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Communication & Relationships Course

By Peter Shepherd

“Communication is the solvent of all problems; therefore, communication skills are the foundation for personal development.” ~ Peter Shepherd


Why do this course?
Exercise 1 - To Be & Accept That Which IS
Exercise 2 - With Provocation
Exercise 3 - To Receive an Answer to Your Question
Exercise 4 - Ask Closed & Open Questions
Exercise 5 - Questions & Answers
Two Keys
Exercise 6 - Sentence Completions
Help for Communication Issues
The Self-Defeating Should
Improving Communication Skills in Relationships
Help for Relationship Issues
Communication in Sexual Relationships
Communication in Sales
Exercise 7 - A New Way of Being
Exercise 8 - The Witness
Exercise 9 - The Movies

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Why do this course?

Your relationships with other people have a great impact upon every aspect of your life. The essence of relationships is communication; and yet, even between people who care deeply for each other, communication sometimes becomes blocked. We cannot put our feelings into words. Our partner speaks but we do not hear. We stare helplessly across an abyss of silence, or in frustration we hurl attacks that drive us further apart. Work on communication skills helps us to break through these sorts of impasse.

Poor communication skills can damage all your relationships. This can affect your performance at work, your self-confidence and your physical health.

Misunderstandings and lack of communication are the basis for problems between people. For example, when a couple are unable to effectively discuss their feelings and ideas together, their relationship - including their sexual relations - may eventually break down. Furthermore, if you are experiencing problems in your relationship and because of a lack of communication skills you inappropriately attempt to share your feelings, you may experience even more rejection, hurt, and misunderstanding. This may result in your avoiding intimate communication and putting up emotional walls.

Fortunately, you can learn many helpful skills which will allow you to communicate more productively and also to be more effective at work and in all those situations in everyday life where better communication can make the difference.

Imagine how your life would be different if you were to gain these skills! If you could effectively assert your rights, yet without aggression. If you could present information in the best way to enable others to be influenced by what you say. Can you imagine what effect this would have on your self-confidence and self-esteem! Many issues at work and at home could simply disappear! Imagine what it would be like to be an excellent communicator! Not being flash or overbearing but never hesitating in communicating your wants and opinions appropriately... and being a good listener too.

You CAN become a great communicator!

The essence of this course is developing your interpersonal communication skills through actual practicing and training, so that these skills become automatic and are at your finger tips just when you want them, rather than just in your mind.

The skills you will learn are based on tried and tested methods. You may even know some of them. But knowing is not enough. You need to develop these skills through practice and training. Few can just read a book and apply its teachings - even when these teachings are excellent. You need the opportunity to practice in a safe environment

To do this course you will need a like-minded partner and a day or weekend when you can work together intensively. You'll learn a lot about each other and about yourself!

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Hypnosis Downloads for Relationship Issues...

Fear of Commitment
Making a decision that will have an impact on the future - whether short-term or long-term - sometimes feels hard to do. But it is only by committing to a course of action that life progresses and we are able to make the most of opportunities that come our way. The Fear of Commitment download will help you make decisions - including those concerning your relationships - more easily, without the anxiety that used to stop you committing fully. Click here for more information...

Put the Spark Back Into Relationship
After a while the excitement and freshness can leave a relationship. Familiarity and the pressures of life can get in the way of the love you used to feel for one another. The 'Putting the Spark Back' download will help remind your unconscious mind of the excitement you used to feel. When you, or you and your partner use the session, those original feelings can come back powerfully, returning the fun and excitement and reminding you of why the two of you felt so attracted to one another in the first place. Click here for more information...

Get Over a Relationship
It can be difficult to stop thinking about your ex-partner, and the feelings of sadness and loss can be hard to deal with. This is of course natural for a time, but if you feel it has gone on for long enough, Getting Over a Relationship can help you calm those feelings down. The session will help you 'update' your unconscious mind so that you feel more like moving on. Click here for more information...

Overcoming Jealousy
Whether you are the jealous partner, or are on the receiving end, jealousy can devastate a relationship. 'Dealing with Jealousy' will help you get control back over the workings of your imagination so it stops feeding you images of the worst happening. Your partner will be astounded, (and probably overjoyed!) at the new relaxed, realistic you. Click here for more information...

Be More Independent
In any loving relationship, it is easy to become overly dependent on our partner; to the extent that their needs always override our own. In the short term, this can feel loving and often occurs in the early stages of a relationship; but if you become too 'absorbed' in your partner, the relationship and your own life inevitably suffer. Developing independence will help you strike that fine balance that allows true independence to improve relationships and strengthen the bonds between you. Click here for more information...

Banish Relationship Insecurity
Insecurity in relationships happens to everyone at some time, but when it is a constant visitor, life can become pretty difficult. Nagging thoughts about the other person, jealousy perhaps, pessimism about your long-term prospects with your partner - all these are common side effects. Download Banish Relationship Insecurity now and experience freedom from those old negative thoughts. Click here for more information...

Approaching Women
Many times you talk to other people without even thinking about it. If you are chatting to a member of your family, or a good friend, you are not worrying about 'sounding cool', or 'being funny'; you are simply talking! Using hypnosis, you can take this ability and transfer it to the 'chatting up women' situation. It's not like you need to learn something completely new; you just need access to your ability in that situation. That's why Approach Women with Confidence will quickly help you talk to women and feel confident. Click here for more information...

Meeting New People
When meeting new people you want to be yourself, but nerves get in the way. 'Being yourself' is a nice idea, but when you get anxious, it makes it extremely difficult. You become more self conscious and thinking about the other person becomes harder. Hypnosis can keep you calm and outwardly focused when meeting new people, which gives you the freedom to act normally and truly be yourself. Click here for more information...

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