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The Sedona Method

In 1952, at age 42, a wealthy New York physicist and entrepreneur was sent home to die. His body was riddled with disease and he had less than three months to live. Confounded by his condition, he decided to 'figure out' how to cure himself. Only three months later, that man, Lester Levenson, discovered something so amazing that he rid himself of all his physical problems and entered a state of profound peace that never left him through the day he died on January 18, 1994... 42 years later.

The secret he discovered contained the wisdom to change a person within a few moments so they may never again suffer from unwanted emotions or inner limitations. It changes lives so effortlessly that most people can't believe it works as fast as it does. Lester personally taught Hale Dwoskin his most precious gift to Mankind and, since then, Hale has improved the technique to work faster and more effectively with even less effort than before.

The technique Lester discovered is called the Sedona Method. The Sedona Method is an in-depth training of a very simple, yet very powerful, technique. It teaches you how to let go of unwanted emotions, remove obstacles, and achieve a profound sense of inner peace and success in life. This method teaches you how to let go of uncomfortable emotions, right on the spot, without getting stuck in them or having to figure out why you have them.

The Sedona Method taps your natural ability to let go of any unwanted thought or feeling on the spot. This will free you to quickly and easily have more radiant health and well being, plus break bad habits and other self-sabotaging behaviors. You will also be able to free yourself from stress, tension, panic, fear, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, procrastination, co-dependency and uncontrolled anger and grief. In short, you will enjoy living a happier, more productive, more satisfying, more loving and joyous life.

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A Message from Hale Dwoskin:
The Sedona Method can allow you to effortlessly release limiting thoughts and feelings that have plagued you for years–even the very first time you use the program...

28 years ago I learned the Sedona Method from my friend Lester Levenson and my life has been forever changed. I have found success in every area of my life, and I know that you will too.

What makes the Sedona Method a powerful tool (that really works!) is that it is a process you can use anytime, anyplace, to improve any area of your life.

This sounds sensational because it is, but these aren't just my claims. There are thousands of testimonials on file from people just like you and me who have achieved every goal imaginable using the Sedona Method.

Including goals like these:

The common thread running through most of the comments we receive every day is that The Sedona Method Course really does create the benefits mentioned above, and that Sedona's ongoing follow-up and support is truly world class. We have a way of guiding you through the process of accelerated growth that creates tremendous clarity and guarantees success.

Over 60,000 people in countries all around the world from Australia to Sweden, India to the UK have used the Sedona Method to improve their life. Frankly, that alone, would indicate it's worth a close, hard look. But when you also consider we are offering to send you a free Introduction to the Sedona Method on CD or audiocassette (all we ask is that you contribute a small amount for shipping and handling) and a complimentary two-hour video of a live Sedona Method class - not to mention the fact that the program itself carries a 45-day full-refund guarantee - it would be crazy for you to miss out, wouldn't it?

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Now, here's just a "taste" of what The Sedona Method can do for you:
  1. It can allow you to effortlessly release limiting thoughts and feelings that have plagued you for years even the very first time you use the program...
  2. It can dramatically reduce stress and cause stress-induced dysfunctional feelings and behaviors (including anger, depression, fear, anxiety, substance abuse, and many others) to fall away...
  3. It creates healing of emotional trauma and self-imposed limitations forever, even for people who have been unsuccessful with other methods...
  4. It actually slows the aging process by eliminating the harmful effects of stress, increasing your vitality, well-being, and improving overall health and happiness...
  5. It can dramatically accelerate your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, giving you the results you always THOUGHT you were supposed to get from the other programs and books you've tried (but, if you're like most people, never really got)...
  6. It improves career and financial results by removing the blocks to maximizing your personal potential, improving relationships, creativity, the ability to take key, decisive actions and more...
  7. It can increase your self-awareness, inner peace, and happiness, as well as your ability to connect with other people and create successful relationships.
If you've tried other audio programs, weekend 'trainings,' or some of those other personal growth approaches that you feel didn't deliver; or you just want to go MUCH deeper with faster results; or if you just want to grow and improve your life at an accelerated pace, I know you'll love the Sedona Method.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing this wonderful gift with you and those that you care about.

Love, Hale

P.S. Here are some comments by other well-known authors about the Sedona Method...

