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Our training workshops are the result of years of development by a dedicated team, containing the very best and effective methods of holistic personal development, combined with personal support from expert life coaches.
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Personal development isn't intended to "fix" you, it's purpose is to empower you, to help you reach your full potential, to finally be yourself, living your true purpose - fulfilled, peaceful and prosperous. A new model of YOU. And this is the reason we created our Trans4mind Personal Development Training program...

To assist people add to their I.Q. by developing their emotional (E.Q.) and spiritual (S.Q.) intelligence and in so doing awaken their inherent genius (G.Q.) ... read more here: IQ without EQ = Recipe for Problems

The training is an audio-visual, interactive, online experience that's interesting and fun to participate in. Rather than telling you what to think, the video workshops and accompanying coaching encourage you to learn from yourself and your own life. Making the human heart visible.

We assist you to master the challenges of living, learn valuable inner guidance skills and acquire greater inner peace through a series of video training workshops and supportive coaching.

Each interactive workshop is always available for you online and includes an exercise, questionnaire, four video presentations and an action step, and participation requires typically about one hour in total.

Click for: What's in a Workshop?

The workshops are organized into separate modules. You select the workshops you want to do, or you may choose to do a complete module at discount price, and you can do the workshops in the order you prefer, whenever you want.

The emphasis in these workshops is on practical application. By participating in each workshop you attain mastery over your emotions, moods, mind, feelings, relationships, work, finances and world view.

This personalized training empowers you to create Concrete Steps that deliver powerful real-world results across all of your life challenges.

We give you the tools to...
  • Be guided by inner wisdom,
  • Attain greater inner peace in all areas of your life,
  • And have more abundance and fulfillment.


Free Life Assessment
Free Life Assessment!
After completing your registration you can do your Free Life Assessment. As a result, you'll have clarity about where you are most challenged and how best to move forward, with an individually tailored training plan.

We invite you to renew your life - starting today:

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Are Our Fees?
Email Peter Shepherd


The Curriculum

The workshop curriculum of 46 life challenge workshops is divided into 5 Modules. You can choose to do selected workshops at $24 each - or a complete Module of workshops at just $12 each. Personal life coach support costs extra. The first three Modules containing 29 workshops are available now (with two more to follow in 2018 and 2020)...

Your Money Back Guarantee:
Remember that for workshops, you are protected by a 30 day money back, no-questions-asked, 100% guarantee. This means that if, for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase of any of the workshops, you can ask us for a refund at any time during the 30 days following your purchase.

The motivation to heal and help yourself is the starting point in personal development - and also the foundation upon which you can best serve others. In healing yourself you learn how to address life challenges successfully and experience more love and joy in your life.
Click the links below for workshop descriptions...
Workshop A1 ~ Find Your Healing Path
Workshop A2 ~ Learn to Forgive
Workshop A3 ~ Get Over Guilt
Workshop A4 ~ Let Go of Jealousy and Envy
Workshop A5 ~ Let Go of Anger and Frustration
Workshop A6 ~ Improve Your Self-Esteem
Workshop A7 ~ Overcome Fear and Anxiety
Workshop A8 ~ Overcome Bad Habits
Workshop A9 ~ Cope with a Major Loss
The tools and coaching presented in these workshops will support you in achieving genuine success. Being true to yourself and clear about what you value in life is prerequisite for genuine achievement, expressing yourself creatively and both finding and fulfilling your life's purpose.
Click the links below for workshop descriptions...
Workshop B1 ~ Achieve Success
Workshop B2 ~ Be a Person of Integrity
Workshop B3 ~ Reach Your Goals
Workshop B4 ~ Express Yourself Creatively
Workshop B5 ~ Find Your Life's Purpose
Workshop B6 ~ Present Yourself Successfully
Workshop B7 ~ Find Fulfillment at Work
Workshop B8 ~ Work Successfully in Teams
Workshop B9 ~ Become a Leader
Workshop B10 ~ Master Money
Workshop B11 ~ Empower Other People
Learn how to have enriching relations with everyone you meet... Develop understanding and empathy; transform differences into an exciting way forward; express your feelings in a responsible and effective way; and benefit from happy, harmonious relationships..
Click the links below for workshop descriptions...
Workshop C1 - Have Meaningful Relationships
Workshop C2 - Develop Social Skills
Workshop C3 - Establish Boundaries
Workshop C4 - Express Myself
Workshop C5 - Ask Powerful Questions
Workshop C6 - Learn to Listen
Workshop C7 - Be Non-Judgmental
Workshop C8 - Resolve Conflict
Workshop C9 - Create Intimacy

