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heart made visible
Making the Human Heart Visible
open to a discovery
Only Revolution
love is...
Only Revolution
Technological improvements, no matter how advanced, will not on their own solve the many problems of the 21st Century. Human wisdom and understanding, softened with love, is the only advancement that will secure the future of our planet. Without this, technical advances, instead of saving the day, will only sow ever greater disharmony and destruction, because these advanced technologies will be increasingly used to enslave and control rather than to free and enlighten.
creativity quote
It is our values, conscious or subconscious, that reach out ahead of us and draw people and resources to us. So the starting point for everyone, is to ask what values they want their life to express. To really make a meaningful difference hold the values of love and service uppermost and express them in your life while addressing one of the many urgent problems that need addressed in your world.
creativity quote
Today the challenge for all of us lies not in outer space, but in the inner space of our own awareness. As we explore this inner space through well designed personal development training and coaching we first become aware of, then throw off conditioned ways of thinking, feeling and relating inherited from our family of origin and from early childhood experiences. We then come into connection with ourselves, the person behind all this conditioning and express it in our life, reaping many personal rewards like certainty, peace and abundance as we do so.
whatever you dream quote
At Trans4mind we are more interested in creative action as distinct from creative thinking. Creative thinking about a subject can continue for months or even years and have little or no effect. However creative action by its very nature brings about change. And a life where everything is changing, growing and evolving is a colorful happy and challenging life, that brings out the best in both us and those around us.
welcome all ideas quote
Ideas are precious. It always amazes me how quickly many people are to dismiss a new idea. An idea is like a seed that has the potential to germinate. But the seed needs to be planted in fertile soil and carefully watered and nurtured for it to grow. And as any gardener will tell you, many seeds are needed in a garden and that they all need to be watered and cared for, because the gardener knows that some seeds will flourish and some will not and that there is no way of knowing in advance which will be which. So welcome all ideas and help them to flourish. That’s why our motto here at Trans4mind is, “Mind’s like parachutes function better when open.”
when there's nothing quote
There is a type of creativity, well known to creative minds, where the ideas flow in one continuous stream. In its perfected form there are no stoppages, no hesitations and no mistakes. Such massive creative self expression becomes possible, when the person’s whole mind and heart is filled with light. When such light is kept blazing for an extended period then what is normally termed “A work of Genius” is created.
dogmatic quote
Freeing ourselves from fixed and rigid positions and beliefs, allows us to navigate the many uplifts and downdrafts of life. By being flexible, and yet stubborn when appropriate, we can soar with freedom and grace, using blue sky creative responses that are a result of our higher vision and enhanced discernment.
way-around quote
Sometimes when we meet an obstacle, we focus on where we are blocked, rather than where there is an opening. When we do this the obstacle can assume gigantic proportions as it occupies our entire awareness. However by pulling back and broadening the field of our perception, we become aware of other possibilities we either had not seen or had not considered. The flow of a stream is the perfect metaphor for this as flowing water is never blocked or stuck. So see your life like a stream, and learn to flow around obstacles by accepting blockages and finding a way around them. If you are experiencing a blockage don’t focus on the block, instead let go by going for a walk, or running a hot bath, and luxuriate in opening your awareness to a wider field of new possibility. Ways around the blockage will then come into view. Then step into that opening by taking action.
leadership quote
I believe the great leader draws everything he needs to him or herself, through the power inherent in his huge capacity to serve. When a great leader exudes that capacity he/she does not need anything else. That’s the power of service, when intelligently and persistently applied over many years.
to form an inspiring idea quote
An idea, especially a truly great idea, has to be woven and formed. The means for its formation is a never ending string of inner guidance, which runs as a continuous thread from a limitless source of inspiration.
be like the sunflower quote
Every day the sun streams down from the sky and shines it’s light. It does not ask anything in return. The sun simply gives its never ending stream of light and energy to all of life on Earth. So too God offers, without seeking anything in return, His never ending stream of spiritual light and energy to all life including those people with open hearts.
