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Trans4mind offers a large range of complimentary personal development resources for self-directed education and transformation of the whole person...
Articles, videos and audios by Trans4mind founders Peter Shepherd & Wallace Huey plus Trans4mind Coaches.
Imagine if the values of the heart could be brought into our families, communities and businesses... what kind of a world would this create?
Check out the range of Trans4mind publications for you to download immediately or read online, including Peter Shepherd's 'Transforming the Mind.'
Love is All You Need

A free meditation program to help you experience the state of unconditional love - key to lasting joy and fulfillment in your life.
A huge wealth of insight and wisdom is contained in these personal development articles by top authors. Plus Cultivate Life! offers Trans4mind's magazine issues from years past.

Here are our favorite quotes, distilling powerful wisdom into a few words that make a real difference to our perception and understanding. Plus all the key personal growth topics have quote collections, with commentary from Peter Shepherd.
We cannot put our feelings into words. Our partner speaks but we do not hear. We stare helplessly across an abyss of silence, or in frustration we hurl attacks which drive us further apart. Work on communication skills helps us to break through these sorts of impasse.
Life After Death
Do we live beyond this life? Frederick Myers recognized this as a critical question for all intelligent people and worked relentlessly to provide us with a solid proof of life after death. Plus we have a fascinating page describing Near-Death Experiences.
Positive Approach

This 30-lesson free online self-help course will help you become clearer about your own identity, what you want in life - your life vision - and how to manifest your full potential. You will learn how your beliefs shape your life experience and become aware of exactly how you are creating your reality. Available in text, audio and PDF download, and in several languages.

Understand what emotions are and where they come from - to be able to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power of emotions, appropriately channeled as a source of energy, creativity and influence - and how to clear and release emotions which have outstayed their welcome.
Begin your life afresh...

Based on the principles described in Peter Shepherd's book 'Transforming the Mind,' this course takes you much further to give you the tools to really turn your life around. You will learn important new skills, enabling you to look at the world with a more aware and open mind -- left brain and right brain working in harmony -- no longer suppressing your needs, wants and feelings. And so begin a new life of enhanced achievement and happiness.

The 'New Life Course' - freely available to download in PDF format - is designed to smoothly and gradiently develop mental resources that open up new ways of understanding. Discover how to make difficult decisions, think more objectively without negative feelings from the past, have a clear mind open to all your intuitive resources, manage stress and upsets in your life, improve your personal relationships, dramatically boost self-esteem - and live much more consciously.

"Some things have been real life-shifters for me and I now look at my life and my friends and everything that happens in a completely different way. It's all an exciting game of learning and I'm learning so much! I no longer worry about myself or what other people think, I just enjoy being me and I enjoy others being themselves!"
--H.R. (Michigan)


This is the most advanced approach to personal spiritual discovery and the enhancement of consciousness, applying the technique of ‘meta-programming’ ... meaning “to transcend or rise above one’s programming or conditioning of a lifetime and beyond.”

The course is delivered in PDF format over five Parts and is available for free. It includes an in-depth exploration of the belief systems which make up the various facets of your personality, and therefore determine your identity (and hidden conflicting identities) and corresponding life goals. The intuitive wisdom of the emotions is accessed using simple biofeedback equipment, providing a path to full realization of the Higher Self - the spiritual power of life, love and truth.

"In my view, The Insight Project is without doubt the safest, soundest and most powerful method of self-development available. After searching for countless years and unsuccessfully trying many different approaches, I've finally found my path. Peter's course has made possible for me to achieve in a few months what I thought would take a lifetime." --E. Espinar-Mick (USA)

It is necessary to use a GSR biofeedback monitor to do The Insight Project - to "open up" the subconscious and access inner knowing. We recomend the InnerTrac™ Emotional Response Indicator.

Watch our selection of over 400 personal development videos by top experts, offering insights about mind, body and spirit. Covering a wide range of topics, each has something valuable to teach us.
Know Your Own Mind
This in-depth personality questionnaire will help you know yourself better. Covering the areas of Introversion-Extraversion, Emotional Stability, Determinism, Sexuality and Social & Political Attitudes, it will help you to see yourself - your mental, emotional and behavioral strengths and weaknesses - more objectively.
Peter Shepherd

Trans4mind Podcast

Inspiring quotes and commentary about key personal development topics are featured in our free audio Podcast, produced by Peter Shepherd.
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And more resources...

Danya Basu teaches a form of meditation that empowers your thoughts, stimulates analytical thinking, magnifies and expresses dormant capabilities, and attracts all necessary resources. This section of Trans4mind India features her book, White Light Meditation alongside Danya's services: Spiritual Counseling and Numerology Solutions, her Articles and Healing Chants videos, and more.
Nutritional information

The medicine of the future will no longer be remedial, it will be preventive; based on the optimum nutrition for health. Information and articles clearly explain healthy nutrition.
What Does it Take to Be Happy?

Feeling good is not just a luxury, it is a vital necessity for good health and long life. This page tells you how.
New Energies

Ascension, at this time in human history, means moving from a very material, survival-oriented struggle through life to a new and expanded consciousness where the world will appear as different as night from day.

On our sister site, this free introductory course presents the foundation skills necessary for mind development. Learn how to study with maximum comprehension, recall and ability to apply what you have learned effectively.
Heart to Heart Coaching

Read our previous coaching Q&As on the issues that you have told us are the ones that matter most... the life challenges that are the basis of our Trans4mind Training.
Self-Directed Learning

Our future depends on adults participating in self-directed ongoing learning to fill the gaps in their own education, and passing their knowledge on to their children from the earliest age possible.
Here's a fantastic resource for self-education...

The World of Inspiration eLibrary

World of Inspiration
A treasure trove of personal development wisdom

This is an astonishing resource with thousands of quality personal development ebooks, audios, websites and full-length books - many made specially available just for this library. Plus psychology, philosophy, esoteric, you name it. Everyone who knows this resource is amazed at the breadth and depth of content.

Step inside. Just like a real library, there are hundreds of quality eBooks presented on three "floors" and in different "rooms"...

Enter the World of Inspiration eLibrary

"The collection is everything which you promised. And more! A superb contribution to the good of the world. Many thanks indeed." ~ R.P. (Georgia, USA)
"Just a short note of thanks for the library. This is perhaps the most interesting compilation I have yet seen. The browser linked structure works well and makes it easy to manage such a large storehouse of information. It is rarely that I find something I like as much as this or that I feel strongly enough to write a note like this." ~ P.W. (Minnesota, USA)
This is a place where you can unwind, relax and be inspired! Poetry, music and pictures - a place where you can let the cares of the day melt away and you can receive fresh insight and understanding on the issues that you, the reader, have told us matter most. The Meditation Room speaks directly to your Heart and Soul.
The series of short Inspiration for Your Soul poetic meditations is written to nurture enlightenment in anyone who is going through one of the life challenges illustrated in our Heart to Heart Coaching service. They are written by Wallace Huey and illustrated with images and music produced by Peter Shepherd.
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"If he is indeed wise, the teacher does not bid you enter the house of wisdom, but rather he leads you to the threshold of your own mind."
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