"Through my work with Chicken Soup for the Soul and through my Self-Esteem Seminars, I have been exposed to many self-improvement techniques and processes. This one stands head and shoulders above the rest for the ease of its use, its profound impact, and the speed with which it produces results. The Sedona Method is a vastly accelerated way of letting go of feelings like anger, frustration, jealousy, anxiety, stress, and fear, as well as many other problems, even physical pain with which almost everybody struggles at one time or another."
--Jack Canfield, Co-Creator of the#1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul

"In The Sedona Method, Hale Dwoskin provides us with a practical, wise and proven formula for emotional and mental freedom to experience the joy and pleasure of simply being alive."
--John Gray, Ph.D., Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

"The Sedona Method is a unique program for making positive changes in your life. As you learn this simple process of releasing the underlying emotions that rob you of abundance and joy, your fear and anxiety will gently slip away. If you allow yourself to do the exercises in this program, you'll be shocked by how quickly your life changes!"
--Cheryl Richardson, New York Times best-selling author of Stand Up for Your Life and Take Time for Your Life

"The Sedona Method is an extremely powerful tool that will support you in finding inner balance and emotional freedom. The technique supports you in quickly shifting your state of consciousness from one of stress and resistance to one of relaxation and allowance. I highly recommend it."
--Debbie Ford, best-selling author of The Right Questions and The Secret of the Shadow

"The Sedona Method is a wonderful contribution to the field of self-acceptance and transformation. This is like an accessible, western form of Buddhist teachings that can free our hearts and minds from our self-made limitations and the old stories we tell ourselves."
--Lama Surya Das, author of Awakening The Buddha Within and Letting Go Of The Person You Used To Be

"This is a powerful and profound way of achieving immediate and lasting improvements and breakthroughs in your personal and business life. Incredibly effective!"
--Brian Tracy, Author of Deals

"Just as Kabbalah teaches us the basic spiritual laws of our existence, Hale Dwoskin looks far beyond the mere symptoms of emotional negativity to emotional freedom and mastery. If you want to fundamentally change your life for the better in the shortest possible time, start using the Sedona Method today."
--Yehuda Berg, Author of The 72 Names of God

"The Sedona Method is gentle, powerful and revolutionary in its effectiveness. You can use it to achieve your goals, to enjoy inner peace, to release unwanted feelings and to enjoy more harmony in your relationships. I recommend it highly to all my friends, students and colleagues. Do yourself a big favour and put it to work in your life."
--Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., author of Conscious Loving

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"Just Let Go!" by John R. Barker

I'd like to invite you to consider the investment in the past you've made both financially and in terms of time in your personal development.

I chose to become a professional seeker. I've invested years and thousands of dollars into seeking out the best way to help others get everything out of life they want. I love personal development, like Ted Williams loved talking about hitting a baseball. It feeds my soul; it's my passion.

And as such, I've tried every program I could get my hands on, gleaning what worked and what didn't, including everything from Anthony Robbins to 'A Course in Miracles'.

I set goals. I thought positive. I achieved results. And, I continued to seek. Why?

To be honest, I might still be trying to figure that question out but fortunately someone else discovered it for me.

Lester Levenson, developer of the Sedona Method, was a very successful man in material terms. And then his body broke down at the age of 42. Doctors gave him months to live if he rested in his bed.

But, Lester wasn't ready to give up. And so he began to look inside. How could someone so worldly successful, feel so unsuccessful, unhappy and ill?

What Lester discovered was the ultimate goal everyone seeks in life: happiness without sorrow. Some seek it through religion. Others seek it through material gain and worldly success. And, still others seek it through their addictions or other self-defeating habits.

You see, Lester discovered the key to happiness is letting go of what we think will make us happy in order to experience the power of NOW and in so doing we are more able to create what we really want in our life.

For example, imagine how you might feel if you were going to play bigger than you have ever played before. Do you feel a little nervous? A little anxious? A little fearful of failure?

Why is that? Is it a lack of positive thinking? Do you need to read another personal development book or need more training? Probably not.

The key is the feelings you have attached to the situation. And, the more you want something, the stronger the feelings. And sometimes, maybe even often times, those feelings are so strong that we do nothing. And then, we may even feel bad about ourselves for doing nothing, creating even more feelings.

