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Passing Through Uncertain Times With Success

Would you like to assist the people in your self-help or healing group master the challenges they face?

Would you like to empower the people in your self-help or healing group with a top quality training in personal development?

Trans4mind Training is a proven, powerful, online personal development training supported by ICF registered life coaches via Skype. Our training will assist the people in your self-help or healing group to move through the challenging times in their life and come to a place of wisdom, inner peace, abundance and fulfillment.

Invite Trans4mind to attend your self-help or healing group Free of Charge and let us introduce your group to a practical way in which they can address their life challenges.

To discuss your group’s requirements - so that we can best know how to meet their needs - please complete the following inquiry form and we will be in touch with you, initially by telephone.

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(Note: at present we only serve groups in Dublin, Ireland)

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The purpose of your group...

Please check the challenges people in your self-help or healing group are facing:

  A1 - Find Your Healing Path
  A2 - Learn to Forgive
  A3 - Get over Guilt
  A4 - Overcome Jealousy and Envy
  A5 - Let go of Anger and Frustration
  A6 - Improve Your Self-Esteem
  A7 - Overcome Fear & Anxiety
  A8 - Overcome Bad Habits
  A9 - Coping with a Major Loss
  B1 - Achieve Success
  B2 - Be a Person of Integrity
  B3 - Reach Your Goals
  B4 - Express Yourself Creatively
  B5 - Find Your Life's Purpose
  B6 - Present Yourself Successfully
  B7 - Find Fulfillment at Work
  B8 - Work Well in a Team
  B9 - Be a Leader
  B10 - Master Money
  B11 - Empower Other People
  C1 - Have Meaningful Relationships
  C2 - Develop Social Skills
  C3 - Establish Healthy Boundaries
  C4 - Express Myself
  C5 - Ask Powerful Questions
  C6 - Learn to Listen
  C7 - Be Non-judgmental
  C8 - Resolve conflict
  C9 - Create Intimacy

Find out more...

Email Wallace and request a preliminary Skype meeting where you can put your questions in person.

For a brief summary of how Trans4mind Training works go to Introduction

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