Adrian MitchellAdrian Mitchell is Managing Director of the Irish Lifecoach Institute ( in Dublin, Ireland, and has overseen the training in Life and Business Coaching of over 1500 people. He is passionate about the power and impact of coaching on the lives of individuals, couples, teams and organizations and the positive domino effects in the broader community and society....
"The Trans4mind system of training provides a platform for an individual anywhere in the world to develop themselves on a personal level in all aspects of life, from the comfort of their own home. With the key benefit of coaching as an empowering support to the training, this is a wonderful opportunity for individuals to truly transform themselves and their lives in a short space of time."


Read on to learn about the background to the Training, the different workshops and services we are offering, and the ways you can participate...
Introduction to Trans4mind Training

Watch the 12 minute video and read about our interactive video training workshops and coaching, which can help you overcome the challenges of living and acquire greater inner peace.

Learn more
3 minute video on our Video Dashboard:
The Training in a Nutshell

This training offers an all-encompassing education in personal development that has the power to transform your life! It is a wonderful way to achieve inner peace and fulfillment.

What's in a Workshop?

This page gives a detailed overview of how you go about doing an online workshop.

Free Life Assessment

Questionnaire results illustrate how close you are to unshakable inner peace for each life challenge.


Learn about each of the 46 Life Challenge Workshops, in 5 Modules.

Click here to check out the full curriculum.


Your Trans4mind Life Coach assists you to gain insight into your greatest emotional, financial, relationship and spiritual challenges and take empowering actions that bring about positive change.

The Presenters

Meet the team of presenters who deliver the training workshops to you each week.


See past Trainees on video and read about the experiences of previous Trainees with Trans4mind Training Workshops and Coaching.


Learn about the Trans4mind vision, mission and values. Trans4mind stands as a landmark in the world of personal development, because it is being devised, presented and maintained by the power of love.


Here we reply to your most Frequently Asked Questions - and a place to contact Trans4mind Training with all your support needs.


Learn about the certification you can earn for your participation in the training.

About Us

Learn about the team behind Trans4mind Training.

Community Project

Doing a Community Project is an excellent way to put into practice all that you are learning in the Trans4mind Training Workshops. Your coach will support you with your project by providing free assistance.


Trans4mind Training News
Blog: Trans4mind Training News
Trans4mind Training is the result of years of development by a dedicated team, containing the very best and effective methods of holistic personal development. Now that we are launched, we'll keep you up to date with all the latest news here in this blog. Earlier posts describe the development process leading up to launch. Please give your comments and feedback.


Making the Human Heart Visible
Our Vision

Trans4mind Training is about transforming your life... awakening the self within who ‘just knows’… who responds to all with empathy and compassion… who experiences greater inner peace… and who is motivated primarily by unbounded thinking and loving service.

Making the human heart visible, through the awakening of our inner self, is evident throughout the training. The emphasis is on inner guidance and self-expression from the heart.

All too often the qualities of the human heart - compassion, creativity and love - are lacking. These qualities are awakened in each person who experiences Trans4mind Personal Development Training. The participants in our workshops transform their lives through a journey of self discovery and inner revelation. We believe that each individual is whole and complete as they are and that all the answers lie within them. Once awakened, these profound insights create a new kind of person whose influence naturally spreads, empowering their family, place of work and community.

Trans4mind believes the problems of the world can only be solved by making these values of the heart visible and practiced widely within our health and education services, and businesses everywhere. Imagine, for a moment, the effect this will have on the quality of our relationships and on the cohesion of our society.