On Earth life happens because of the physical light of the sun and the spiritual light of the Creator. Both are needed. Everyone knows they cannot blossom without the energy of the sun. But only a small number know they also need the energy of the Creator. And those who have open hearts, effortlessly co-create with the Divine. See if you can spot them - they are the ones who grow more radiant with each advancing year.
the mountain is rigid quote
We like to imagine that strength is in the hard, the invulnerable and the rigid. This, we believe, is a sign of power and admirable qualities in a leader. But is this true? If we look around us at nature, we see everywhere the soft and the flexible, overcoming the hard and the rigid. There is nothing more soft and flexible than plant life and water, yet these two wear down the biggest mountains. The soft and the vulnerable are stronger and more powerful than the hard and rigid. Which of these qualities do you draw on to express your own personal power?
don't seek security quote
All through our formal education we are taught to value the known. To not know is seen as weakness and ignorance. But not knowing is in fact the highest form of intelligence, because it opens the way for us to learn from the circumstances in which we find ourselves! This empowers us to develop the pattern of act, reflect, adapt, which in turn empowers us to set out on an adventurous path with confidence. It is the cultivation of these skills that are our only real source of security, for in a fast changing world they provide us with solid ground on which we can walk.
leap into the unnown quote
Many of us are familiar with the term, “A leap of faith”, but what does this mean? Faith is different from belief because faith is a profound knowing that stems from being in action in the world. And not just any action. Creative action, that special quality of action that empowers us to see in the dark, to leap forward and to land on solid ground. Through the cultivation of such faith we can literally “go where no man has gone before” and know with out a shadow of doubt what the future holds, because we are a participant in its creation. That is the power of faith.
don't think quote
Envision, express, act. That is the law of human creativity. When people put the cart before the horse, by saying they will only believe what they can see in advance, this is the mindset of the bureaucrat. Now bureaucrats are needed of course, to authorize, to pass judgment and to regulate, but do not expect to create anything original by these means.
more love quote
For the entire existence of the Earth, it has been governed by unconscious natural laws. Then women and men evolved and today we are the predominant species. There is scarcely a corner of this world that has not been changed by our living here. And as we all know, many of these changes are destroying the planet. The solution is very simple, for women and men to learn to love one another more deeply.
Marriage, relationships and the family are where we all learn about love most intensely. And if indeed we do learn, then this love is disseminated through all the other areas of our life, including our working life. This love leads to wiser more wholesome actions. These are the loving actions that will heal the oceans and the land. Then the world will be governed by conscious actions and as humans we will have risen to our rightful status as co-creators with nature and with the Divine.
simplicity quote
Nature is the ultimate teacher. By studying nature and how it works we can discern the most beneficial ways to live for both humanity as a whole and for each of us in our individual lives. For an example of this see Why water is the Elixir of Life.
creativity quote
The words Creator and Creativity are very close. By practicing and expanding our creative skills and areas of endeavour, we discover the authentic super powerful person who can work in ways not usually understood, with an unseen spiritual force that lies behind all the affairs of nature and of humanity. We discover as we do this that the main beneficiary is ourselves and that we are profoundly healed in the process.
spiritual power quote
By utilizing our physical power we display physical beauty and do many great things. By utilizing our mental power we can climb higher in both our beauty and capability. However by learning to utilize our spiritual power, we radiate spiritual beauty and have no limit to the great things we can achieve. Even a person who is physically disabled from the neck down, can have radiant spiritual beauty along with limitless capabilities once he learns to harness his spiritual powers.
do today quote
By living in this moment, here, today, now, we are profoundly connected to the world as it is. The world as it was can teach us but it must not define us. The world as it could be can inspire us but must not limit us. We exist at all time in the present, even when reflecting on the past and planning the future.
