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Indicator Technique - The Way To Truth


There is a special Insight Project procedure called Indicator Technique, which has wide applicability, not only in the Insight Project but in all approaches to personal and spiritual enhancement that take advantage of the benefits of Biofeedback Monitoring.

It's a kind of meditation, looking at an aspect of your mind from different viewpoints. It's very effective because with the aid of biofeedback you can access all your intuitive resources to uncover the truth - which part of you already knows, but which is being obscured by the mental structures you have created.

An emotionally charged item (such as a thought, belief, decision, intention or identification), i.e. that gives a response on the Biofeedback Monitor, has attached to it various further considerations that obscure an underlying truth or knowingness. If this was known already, there would not be the emotional conflict that causes the meter to respond. Each consideration seems valid enough to the mind but the Being knows there to be lies, suppression and misattribution in the appearance of what is. This is revealed by the Indicator Technique procedure, assisted by the use of Biofeedback Monitoring. Various questions or 'buttons' are checked on the meter and if there is charge, then further considerations corresponding to the charge are sought. Only when the final consideration does not respond on the Biofeedback Monitor, having been checked with the questions, has the mind duplicated the knowingness of the Being. The result of Indicator Technique properly done is always increased awareness, responsibility and confront.

At first, the charged consideration is most often at effect, complaining, justifying or blaming, with prejudices or dogma; further stages of the Indicator Technique reveal viewpoints that are more enlightened but still not true enough for the charge to erase; and finally there is a clear realization of one's causative responsibility in the area, an insight of Truth. This differentiation separates the Being from an untruth that previously put him at effect by his identifying with it, and it clearly reveals the Being, the Higher Self, which knows all along but who is not-knowing for purposes of game.

The truth as it is revealed can be painful and sharply contradict the brainwashing of one's conditioning. The answer is of course to set aside prejudice and continue the procedure to the endpoint. Funnily enough, when arrived at, the revealed truth is something one always knew anyway, but hadn't admitted to oneself!!

What we are looking at here is the fundamentals of intuition. To be free and independent we need to make our own mind up, to be both sensible and sensitive. We need to be objective and use reason and logic, but beware fixed ideas, prejudices and false assumptions carried over from past experience and conditioning. At the same time we need to take account of our feelings and intuition, as inner knowing is our mind's link to Spirit. Our intuition or inner guidance often isn't accessible in pre-packaged verbal sentences, it arrives in feelings, images, imagination, concepts and understandings - and we need to separate those from the other mental content, and then articulate them. We "just know" our inner truth, and it's this heart-felt nature that is the best guide. Fortunately, with the Biofeedback Monitor we have a way to clearly perceive what is happening in our emotional reactions, both conscious and subconscious. With Indicator Tech we have a way to determine if a thought is rational (uncharged), a rationalization or other thought distortion (untrue), something taken on board from others, i.e. conditioning (imprinted), or one’s inner truth, an intuitive knowing (no read after the charge of untruths has been released).

This is a simplified version of the Indicator Tech questions, as used with an InnerTrac biofeedback monitor:

When you ask “True?” and the blue LED lights up - this connects to your EQ (emotional intelligence).

It’s rationally true for you but you intuitively know it’s not the whole truth, there’s more to it, so charge remains.

You need to ask yourself “…and?”

You don’t think about it intellectually but just express whatever comes up...

When you ask “False?” and the blue LED lights up - this connects to your IQ (rational intelligence) - your mind is at work, whether rational or irrational.

It’s false and you know it, or it’s besides the point, you’re looking in the wrong direction, so charge remains

You need to ask yourself “…but?”

You don’t think about it intellectually but just express whatever comes up...

When you ask “Imprinted?” and the blue LED lights up - this connects to your social conditioning - it’s what you acquired from the influence of others (your education, media, dominant personalities, what you accept to belong and conform, and so on).

It’s not YOUR truth, so charge remains.

You need to indicate that this is Imprinted and let it go.

When there is no Discharge at all, no LEDs light up - you are connected directly to your SQ (spiritual intelligence) - your inner knowing, the Higher Self.

It’s YOUR truth, so it’s uncharged, there’s no conflict.

You need to indicate that this is Truth and let it go.

As a result the White LED illuminates: this is a Release.

The term 'Imprinted' refers to an imposed intention that is other-determined. This is installed or implanted in one's mind by various kinds of conditioning (e.g. traumatic, parental or cultural, in this or a past life) and such Imprinted material has been built up and lumped together chaotically forming the reactive contents of mind.

To imprint means to make a mark, like a tattoo. Any stimulus (such as a command or directive or persuasion) that has been repeated with enough frequency, intensity or duration can become imprinted, like a hypnotic suggestion, usually with a degree of acceptance or reluctant agreement on behalf of the receiver.

So Imprinted material is anything that's an other-determined, fixed idea, which one now identifies with - whatever the origin. Anything in your mind that directs your attention and actions but which is not determined by you. It might be something you've agreed with but you are not its source. It is not necessarily untrue but it is not your own truth.

The mechanism and sources of these counter-intentions which have become overwhelming when viewed as a whole, are uncovered later on in the Insight Project. In the meanwhile this mass is unpicked bit by bit as elements become accessible (i.e. confrontable), but there is at this stage absolutely no move to look into it further and confront the whole. This is because by definition there is no self-determined truth contained in Imprinted material, so it simply needs to be clearly indicated as such and then it is no longer identified with, i.e. it is no longer part of you.

Before going on to explain the subsequent procedure in detail, I should first explain the basic principles upon which Indicator Technique is derived.

