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Self-Directed Learning

Self-Directed Learning

“Why didn’t they teach me this at school?”

The established educational system is limited to preparing the individual for employment rather than life as a whole. Even many adult education facilities have that orientation, so that often one thinks, "Why didn't they teach me this at school?" or "Where can I go to learn about this?" So many things one needs to know in life, or which could greatly enhance one's life, are not easily accessible, and while the information is very often available on the Internet, many people are lost in its vast and chaotic space.

There's so much that children need to know to live happy lives, which isn't taught at schools and about which parents need help in being able to help their children - because the parents don't necessarily know either! Communication skills; emotional intelligence; about love, sex and relationships; goal setting; time and stress management; dealing with money; concentration and reading skills; creativity; intuition; the basics of psychology, philosophy, spirituality; social conditioning and group behavior; the list goes on and on.

Our future depends on adults participating in self-directed ongoing learning to fill the gaps in their own education, and passing their knowledge on to their children from the earliest age possible.

Here is a list of topics about which I feel many people are inadequately informed; I know I was, in some cases until quite late in my life, and we all have a way to go. Self-directed learning is life long.

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