.
When presenting yourself, either at a job interview or while speaking in public, it is easy to doubt yourself, lack confidence, stumble over words and lose track of what you are communicating. This workshop will empower you to present yourself with confidence, to win heart and minds with a great public impression.

One of our testimonials...

"I just want to first let you know that the workshop on 'Present Yourself Successfully' helped me immensely. Though simple, the information that was given in the workshop is very effective. Today I had a phone interview for a job. Normally when I have job interviews I would be so nervous and practicing for days trying to memorize what to say.

"This time I was not worried. When the phone rang, I answered in a happy tone - it broke the ice. The conversation was so easy! Whether or not I got the job I know I did excellently. I was really proud of myself.

"Please thank the trainer of this course for me. I am planning on purchasing the entire Healing module, and in the future I would also like to do the entire Success module." ~ Lisa


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Trans4mind Training offers a series of 46 online video workshops, organized in 5 modules: Healing Yourself, Being Successful, Enhancing Relationships, Answering the Big Questions and Inner Guidance Training....

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