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Each podcast is focused on some of the key challenges we all face in life, with inspiring quotes and commentary, to help you transform your life. Presented to you by the founder of
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Recent Podcasts
Love and Fear: the Dichotomy of Life
Much of the time, our choices are along the path of least resistance. What preserves our safety and comfort, the status quo. But if we want a better life than that, we can change what we choose. We can choose to stop compromising, to believe in ourselves and our values, to move forward with our lives guided by our own truth.
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Awakening of the Human Being
Today, I would like to introduce Rose Henry, an Irish lady who runs Intuitive Holistic Services, and has recently been reading my online book, Transforming the Mind. Rose requested that we get together to discuss the concepts and principles introduced within the book...
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Raise Your Vibration

Meeting the Pandemic Challenge
This podcast is about the world-wide pandemic and what we can do to meet and overcome this immense challenge that all of us are facing in our daily lives. The past few weeks have revealed the worst and the best in human responses to the coronavirus crisis – from the supermarket hoarders clearing the shelves to the neighbourhood groups organising help for elderly and vulnerable people. Thank God for all of those who both care and put that caring into action.
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Fashion & Conformity
I would suggest you don't simply conform to conventional ways of thinking, conventional ways of dressing, conventional ways of acting. You don't have to be like anyone else, and you don't have to be like anyone else wants you to be. Your individuality is sacred. To make the most of your life, express yourself without inhibition.
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Importance of Privacy
If we ignore small gradual erosions to privacy, especially in the name of convenience or safety, we risk a much larger overall loss that we aren’t aware of until it's too late. It could be said, if you’re doing nothing wrong, why should you worry about issues of privacy? However we each have personal and private lives that are nobody else’s business, especially as such information could be misused for profit or manipulation.
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Our Heart's Desire
Love always rules over fear because it reflects our true nature and power, and also attracts support from others and the universe. Best to live your life based on what you truly want; then, instead of conforming to the expectations of others or trying to impress them, you will be inspired and most likely achieve both success and happiness.
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Inspiring Quotes/Articles: Desire

Self-Directed Learning
There's so much that children need to know to live happy lives, which isn't taught at schools. Beyond reforming the educational system, our future depends on adults participating in self-directed ongoing learning to fill the gaps in their own education, and passing their knowledge on to their children from the earliest age possible.
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From Judgment to Awareness
About making judgements and where this can go wrong. Judging a person does not define who they are (for we really don't know), but it does question why we are so ready to make such assumptions - and what it is within us that we are projecting upon them.
Inspiring Quotes/Articles: Being Judgmental
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Two Ways of Knowing
In this podcast, I consider how to discover within ourselves what is true or false. How do we shine the light of insight? To become fully awakened we need to be more aware of all the influences that bear upon our daily state of consciousness.
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Your Inner Truth
This page presents a powerful range of journaling tools to help you find the truth of your situation. You may feel stressed, or confused, there may be a lot going on and choices to make that seem a bit overwhelming. Or you may simply need time with yourself, to decide what it is you really want... and just who you are, really?

Gratitude: The Key to Happiness
Gratitude is often overlooked or taken for granted. No big deal, just for birthdays. However, I feel that actually it is crucial. Indeed, it is the key to happiness.
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Inspiring Quotes/Articles: Gratitude
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Finding Peace
There’s no beauty that you could perceive or create if it weren’t already within you. Therefore to find peace you need to find yourself...
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Inspiring Quotes/Articles: Peace
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The Way Forward
The current years are felt by many to be a turning point in the consciousness of humanity. Make or break. The turn-around in consciousness - a spiritual awakening - will need to come from within us. It is a change that we can create - and this is the time.
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Miracles: Appreciating the Wonder of Life
Let's talk about miracles. That is, anything that's bloody amazing - not impossible because after all, it happened, it's here. If you don't believe in miracles, perhaps you've forgotten you are one! It's like the Chinese proverb: "The miracle is not to fly in the air or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth." We take so much for granted...
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Inspiring Quotes/Articles: Miracles

The Meaning of Blessing & Surrender
In order to attract more of the blessings that life has to offer, you must truly appreciate what you already have. Indeed, if you really want to feel rich, just count all the things you have that money cannot buy.
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Inspiring Quotes/Articles: BlessingsSurrender

Am I Introvert, Extrovert or Both?
In this podcast I examine the issues of introversion and extroversion. They are so often misunderstood or used judgmentally. It's funny how when you're loud, people tell you to be quiet, but when you're quiet, people ask you what's your problem! Fact is, both are useful ways of being, in the appropriate context. We need both.
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Inspiring Quotes/Articles: Introvert or Extrovert

How to Change Your Life
Here I talk about changes in your life, how to make them happen in such a way that things turn out well for you. Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. Change is a scary word because it means stepping outside the relatively safe or comfortable space we have managed to situate ourselves in. Socrates said that the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.
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Inspiring Quotes/Articles: Change Your Life