Lester found the key is to be able to detach your ego and your feelings to a state of what he called "hoot-less-ness". When you can truly walk into that situation with a feeling of peace and calm regardless of outcome, you have achieved mastery over your mind. And, you are then free to create whatever you want.

Could you achieve mastery over your mind by thinking positive? Could you achieve mastery through using a technique such as NLP? Quite possibly, but these techniques have limitations - they are limited to one thought at time. And, only to those thoughts we are conscious of.

By learning to release your feelings using the Sedona Method, you will simultaneously 'undo' the years of accumulated thoughts - both conscious and subconscious - that you associate with the feeling. Far more powerful. Far more effective.

Remember when I said Lester only had months left to live? Well, Lester went on to live another amazing 42 years! During the remainder of his life - and since - his work has reached thousands of people world-wide, been proven effective by a Harvard University study, endorsed by the likes of Mark Victor Hansen, Deepak Chopra, Michael Gerber and many other notables of our time.

If you are ready to stop seeking and discover the simple yet powerful secrets Lester did, then take a look at the Sedona Method. The course comes with an unconditional money back guarantee and phone support to help you achieve the biggest breakthroughs of your life - whether they be lowering your stress level and improving your health, creating the relationships you've always dreamt of, or earning whatever you want to earn.

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Gains from the Sedona Method® Course

The following testimonials are just a sampling of some the reports received recently from people just like you who are already benefiting from the Sedona Method.

"One month after starting the Sedona Method, my income increased by 75%. I have gained great insights and freedom in the areas of anger and control, and have enjoyed tremendous times of releasing in the area of my health. As a verse from one song says: "This could be the start of something grand! Thank you so much!"
Carl A. Carlson, Woodbury, MN

"Released 13 lbs! Released old car and old truck! Gained new car! Released want for approval in many situations where I've asked for approval for years! Feel as if I'm moving into more freedom than I've ever experienced in my life after 57 years!"
WM, Las Vegas, NV

"I have been Releasing for a year and a half. Aside from having the best health of my life, an ability to love and be loved, and more money than I've ever earned or obtained in my life, I have found PEACE OF MIND. I live anxiety-free and have fun with a light heart and a clean mind. My problem-solving ability has improved to a degree never imagined, and I am enjoying my life more than ever."
Joe Dillon, Toronto, Canada

"After years of searching and seeking a spiritual path that made sense to me, I always came up empty-handed. The Sedona Method is the first path that actually showed me how simple it is to let go of everything that has kept me back in life. No other teaching showed me exactly how to do it. I'm so thankful for the life-changing tools I've been given for a happier, easier life."
Leandra Ginevra, San Pedro, CA

"I used to wake up in the middle of the night with my head spinning with thoughts about tomorrow's workday or fears, worry and guilt for what had happened or might happen. Since using the Sedona Method, that 'night talk' has lessened incredibly and when it does happen now, I can release and go back to sleep instead of staying awake."
Kathleen Bell, Oakley, IL

"The nagging tension and anxiety is beginning to lift - I'm calm, centered and peaceful! I am not struggling - what a joy. As a life-long student and personal development coach, I have done numerous courses, bought thousands of tapes and read hundreds of books. None, I can say without reservation, have been as powerful or as immediately applicable in my life. I'm relaxed, energetic and focused in preparation for speaking engagements - a huge win! What I love is that I can release in an instant - unlike meditation and other forms of mental/ spiritual practice. And the more I practice the Method, the more instantaneously I release. I even see the value of releasing on releasing! In listening to the Financial Freedom tape, I realized (big Aha!) that one cause of my tendency to overspend is a result of my programming around scarcity. In other words, if money is scarce, I'd better spend it now because it might not be there, or someone could take it away tomorrow. Now I have a tool for releasing the 'want' around money and truly be prosperous. Thank you!"
Betty Mahalik, Las Vegas, NV

"This is the best self-help method I have ever found! I originally ordered this method to help me control my angry outbursts. As a child I was very mentally abused. I became a counselor to help others who suffered the same as I, or worse. But despite my training and education, everything I tried always fell short. Since I've learned the Sedona Method, I have had many realizations about the reasons and feelings behind my destructive behaviors. It has given me the freedom I have always been searching for. I thank you. My family thanks you. I've finally found myself."
Donna B. Gisclair, Morgan City, LA