man-woman quote
Harmony is a result of balance. Many people think that harmony is an absence of tension. Think for a moment of your favorite piece of music. Is it free of tension? Harmony exists when opposites are held together in a dynamic state of balance. When all is held in balance, we are free to enjoy the pluses and the minuses, the highs and the lows, the loud and the soft - the husband and the wife! We experience these on the surface, but within all is silent at that point of perfect balance.
cooperation quote
Gandhi was once asked what he thought of western civilization? He replied that he thought it would be a good idea! One of the greatest imbalances in our society, which has now spread across the whole world, is an over emphasis on competition and an underemphasis on cooperation - how, to the discerning eye, things operate together for the common good. By emphasizing cooperation over competition we align with natural laws and create miracles that heal the Earth.
spark quote
To touch another is to create. Think of the time you were touched by someone’s act of kindness. Did you draw closer to that person? Did you experience love? The Earth is a giant factory wherein people create more and more love. This love, borne of the power of creative relationships, in schools, businesses and homes, will eventually extinguish the darkness.
light of truth quote
We are living in an age of ever increasing light. Some think the world is descending into chaos - but this not happening. Imagine if you were to visit an unused warehouse at night and you only turned on one light, you would see very little amiss. But as you turned on more and more lights you would see the dirt, dust and cobwebs everywhere. This is what is happening to the world today. As the light intensifies the filth becomes more visible. Then we are more motivated to set to and clean it up!
creativity quote
The foundation of our life are the values we hold and that we commit to bringing into the world through our friendships, families and projects. The higher the values, the broader the vision that will be given to us. Once we have been given a clear vision then everything else follows, the desire to create, the focus for our work and a commitment to action. It is at that point that the Great Spirit behind all the affairs of nature and Man begins to work through us bringing us all manner of unforeseen assistance and meetings, exactly what we need and precisely on time.
among the stars quote
There is a big difference between feeling lonely and feeling alone. In our solitude we experience the beauty, the power and the love of the Divine. We enter this world alone and alone we depart. There is great power and presence in aloneness. In our solitude we are never lonely for we are imbued with the presence of God.
creativity quote
All great creatives can see form within the void. Look around. Everything you see that makes up our civilisation, was created to fulfill a need. So the void is not empty. The building that now exists may not have existed three years ago. The site may have been an empty field. But the needs that gave rise to that building were in existence three years ago. And it is those needs, present as pure potential, in the void that was the empty field, were "seen" and used to form the building that was created three years later. And so it is for everything created by our civilisation. It is all a labour of love, to meet and cater for the manyfold human needs. And it is people with the eyes of spirit who can see these invisible needs present in the void and who act with courage to use the power of these needs to form, create and finance each element of civilisation for the betterment of society.
growth quote
By creating something wonderful, that the world needs NOW, and then by helping it to grow, it is inevitable that we will attract success and abundance.
lotus quote
Many people wonder how they can be blessed in their life? The secret is to open to the light that shines within. As we open our heart to love ❤️ and express love toward others, we discover that we too are blessed by our own generosity! As my old friend Mike Costigan often reminds me, “It’s impossible to swim in the river of our love and not be soaked.”
beauty quote
To experience beauty is not a luxury. Our Spirit is nurtured and exults in beauty. Why do we pay for these beautiful experiences? Because in such beauty we recognize the hand of the Divine. As people we can do what nature can - create original works of great beauty. But for this to happen the hand, ear and eye of the creator must be informed by a power that is not of this world. The person must be inspired! So that when we experience great beauty the Spirit in us is awakened and when we create great beauty it is because we ourselves are awakened.
purpose quote
Do not worry about how or why you will be looked after. Concern yourself with serving a purpose. If that purpose is your life purpose than that is a magnificent combination, for it leads not only to your ability to thrive, but also to your own spiritual unfolding, your inner peace and your happiness.
humor quote
If the Entrepreneur's idea is a true expression of his life's purpose, he cannot let it go. For his idea has come from and is a true expression of his soul and the soul is an expression of spiritual power, not human will, which is paltry in comparison.