Our goal is to train a million people in these values of the heart by the year 2026, and in so doing, the resulting kindness, empathy and understanding will help to heal the Earth. By participating you will be empowered to be the change you wish to see in the world! It starts at home, continues at work and extends into the community. So then your influence shines like a beacon into the world.

Read our page about Making the Human Heart Visible by the two Founders of Trans4mind.

And this: Introduction to Trans4mind's Non-Profit Services

Trans4mind Training is an experience in personal development that includes a person's spiritual capability, making available a complete spiritual path that blends their everyday material life with the Divine...
Trans4mind Training: Supporting Your Spiritual Path
Passing it on...

The personal development skills that you have learned to apply successfully throughout your training prepare you for helping others attain similar abilities. You can benefit greatly by using your new skills in any team or leadership setting, plus in teaching and in your family!

If you complete all our training you are awarded our certificate as a "Trans4mind Agent of Change." This qualification is the foundation for you to enter one of our Life Coach training schools where you can qualify as a professional life coach, and if you are an accomplished Trainee, go on to have a career as a life coach with us.

For existing Life Coaches:
Opportunities to Coach and Present Trans4mind Training
For beginning Coaches:
Opportunities to Qualify as a Trans4mind Life Coach and have a Career with Trans4mind


The Trans4mind Journey


Participants in Trans4mind Training take the following journey...

  1. Become a Customer (on the public marketing site)
  2. Become a Participant (when they register and logged in)
  3. They then go on to participate as a Trainee (doing the training workshops, from their first free workshop onwards)
  4. The participant may also wish to have the support of a Trans4mind Coach, in which case they choose their preferred coach and become a coaching Client.
  5. In addition, when they have successfully completed their Trans4mind Training curriculum, a participant may go on to train as a Life Coach with one of the affiliated Training Schools.
  6. When qualified and adequately experienced as a life coach, they may apply to become a Trans4mind Coach.

Trans4mind Training is a Spiritual Path

Our training is founded on the integration of inner guidance with everyday life experience. You get to truly know yourself, to include and integrate your higher self, the loving source of inner truth. The training and supportive coaching will provide ongoing insight and reassurance, to become more secure in relationship with inner guidance. See Peter Shepherd's The Path of Love and the series by Wallace Huey on Inner Guidance.


life coach

Become a Trans4mind Life Coach

Discover how you can progress from participating in your first workshop; to completing a module of training; to completing the entire Trans4mind Personal Development Training; to receiving your Agent of Change Completion Certificate; to applying to one of our life coaching schools; to qualifying as a Trans4mind Coach and having a ready-made career in life coaching here at Trans4mind. Learn more…


Deliver Trans4mind Training and Coaching Online

If you are a fan of Trans4mind Personal Development Training and would like to share the training and earn extra income by becoming a life coach, these opportunities may be of interest...

An Opportunity to Train as a Life Coach with Trans4mind
For those people who have completed the Trans4mind "Agent of Change" qualification (see Certification), we offer you the opportunity to train with us as a life coach at one of our affiliated Life Coach Training venues. These venues are all chosen because they offer accredited training and their vision, ethos and culture is closely aligned with that of Trans4mind. Learn more...

Work Opportunities for Life Coaches
Would you like to have more clients for your Life Coaching Practice? If you are a certified and registered life coach you can participate in Trans4mind Training as one of our coaches on Skype, supporting the online video workshops program and as a coach in your local community, using our online training resources to attract and keep clients. Learn more...


Trans4mind's New Headquarters
Our Headquarters is ideally suited to serving the company's international activities, which includes our expanding network of life coaches, our burgeoning client and student base, and our Trans4mind online platforms in 6 languages.

Read more about our Headquarters...


The following video, based on a poem by Wallace, represents the foundation of our service. Watching it gives you access to the level of consciousness you will have attained once you have mastered all the 46 life challenges represented in the Trans4mind Personal Development Training...


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Wallace Huey & Peter Shepherd
Imagine if - with the help of personal development - the values of the heart could be brought into our families, communities and businesses... What kind of a world would this create?
By Wallace Huey & Peter Shepherd, Trans4mind Founders
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