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“Your website continues to change lives all over the world and empower those who need a ‘mind overhaul’ to live peacefully. I share your website and recommend your article library all the time in my practice and on my Facebook page. Keep up the great work. This is an amazing resource and thank you so much.” ~ Traci Baxendale Ball
“I wanted you to know that I absolutely LOVE the information flowing from your spirit into the heart, souls and minds of others existing in this Earthly realm.” ~ Darlene Brown
“Some time ago I read both The Positive Approach and The New Life Course. I found all of the information to be the most top-quality work available to someone like myself, searching endlessly for ways to make more sense of the world. So, I am writing in to give thanks and praise for what you all have done here on this site. A big heartfelt thankyou from me to you for putting such valuable resources out in the world available even to people without much spare money. So, thank you for everything that you do. It does change lives. Keep doing what you do!” ~ Mandy Matthews
“I love your work, thank you so much, really you have great words of wisdom. Namaste.” ~ Karen Taylor
“Thank you for this wonderful website that has changed my life. This is just an incredible and valuable source of knowledge, most of it new for me, but amazing and magic. I enormously appreciate the effort to disseminate all this knowledge and bring it into our hearts.” ~ Yael
“Thank you for taking the time to make the world a better place to live in.” ~ JJ
“Let me express my views after going through your website... Really it is one of the most positive, pertinent, purposeful, penetrating and prominent websites that one can encounter on the Internet. The content, the theme and the programs of your site will definitely ignite the passion and enthusiasm of any visitor, enabling the person to experience and enjoy a positive paradigm shift in his thinking pattern and life.” ~ Dr. Purushothaman
“I thought I should congratulate you for the good work you are continuing to do. Trans4mind is the reason I believe in myself and my work. I get energy to move even when the future is too dim, and I’m able to understand others, forgive and forget... It’s like God speaks to me via you because every time I visit my mails there’s always a life lesson that’s relevant to that particular moment. You have changed my life completely. I am a big fan and follower and will always be. Thanks Peter!” ~ Beatrice
“Maybe nobody else under the sun is doing service like you by free distribution of knowledge. In this respect you are matchless. No words can express my profound gratitude to you. Your messages are a grand feast to me and many more like me. My joy knows no bounds.” ~ Narayana, India
“I am so grateful to have found your website. It has truly given me a channel to help implement the changes through which I aspire. Thank you... you have also renewed my faith in humanity. Trans4mind is truly a blessing.” ~ Matthew
“I wanted to let you know that I am SO GLAD I found your website. Just within this past week I have begun to feel a sense of renewal thanks to the guidance I received. The sky is truly the limit! There is much to experience and grow from, through the release of pain and the awakening I am experiencing. I am strong, I am free and I look forward to the many blessings as a result of connecting with my inner self. It is a wonderful work you are doing and I am grateful to be a part of it. This is the answer to my prayers and definitely the right path to be on!” ~ Caroline
“Wow! Thank you for sharing all of this wonderful information. I was feeling lost, confused, empty, lonely... wondering is it co-dependency? Am I depressed? Am I just lonely? I share many of your lessons with my partner and it helps us bond together and also strengthen each other individually. I had so many questions and Trans4mind has helped me understand myself and given me hope and confidence.” ~ Alison
"Just a quick message to say I think trans4mind is fantastic! In my opinion it is exactly what the Internet should be about. I knew something was missing in my life and trans4mind has helped me identify the pieces. It is good to see so much valuable self help information made available in one place!" ~ Jason
“I appreciate the work that you do to help others like myself find resources and support to grow in our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. I have been on a journey and because of your site, I have been able to find exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.
      “The journey to discovering our true selves and nurturing that awareness has so much to do with the people and situations that cross our paths. I am grateful you crossed mine because although my transformation has been slow and painful at times, I can’t help but to compare it to the beauty of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. He once thought the world was over only to discover one that was so rich and full of life... more than he had ever known.
      “So, I just wanted to extend my gratitude to you and your team. You’re truly changing lives.”