"The Sedona Method freed me from over 40 years of psychological pain that was the result of a severe case of anxiety disorder. Approximately 18 months after I began to use the tapes my paralyzing fears were completely extinguished! I did not believe this was possible. I am so grateful for the Sedona Method and wonderful life I am now able to enjoy."
Robert H. Duncanson, Los Angeles, CA

"One of my main goals is to let go of smoking. I have despaired - for decades - of ever being able to do this. For certain, I am smoking less without any effort at all. I was shocked a couple of days ago to realize I had spent the entire evening and never even thought about smoking. Today, another first: I did not leave my job during the lunch hour to drive somewhere and smoke. I stayed in the building, ate in the lunchroom, and did not feel deprived at all when I started working again without having smoked. I think there may be a lot of layers around this issue. What I can say is that for the first time since I started smoking (45 years ago!) it felt natural not to smoke. I am astonished. Thanks for being there, and finding me here."
ML, Carbondale, FL

"After spending a lifetime defining myself by my feelings, the Sedona Method has shown me another way. I feel that while some people 'stuffed' their feelings I allowed my feelings to exist but 'stuffed' my Self. I have spent a fortune of time and money on psychiatrists, psychologists, self-help books, medications, journal writing, etc., etc. Shortly after beginning the program I began to question if my anxiety, panic, depression, etc. might not just be habits instead of chemical imbalances and/or personal flaws. My therapist said, "maybe." I told him I wanted to be off my anti-depressant and see. I was very accustomed (a habit?) to a pill making me feel somewhat well. I am now nine months off my anti-depressant and related medications and am just beginning to get to know the person I am. After finishing the tapes and gradually incorporating releasing into my life I have recently reached a point where I wonder where I am - where have I gone? It is not that I feel lost but rather that I feel like a new person who has the ability to recreate and rediscover who I am. Rather than being apprehensive I have gained a certain courageousness, acceptance, and peace about this which is quite empowering. This new journey is exciting, challenging and sometimes a bit scary; but having the tool of releasing is like having a warm fuzzy in my pocket at all times. Thank you for your program and your dedication to sharing it with others."
JB, Crystal River, FL

"I started this course during a period of intense turmoil both in my business life and for the country; it was the end of August and beginning of September. In the past 22 months we had experienced 4 major setbacks to our business, the last being September 11th. My company's sales were off at an unprecedented level, 80% of normal. Our company has been around for 53 years and... well it wasn't looking pretty. I needed to make a lot of hard choices, emotionally charged choices, and still have the energy to develop and implement a recovery plan. Through the tools of the Method, there was a methodology for me to make the choices, to act and sleep at night. Moreover, each action became easier, clearer and more focused. The Method is fundamentally easy; with practice it seems to be a natural pattern to the thinking process. I'm looking forward to the Method being an unconscious, automatic process. Thank you. Business has turned around rather dramatically. We are not out of the woods completely, but we can see the rays of the sun."
MP, New York, NY

"After 15 years of self-improvement I have gained more desirable results in 6 months with the Method than all my 'wanting' has achieved in a decade! I have gone from very aggressive and impatient to a profound state of peace - I almost never lose my temper and when I do I just release and it dissipates. I found the courage to leave a company I hated. Over a two-month period, unexpected financial gains kept me 'afloat' until I was offered a job in a company I wanted to work for. And what is truly wonderful is that they came to me. I always understood the concept of 'oneness' with the universe but recently while I was releasing it became fully animated in my life. The realization is hard to explain - just knowing and feeling that everything is a part of me and I am a part of everything is an unbelievable experience."
Michael McGrath, Belfast N. Ireland

"I have taken other courses that left me feeling confused and threatened in some ways, but this course did more for me than any of the others. I became aware of how I was sabotaging my relationships. I shared the course with a very close friend who listened to the tapes and then took the 7-day intensive in Sedona. The growth I have experienced myself and the growth that I have witnessed in him has changed our lives. We continually get closer and help each other with this method. I cannot thank you enough for what this course has done for me."
Chari Paulson, Houston, TX

