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Inner Truth
"We are made by love, we are made of love, and we are made for love..."

This page presents powerful tools, developed by Peter Shepherd, to help you find the truth of your situation. You may feel stressed, or confused, there may be a lot going on and choices to make that seem a bit overwhelming. Or you may simply need time with yourself, to decide what it is you really want... and just who you are, really?

We each of us need this personal time. I recommend you create your own private Personal Journal. This is a reflection of you, by you; it’s a lens with which to view yourself objectively, evaluate your past, be more aware of your present, and make better choices for the future.

If you are looking for some journaling topics, think about reflecting on events that happened during your day or decisions you might have to make shortly. Reflect on how you might feel about something or perhaps bring up a fear you might have. The idea is to explore YOU and what you have going on inside.

Don’t judge what you write, challenge yourself to be open and put it all out there! There is no wrong answer when it comes to what you can journal about.

It's a bit like having a private conversation with yourself through writing. So you take a moment to reflect and move forward on your own terms from a place of wisdom and clarity.

Your Personal Journal is a means by which to express yourself privately, to view yourself objectively, to reflect on and evaluate your past, to be more mindful and aware in the present, to make better choices for the future, ready to move forward on your own terms.

Know Thyself. We must each discover ourselves; no one else can do this for us. The more we know and express our authentic self, the more meaning, joy and fulfillment we have in our life.


In your notes you can describe things that have happened recently, how you feel about them, what amused you, what still leaves you with fears and worries, what hopes have arisen for you. Note targets you have set in your daily life; concrete steps you have decided to take based on insights you have had; new ideas or principles you have learned; new resolutions, intentions, to-dos, dreams and desires. What if you could have just what you want and wish for... what would it look like, what would it feel like? 

Note what happens when you try to implement new ways of doing things, new behaviors based on what you have learned from past experience or from new insights you have had. To create a new, more positive habit, you need to implement this new behavior over and over again for a significant period of time, not just once or twice.

Sometimes we need silence, to cease our train of thoughts and be in a quiet place. Then we can get in touch with our real self. Our inner knowing is expressed through intuition, and that's with feelings and images, which the mind then puts into words if we give it the opportunity to do so. In the silence of your inner space you hear the truth and know the solutions.

You can use the following text box as a temporary place to start noting down your thoughts, memories, problems, feelings and dreams...

Later you can transfer this text to your computer, phone or notebook, and if you wish, continue to build up a personal journal on a regular basis.

Inner Knowing

Our inner knowing includes conscience, our sense of right and wrong, which is based on our inherent loving nature, the true self. The intellectual mind often has other ideas, so it's best to silence that mind when looking for inner guidance, to simply be with yourself and just know.

Marianne Williamson said, “When love is our guiding light, we can break through barriers to be of loving service to the world. Gaining the courage and confidence to stand up for what you believe in is not always easy, but it’s fully within your reach.”

We truly need to know our deeper heartfelt selves, to find our inner loving core. It is for each person to discover their own version of truth and to recognize the universal values it contains. The measure of that truth is alignment with the values of loving service.

Whenever you have doubts as to where the truth lies, you have the following tools to help you...


Sometimes you will be confused... What to do next? What have I done wrong? What is the real truth here? What is my own authentic truth? You do best to turn to your inner guidance. You could read my article about this, The Path of Love.

Your heartfelt feelings, intuition, knowledge, reason, ideas, inspiration, received guidance, understanding, and what you learn or are told … of these, what is actually True or False? Your inner guidance will answer that question. The following lists are to help you along the way…


Firstly, clarify what it is that you are feeling in broad terms. Note it down. It may be one of the following or something a bit different. Click on FEELINGS to see some choices...

Describe a bit more how you feel overall at this time...

Now, understand better where this feeling comes from, in terms of fears that may underlie the way you feel...


Fears are greatly influenced by our animal instincts for a fight or flight response in survival threatening situations. It's a real feeling but one we may become trapped by; it doesn't reflect our true peaceful, loving and compassionate nature, our more conscious self.

Which kind of FEAR are you feeling?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • From where/when/who/why/how/what did this fear, or fearful behavior, derive?
  • Is the source an authority you've accepted, an imposition or conditioning, based on someone else's view?
  • Is it an intolerance, something you're resisting or something you feel you cannot accept?
  • Is it an enforcement - a should, a can’t, a must, a have to - in order to please others, to meet expectations, or to conform?
  • Is it based on a generalization (like always or never), an exaggeration, or an overly negative or pessimistic outlook?

If one or more of these are relevant to the way you feel, or appropriate to your situation... 