Community and Society
By throwing ourselves into society and offering ourselves in service we are able to dissolve the egoistic shell that has us believe we are in some way isolated and alone. This opens the door to sharing, teamwork and community - and a new happier and more fulfilling life.
Improving Self Esteem
We can only love another, if we can love ourselves. We cannot give, what we do not have ourselves.
EQ quote
When we react to another person, our emotions tend to be raw and destructive. However if we respond, and communicate from the heart, our emotions, transparently shared, reveal our humanity. The other person then "gets" us at an empathic level and such communication adds huge emotive power to our words.
Communication and relationships quote
When in relationship it is not at all necessary that we be in harmony at all times. The stresses and strains in relationship are growth pains, whose purpose is to have us learn a new perspective and to attain a higher understanding. That is why teams of people, if they are able to dance in their communications, will usually produce a higher quality outcome than one inspired person on their own. This movement away from and back to balance is the whole creative dynamic that creates the high quality outcome.
Motivation and Leadership
The twin skills of listening and self expression are in reality two poles or opposites. It's vital that we develop both and hold them in balance in all our communications, able to switch from one to the other as the occasion requires. If we manage to use these two skills in balance in this way it releases incredible creative power.
leadership quote
When a leader is a great leader, the people hardly know he exists. Although he may have started the work, he is delighted that others have joined him to carry it forward. As the project develops he becomes more and more invisible, because he has trained many others to be able to lead themselves. The work gets done easily and effortlessly, with a minimum of input from the great leader.
spiritual quote
The spiritual journey is, in essence, a continual process of freeing ourselves from the known. The known can only be temporary and partial. Our commitment must be to the infinity that is life. That's why, no matter how exalted our achievement, we must only hesitate in appreciation for what has been achieved for a short period and be prepared to step out once more into the unknown because that's where our personal growth is and where new discoveries are made.
spiritual quote
Einstein famously said that any problem could not be solved with the level of awareness that had created it. The problems in our life can act as stepping stones to higher and higher awareness. As each problem is mastered so our awareness grows. And each problem solved in this way gives rise to a new beginning and to our next adventure in living.
spiritual quote
Most young adults are somewhat self obsessed. It's all about them. But if we live well and learn from life, it gradually dawns on us that life is about serving others. This is the spiritual path - from less love to more love, to serving more and more people and serving them more and more effectively. This spiritual journey ends in a total life commitment to the welfare of the entire planet.
Happiness and Wellbeing quote
To chase after happiness is to miss it. The reason is because happiness is a direct outcome from being at peace and when we chase after something we are reacting to an inner desire for something to make us complete. Yet we are whole and complete as we are. All that's needed is to realize this and to settle into it. Then we enter the state of permanent happiness known as bliss.
Creativity quote
Some people consider creativity the domain of the visual arts and music, but creativity is actually a way of being authentically ourselves. This way of being can be brought into any field of human endeavor, including business. Where's the artist may work with a palate of colored paints, the creative business person can equally well create extraordinary things from his palate of people, technology and money.
Creativity quote
Everyone who has created anything of real value, has only done so because they have “stood on the shoulders of giants.” Every artistic achievement, every scientific discovery, was created because the creator was helped. And we need to be open to help not only from others but also from that source of creativity within, our source of inspiration.
Creativity quote
We come into the world alone, and we leave it alone. Everything in between exists through relationship. And it is through our relationships that we discover who we are. In our solitude, we are alone but not lonely - connected as we are to the world around us and to God within us. It is preferable to relate from a place of aloneness.
Creativity quote
We cannot make sense of the details of our life unless we are also looking far around and ahead. It says in the Bible, “Where there is no vision the people perish” (Proverbs 28.18). It is this inner need that prompts us to visit and fall in love with places where we feel on the edge. Where we can look into the far distance. Such places assist us to see and experience the limitless within ourselves. Then when the details of our life are understood as part of the infinite we are at peace.
