Trans4mind Training Workshop A9 ~ Cope with a Major Loss
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A9 ~ Cope With a Major Loss
Coping with a major loss
Trans4mind Training offers a wide range of interactive video workshops, covering each of the major life challenges we encounter in our lives. 'Cope With a Major Loss' is the ninth workshop in the Healing Yourself Module of 9 workshops.
If you have lost someone or something precious it is natural to feel grief. Grief is an expression of your love; a demonstration of your compassion. The tools and coaching in this workshop will assist you in making the journey through grief to a new understanding accompanied by inner peace.

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A9 ~ Cope with a major loss
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Trans4mind Training offers a series of 46 online video workshops, organized in 5 modules: Healing Yourself, Being Successful, Enhancing Relationships, Answering the Big Questions and Inner Guidance Training....

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