"Using the Sedona Method has already brought my awareness to a conscious level I had not experienced previously. As a minister, listening serves a major purpose in my relationships with the people who come for counseling. The Sedona Method has opened up a'non-invasive' way to ask questions and clarify issues. It then allows a way to let go without anyone having to sacrifice his/her self worth. I look forward to more and great use of the Method as my understanding, awareness and application of it grows. Thank you for bringing this method to the world at large."
Rev. Kim English, (Ashville Center of Religious Science), Ashville, NC

"With great gratitude I report that not only have my socks been knocked off by this course - they have landed in the next galaxy. WOW! After almost 30 years of eastern-style meditation and 6 years of working with beliefs (via Option Method, Ramana's self inquiry and Byron Katie's "Work") I feel like I dropped into the Sedona Method like a pumpkin seed into a compost heap. The growth has been phenomenal, profound and rapid. I am on cloud 9! I have had a life-long sensitivity to so many common foods that I have had to follow an extremely limited and difficult diet in order to remain modestly healthy. The Sedona Method for dealing with addictions has, in 5 days, erased the majority of the misery of having to restrict my food so severely. My energy level has doubled! I am sleeping half what I was before, and it is a calm, centered energy. I'm very productive during the day. This is just such a magnificent and splendidly produced course that no matter how much good I could say about it, it would not seem enough to capture the reality. Thanks so much! I am a really lucky person to have discovered this!"
Graduate, Libertyville, Iowa

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"Happiness Is Free and It's Easier than You Think"
By Lester Levenson & Hale Dwoskin

Happiness is FreeLester Levenson is the inspiration behind the Sedona Method course and Hale Dworkin is the author of and the voice on the audiocassettes. This book will make the perfect complement for the life-transforming Sedona program and will help you to achieve even more of what you want with greater ease and enthusiasm.

"Happiness is about remembering who you really are, and if you have forgotten, this book is an excellent reminder."
--Deepak Chopra, author of Grow Younger, Live Longer

"If the roots of all suffering are attachments to the external, the roots of true joy are found only within. This book maps the ways to a profound state of peace."
James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy

"Be happy, overcome disease and be set free with the brilliance and insights in this book."
Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Once in a human while, an individual comes along who has unlocked the secrets of happiness and opens the door for others to follow. Lester Levenson was such a one. Most compelling is that his life demonstrated the joy he found. Now it is available to all of us. Happiness Is Free offers rare and penetrating insight into the freedom we all long for. This book can take you home."
Alan Cohen, author of A Deep Breath of Life

"If you're ready to have a positive, life-improving experience, then read this book."
Debbie Ford, author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

"Happiness Is Free offers powerful guidance for freeing our unlimited Self, increasing our faith, and enjoying Spirit's bliss. With sage wisdom, inspirational case studies, and a wonderfully warm writing style, this book offers practical tools to access Divine guidance. Bravo!"
Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., author of Healing with the Angels, Divine Guidance, and The Lightworker's Way

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The following description that appears on the back cover of the book speaks for itself:

Happiness is free, yet most of us pay for it so dearly that we unnecessarily deny ourselves this freely available happiness almost completely. This book will show you how to easily liberate the happiness, peace and joy that is waiting to be discovered right within you. Each of the seven sessions in this book will inspire, cajole and assist you in rediscovering your true nature of unlimited happiness and joy. Every session has two components: practical exercises with suggestions on how to live happiness and truth in your daily life, and inspirational messages to naturally and gently draw you into resting as the happiness that you are now and have always been.

This book is designed as a seven-week home-study course on living a totally free life filled with love, joy, abundance, and unqualified happiness. It is a complete, truly interactive, experiential course.

In addition to seven sessions from Lester Levenson and Hale Dwoskin, this book contains:

Happiness Is Free, Book 1
208 pages covering all of the following topics and more:

  1. The Ultimate Goal - Learn how to live a life filled with the happiness that is free from sorrow.
  2. There Are No Problems - Learn simple and easy ways to let go of having and creating problems in your life.
  3. The Key to Spiritual Growth - Discover how to free yourself of the desires that keep you bound to misery.
  4. Happiness is Who You Are - Learn to uncover and live the happiness that is your basic nature.
  5. Square All With Love - Learn to turn all feelings into love and free your heart and life to fly.
  6. Realize the Truth of Who You Are - Drop the beliefs that prevent you from directly recognizing the truth of who you are.
  7. The Power of Love and Givingness - Unlock your heart and your pocketbook by putting these principles into practice.

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