Loyalty & Inner Peace
The first topic is about staying true to a person, including behind their back. Loyalty is more than a word you pay lip-service too, it's a way of life. And then there's Inner Peace. Even in the midst of life's many storms, we have the capacity to stand in the center of our own peace. It's not always easy, but it's certainly possible.
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Karma and Ideals
In this podcast I discuss Karma, an Indian word but actually a universal principle that most religions and philosophies address. It is simply living with the consequences of our actions, and hopefully learning and moving forward as a consequence. And in the context of our Karma, as we live our life, each of us develop ideals: what we stand for. So let's look further at these two concepts: Karma and Ideals.
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Meaningful Relationships, Romance & Marriage
This podcast is about meaningful relationships, how we can turn such a connection into a romantic relationship, and how to further develop that into a successful marriage. And also, what can go wrong. Love is a paramount aspect of all our lives and so it's very important to get it right.
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This podcast is about Humility. Humility does not mean that you think less of yourself. It means you think of yourself less, as Ken Blanchard said. It's about keeping an open mind, to learn from others, your experience and your own inner knowing - not having to be right all the time. Not a bad principle to start implementing in your life on January 1st, if you haven't already.
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This podcast is about YOU - the unique magical being that is yourself, and come to that, the unique magical being that is each and every person. It's about moving to the point where we can sincerely show kindness and compassion to all people when we recognize them as divine and special beings, just like ourselves.
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Non-Resistance and Acceptance
Here we feature two complementary articles: The Other Side of the Coin by Peter Shepherd about two ways you can look at the world around you; and The Path of Non-Resistance by Wallace Huey, about the difference between the inevitable pains of life and the suffering that tends to be self-imposed.
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Read Inspiring Quotes/Articles:   Non-Resistance

The Value of Loving Service
Serving others in a loving way can actually transform our own lives. In serving others we discover our essence, our truth, our love. To be of loving service we draw on our conscience, our religion and our values.
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Shine Your Light
This podcast is about shining your light, the light of the love in your heart, and how that applies to the attitudes we adopt in our everyday living experience. Love is our spiritual source, it’s our essential nature, and it is our purpose to express it in loving service.
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Read Inspiring Quotes/Articles:   Light of LoveAttitude

The Holistic Approach to Personal Wellbeing
Health is more than diet and exercise... How you live, what you think, your attitude and how you respond to stress are equally important. We need an holistic approach, developing our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abilities.
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Discovering the Spiritual Path
Our spiritual nature is a wonderful aspect that we each have as a human being. Yes, every single one of us, even our dotty neighbor and especially our rebellious child. And it is the challenge we each have, to rediscover and express our true self in this life. Only then will we die content.
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Peter Shepherd on Life Transitions
In modern life, change and growth are happening more quickly, and are often forced upon us, so that each of us will face many transitions in the course of a lifetime. We may try to avoid them but to achieve our full potential, we need to take them on, acquiring the necessary life skills to succeed.
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Life Challenge Podcasts
About Healing, Forgiveness, Guilt and Jealousy
Peter Shepherd illustrates the key issues presented by these life challenges - Find Your Healing Path, Learn to Forgive, Get Over Guilt and Overcome Jealousy & Envy - with inspiring quotes, commentary and articles.
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About Anger, Self-Esteem, Fear and Bad Habits
Peter Shepherd illustrates the key issues presented by these life challenges - Let Go of Anger and Frustration, Improve Your Self-Esteem, Overcome Fear and Anxiety, and Overcome Bad Habits - with inspiring quotes, commentary and accompanying articles.
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About Grief, Success, Integrity and Goals
Peter Shepherd looks at the key issues presented by these challenges that we face in our lives: to Cope with a Major Loss, to Achieve Success, to Be a Person of Integrity, and to Reach Your Goals, with accompanying articles.
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About Creativity, Life Purpose,
Presenting Yourself & Fulfillment at Work
Peter Shepherd looks at the key issues presented by these challenges that we face in our lives: to Express Yourself Creatively, to Find Your Life's Purpose, to Present Yourself Successfully, and to Find Fulfillment at Work, with accompanying articles.
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About Teamwork, Leadership, Money and Empowerment
Peter Shepherd looks at the key issues presented by these challenges that we face in our lives: to Work Well in a Team, to Be a Leader, to Master Money, and to Empower Other People, with accompanying articles.
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About Life Transitions, Challenges & Coaching
Peter Shepherd looks at key personal development issues that arise when we face major transitions in our lives, the personal challenges we need to overcome, and how life coaching can support us.
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About Relationships, Social Skills, Boundaries & Self-Expression
Peter Shepherd looks at the key issues presented by these challenges that we face in our lives: to have meaningful relationships, to develop social skills, to establish healthy boundaries, and to express oneself in a fulfilling way.
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About Questions, Listening, Being Judgmental,
Resolving Conflict & Intimacy
Peter Shepherd looks at the key issues presented by these challenges that we face in our lives: asking powerful questions, learning to listen, being non-judgmental, resolving conflicts, and creating intimacy.
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Based on resolutions of the above Life Challenges, Trans4mind Training online interactive video workshops meet the need to find new and innovative ways to prosper in a fast-changing and stressful world and at the same time, live our lives more consciously and mindfully, to add that crucial spiritual dimension.

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Personal Journal - Affirmations

Peter Shepherd describes the Personal Journal and suggests some powerful affirmations that you can apply now...

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