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Exercise 3: To Receive an Answer to Your Question

We are going to practice this in the context of a common situation in which you need to repeat your question in order to assert your right to a proper answer. The situation is returning a faulty clock to the shop where you bought it, and dealing with the shop assistant who may be helpful or may try to avoid his responsibilities in this matter.

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Student: I am returning this faulty clock. Can I please have my money back?
Coach: Come back another day, please Madam.
Student: That is not necessary as I am here now. Please return my payment as the clock is faulty.
Coach: I'll check the product then Madam.
Student: Thank you.

The emphasis is on getting the point across, not being fobbed off but obtaining a valid response to your question, whilst maintaining politeness and a positive tone. Practice with other situations in which you need to get your point across or obtain an appropriate answer to your question. The Coach makes sure the elements of attention, intention, duplication and acknowledgement are in place, to form a complete cycle of communication.

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