~ Jennie Ohlsen, USA
“I truly appreciate all your articles, I feel I’ve learned so much about myself and others. Keep up the great work, you’ve helped change my view on life as I’m sure you have helped many others. I look forward to your emails and always take the time to read through them thoroughly, with great bliss.” ~ Benito Navarro
“I really appreciate Trans4mind for caring and strengthening many global citizens like me. Your inspiration helps in shaping and changing my life... please keep on sending more.” ~ Malvern Mbereko
“Your Inspiring Quotes pages and commentary are the best and most nourishing pieces of writing that anyone could have! Well done! That is God's work that you are doing. Keep doing it so that more people can see them. Fabulous!” ~ Charlotte Barrett
Thank you for the clarifying emotions, words of true wisdom. Your sharing is love put into practice.” ~ Tomas Karlalas
“Maybe nobody else under the sun is doing service like you by free distribution of knowledge. In this respect you are matchless. No words can express my profound gratitude to you. Your messages are a grand feast to me and many more like me. My joy knows no bounds.” ~ Narayana, India
“Thank you, thank you, this is a fantastic site and fantastic quotes!” ~ Melissa
“Your quotes have been coming in at exactly the right time for me, as if you are the messenger to tell me that which I need to hear. May you continue being a messenger for one and all.” ~ Odette
“I’m really appreciating your chosen quotes, and your comments. As always, my heart flows out with love and gratitude to you.” ~ Frances James
“I am your great admirer. For over 15 years, your service to Mankind for exploring self, its potential and its positive and healthy growth are outstanding/unrivaled.” ~ Khalid
“I want to congratulate you for Trans4mind! It's a mind blowing platform, I swear! I also want to thank you for the amazingly true and revolutionizing messages of love you've shared in your weekly email! I believe the domestic world, and also people as a race, can change fundamentally if they see through their thoughts, words and actions in the light of these messages! I can't thank you enough for giving us this invaluable gift so unconditionally and relentlessly!” ~ Sunetra

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“Peter is a very wonderful chap. He is professional, easy to interact with, and supportive.” ~ Doris Jeanette
“As the owner of Tools for Transformation, Peter provides clients all over the world with tools for personal transformation that are phenomenal, and have been of great service to me in my career and my life. Peter is not only brilliant, and has the highest standards of integrity, he is also a man whose expertise as a therapist, knowledge as a business owner and strength of intelligence, spirit and heart are qualities that are treasured and appreciated by all who know and work with him. It is an honor and a pleasure to have worked with Peter, and I recommend him with the highest regard and esteem.” ~ Irene Becker
“Peter has a powerful vision and the ability to articulate and step into it. I have enjoyed getting to know him by interviewing him and becoming more familiar with the tools and information he offers so generously to the Internet community. I cherish my connection with Peter, who is the quintessential personal development and webmaster combination. I warmly and unconditionally recommend him to anyone interested in his offerings.” ~ Jeanie Marshall
“Peter is an amazing guy whose work for tranformation for the whole of mankind is ground breaking. his passion for his work is and people is what drives him to help so many people. I would recommend that everyone sign up to his online magazine, these are purely tools for transformation. I recommend Peter in everyway, especially for his work.” ~ Deepak Lodhia
“Peter has developed an awsome site everybody should visit. His site includes a wealth of information and is outstanding. You can find articles and products that will change your life and transform your mind! Peter is kind and responsive. He was so kind to write the Foreword for my book 'The Manual Your Child Should Have Come With - Develop Your Child’s Genius', and added a valuable point of view to it. He is so kind to provide feedback to me and sometimes guidance regarding my own web site and articles. Over time we became friends, and I value and cherish my friendship with Peter. I recommend him wholeheartedly!” ~ Esther Andrews
“Peter has created THE portal for self-awareness on the web. As both an author and business person, I have found it rewarding and inspiring to work with him. Few people are able to combine in-depth sector knowledge (transpersonal psychology) and business savvy. As both a consumer and producer of growth-related content, I recommend Peter and his business to anyone interested in their own evolution, or anyone keen on exploring the seemless unison of vocation and advocation.” ~ Brandon Peele
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