  • recognize and acknowledge the feeling;
  • accept and fully experience the feeling, and stay with it until it completely goes;
  • describe how that feels now in your journal notes.

Make notes of your answers to these questions...

And then, understand better where this feeling comes from, in terms of more positive, heart-felt feelings...


Which kind of LOVE are you experiencing?

If one or more of these are relevant to the way you feel, or appropriate to your situation, recognize, acknowledge and express this loving feeling and the truth it embodies. Describe how this feels in your journal notes.

Make notes about what you are starting to understand more deeply through the light of love...

The answer to your doubts or questions is best found within you. Your truth will always be based on your essential loving nature. This is your inner guidance. The answer you seek will be empowering and lead you to peace.


To help with your journaling, ask yourself these questions:

What am I excited about?
What am I afraid of?
What do I want to understand better?
What have I been struggling with?
What am I concerned about?
What am I stressed about?
What have I put off doing?
To relax, what would I like to do?
Is there something I feel I should do, not what I really want to do?
What do I feel physically?
What do I feel emotionally?
What do I feel mentally?
What do I feel spiritually?
Is there a secret I’ve never shared with anyone?
What dream did I have that was meaningful for me?
What is my deepest fear?
What have I realized recently?
What do I understand better now?
What new ideas have I had?
Which people and things have brightened my day?
What have I always wanted to say?
What could I do to brighten someone's day?
What compassion do I feel?
What ideas do I have for a better tomorrow?
What matters most to me today?
Right now, what am I most grateful for?
What can I learn from my situation?
[If you can answer this question, well done, you’ve arrived, you’ve learned this life lesson.]

Once you have asked a question, answers will arrive but they can be subtle and indirect. The key is to be aware: to watch and listen, to express your feelings, and be open to new possibilities.

Make some further notes here too, if you like, and then collect all your notes together in your Personal Journal...


This is a surprisingly powerful journaling tool that was introduced to me by Orsolya Riszt, an excellent life coach and good friend of mine. She says...

“It’s an excellent, simple and easy way of not only letting go but flipping disturbing emotions. All you do is write out all the thoughts in your head and in time your emotions will soften. The trick is just keep going! Keep writing until the problem completely resolves and you’ll even find a solution or an insight on the paper in front of you!!!
    “It worked wonders for me. One time, I remember moving from deep anger to smiling with a surprising new approach that was so simple!
    “Of course you will not have time to write down everything, as your thoughts are quicker than your hand... so just leave words and sentences unfinished and don't let your mind focus on grammar, spelling or anything.”
    “So don't think and you will be surprised at what emerges, both negative and positive!”

Start writing below, don't “think,” just write down the ideas, images and feelings that emerge from your unconscious. And whatever comes up, just keep going...


The Release Technique is a valuable tool in our mindful toolbox. It helps you to be fully present in the now rather than a lot of your energy being used subconsciously to resist the past. This is a summary of the procedure:

Awakening of the Human Being

Rose Henry interviews Peter Shepherd about the book, Transforming the Mind

Life is all about the decisions we make, good or bad. We can't go wrong with love as our guide, however sometimes we'll forget or be distracted or veer from that path and make inappropriate decisions. But all is not lost, it never is. These are the times we can learn from and then return to our true selves, our true nature. Read more...


You’ll find it empowering to say these affirmations with conviction each day…

See yourself from the inside out and guide yourself to transform your personal life, your relationships and family life, your career, and your community.


The values we hold determine why we do what we do and with what order of priority. Moral, religious, and personal values, when held rigidly, may give rise to conflicts as differing world view clash - or they may encourage group cohesion.

Trans4mind's motto: “Minds, like parachutes, function better when open.”

It is for each person to discover their own version of truth and to recognize the universal values it contains.

Which of the following values rings a bell for you?
What's true for you, aligned with your love and intuitive inner knowing?
What's not true for you, aligned with personal fears and cultural conformity?
What else do you value highly in your life and the world around you?

Make notes of your insights here...

Remember to collect all your notes together in your Personal Journal

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Whatever anyone else says or misguidedly thinks, each one of us is simply amazing and so, so special! So bearing that in mind...

Read these list to yourself out loud and frequently :-)


Life is always changing, growing and evolving. This means everyone experiences transitions in their life. And in modern life, change and growth are happening more quickly, and are often forced upon us, so that each of us will face many transitions in the course of a lifetime. Each one is likely to take us out of our ‘safe space’ and challenge us in new ways.

On this page - The Ins and Outs of Life Transitions - you'll find some common transitions that you are likely to experience in your journey through life... Which ones apply to you today? Which ones are you avoiding or afraid of? Which are you looking forward to?

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