We are looking here at the fundamental nature of the Spiritual Being. Spirit intrinsically has no material existence - no substance nor energy, and no location in space or time. But Spirit does has qualities and one of these is the ability to create. It does this by means of causative thought - by having considerations. And it is from these considerations that the mechanical conditions of existence emmanate, i.e. that causes reality to exist.

There are two ways that a condition of existence may be viewed:

Firstly, there is the objective reality: the condition that existence actually IS in physical reality.

Secondly, there is the subjective reality: the condition that existence APPEARS to be in the mind, i.e. the way it is perceived or remembered to be.

There are four primary subjective (mental) considerations about objective reality:

1. CAUSATION is the consideration of immediate creation without persistence, the consideration of existence at the moment of creation, and when that consideration is exactly duplicated - the same creation in the same space and time - it is erased from existence.

Causation is the postulation of an apparency which when agreed upon by others becomes real to them too - an existing condition.

One may view objective reality from a viewpoint of CAUSATION. This is a total duplication of the original source postulate. Subjective reality then exactly 'maps over' objective reality: there is no conflict between the two, and therefore no mental 'charge' (the energy of conflict). None of the buttons would read on Indicator Tech and there is hemispheric synchronisation (as shown on the EEG).

Duplication can only occur with the proper assignment of source, i.e. the viewpoint from which the dimension points were put out and viewed, creating space.

2. ALTERATION is the consideration which introduces change (and therefore time) into a creation to obtain persistency. It is a second postulate and a lie - an alteration of truth - therefore creating a delusion. The apparency of existence is brought about by the continued alteration of creation. When agreed upon, this is called reality.

Alterations are lies, twists, embellishments that alter the apparency and prevent the recognition of the actuality or duplication of the first postulate. A causation is altered to make it persist primarily by the lie of time: alterations introduce change and therefore time and persistence to the apparency, so it cannot be erased or un-mocked by duplicating it. To duplicate something is to look at it as it is actually, in truth, without mis-perception caused by second postulates.

One may ALTER the perception of objective reality, such that the subjective reality is then different from the actual reality. The subjective map may overlap that of objective reality, but the added parts will differ. This mental process thereby causes a conflict, and the resulting charge would cause a read on the Indicator Tech button 'False?', since the brain's left hemisphere is aroused (as shown on the EEG) in the mental process of alteration - one is looking in the wrong direction.

3. NEGATION is the effort to reduce the condition of reality through the use of force. It is a denial, or repression. It cannot entirely vanquish a reality, in the same way that causation can.

Negation is non-confront and suppression of reality, due to non-acceptance of how it is.

One may attempt to NEGATE the condition of existence by suppression, such that the subjective reality is then different from the actual reality. The subjective map will then not include parts of objective reality. This mental process thereby causes a conflict, and the resulting charge would cause a read on the Indicator Tech button 'True?', since the brain's right hemisphere is aroused (as shown on the EEG) in the mental process of suppression - there is more to it.

4. ACCEPTANCE is the regarding as truth of an agreed upon reality; submitting without argument to the apparency of what exists.

Acceptance is the regarding as truth of an agreed upon reality; submitting without argument to the apparency of what exists.

The fourth response occurs where there is neither Alteration nor Negation, because a reality has been ACCEPTED or agreed-upon. When this subjective reality does not accurately 'map over' the objective reality, or if it is not a causative viewpoint of objective reality (for example, if this is a truth that has not been inspected objectively for oneself), the Being at a deeper intuitive level knows that this is not a causative viewpoint of the truth of existence, and the Biofeedback Monitor will read on the conflict (corresponding to an arousal of the deeper, primitive brain) when the button 'Imprinted?' is called on Indicator Tech.

An Imprinted consideration, then, may or may not be actually true, but in either case it is something that has been agreed with or otherwise taken on-board, rather than something that has been and is being inspected objectively in present time, with free choice and determinism. This includes beliefs and cultural agreements, and all of one's safe solutions to the problems of survival.

The Spiritual Being is essentially non-material, neither is it essentially a viewpoint in a space-time location, identified with matter and sourcing energy towards dimension points in other locations. The apparent source of causation is an Identity within a Physical Game, creating the existence of dimension points recognized by others, and the interaction of dimension points (mass, energy). A higher understanding is that the viewpoint that has adopted that Identity is the source. A still higher understanding is that the Spiritual Being that adopted that viewpoint in the Physical Game is the true source. The Spiritual essence of the Being is non-material and is not sourcing within the time-space continuum, but is totally knowing of the causation of the viewpoint's postulates, linked to an Identity.

The current state of Spiritual Beings identified with bodies, is that they are stuck in second postulates and counter-postulates, i.e. they are stuck in the Physical Game. Because these lies occlude the duplication of causation, they may consider the existing altered view of existence must be the duplication of causation but since this does not then disappear, they are confused and stuck, and resort to negation to try and make the alteration a truth. This only worsens the situation.

The aim of The Insight Project is, by the use of Indicator Tech, to realize that one has been altering one's personal knowingnesses of the truth of matters into the form of fixed safe solutions, which one has identified with to be 'right'. realizing this, restores the power of the Being to hold a stable viewpoint and to be able to act in life based on a realistic viewpoint of the objective reality, without compulsive subjective negation and alteration.

The whole of The Insight Project aims to elucidate this personal knowingness towards a causative understanding of all of life, and the vanishment of the mechanical conditions of existence. This requires restoration of full duplication of the Goal Conflict Structures that exist in most people's case, and the uncovering of the original Spiritual Postulates that set up this space-time continuum and the various games and involvements that the Being has had and more importantly, is having, both here and in other dimensions.

It is necessary to use a GSR biofeedback monitor to do The Insight Project: we recommend the ThetaMeter™ Emotional Response Indicator, in our opinion the best.

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