Creativity quote
When we are open, when we are transparent, then life can flow. Then relationship becomes possible. The human heart opens like a book to others. Through such opening empathy, compassion and love arise quite naturally. Then, as we turn the pages, a subtle but pervasive energy emanates within and around our life’s unfolding story.
Creativity quote
As we tune into our heart, we discover, through an subtle inner listening, what is right and true for us. This is the Pilgrim’s Path. We need look no further for a Spiritual life. As we follow this inner journey a new dawn will fill our whole world with light!
go with flow quote
Change and flow is the nature of life and each of our lives need to be an example of this. Sometimes we can feel hemmed in and confused by the sheer complexity of our life, and loose our sense of direction. If we remain stuck in this lack of awareness nothing changes and we can feel lost and without any direction. However if we commit to taking action, and one action follows another, it really does not matter whether the action you took was correct or not, the action itself will reveal new possibilities and out of this a sense of direction will emerge. Even the most complex and confusing situations become clear provided we are taking action and following through on these actions. When we do this it is always surprising how a pathway through even the most fraught and complex situation opens up and we can make good progress. So just don’t sit back and wait to come up with the perfect action, simply commit to action, while remaining alert and aware, and the perfect pathway will open up all by itself.
Creativity quote
Within every relationship, is a still point. It’s the moment two lovers look into each other’s eyes and just “know”. It’s the point of total silence with each meditation. And it’s the limitless point within. A point has no dimensions. It can come in any size! We are given life to know this limitless point. People ask, what is the point of life? This is the point - the limitless point of existence. To know this point is to know God!
Creativity quote
As we travel the straight path of Truth, we become blinded by brilliance. The path to brilliance is both winding and straight. Just as a river finds the route to the ocean through a series of meanders, this is also the easiest and most effortless route. Eventually all rivers, through such meandering, are led straight to the ocean. As human being we are just the same. So to find the straight route to your brilliance, allow yourself to wander.
Creativity quote
Have you ever opened your heart to another in love? Maybe you had a fall out. Or maybe you felt differently. In whatever way you were momentarily separated once you opened to that person with love, unity was established. This movement from separation to connection through the opening of the heart is what creates the experience of release. Through your release you have added sparkle and delight to the world.
Creativity quote
Have you ever been with someone and knew exactly what they were feeling? There is something freeing about the company of people who are emotionally transparent. There is no second guessing - no clever argument. You know where they stand and they are standing right alongside you, even in the midst of difficulty. By learning to shine our light in this way and by being in the company of others who are doing the same, the creative energy of the whole world is uplifted.
Creativity quote
The greatest risk, is the risk we take to be ourselves. For in risking complete authenticity, we have to let go of all that is not who we are. Life then becomes like a tightrope, which stretches out before us. However risking being ourselves is unlike any other risk, because we are always protected. No matter how far the drop, our finely developed inner sense of balance keeps us safe.
Creativity quote
Many spend an entire lifetime searching for higher and higher poisons (not a spelling mistake!) of power and influence. However there is a much easier path and this is by focusing not outside and on your next promotion, but within on your next transformation. Through inner transformation the world of Spirit provides you with greater and greater influence. By walking the Spiritual Path eventually you get to have the whole world in the palm of your hand for safekeeping.
Creativity quote
In being creative we are following our intuition which will lead us here and there to this and that. Our intuition does not need a plan, but rather seeks to answer the needs inherent in the problem. To be like a happy carefree child is to allow ourselves the freedom to follow these gentle inner prompting, which do connect and make sense, but only at the end of the creative process, not at the beginning.
Personal development is the way forward...
If your life is unchanging, you have probably adjusted to a situation where you can meet the challenges of life... you can get by. You're safe, sort of. But when you want to move outside these boundaries in order to make the most of your potential and to make your dreams come true, your life challenges then tend to meet you with a bump. Or this might happen if you are forced to step outside your ‘safe space’ through a change in circumstances. Then you need to take responsibility, to advance your personal development.

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