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Alternative News

Fake news and conspiracy theories appear in alternative news sites, but likewise in establishment media. So with all online resources we need to take what they say both with a pinch of salt and an open mind. Whatever, I've found that these sites in particular have helped to open up new perspectives...

In addition, here is a list of 50+ of the most compelling “alternative” media sources available online. download this list as a PDF.

Established authorities will rarely express any truth that threatens their vested interests; the mass media and establishment news follows likewise... in sciences, politics, health, business, education, spirituality, etc. And those who oppose the authorities might behave likewise, since they understandably have a strong agenda. Plus some sites may be created to post false information in order to deliberately discredit authentic alternative news media as a whole. What is certainly not OK is Google, Facebook and the like to take it upon themselves to support establishment mass media and censor alternative news outlets - see Censored News for an up-to-date listing of currently blocked news.

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